My review of Stacy O’Steen’s “Endless Days of Summer.”

Good afternoon friends.  I am happy to announce that I am partaking in author Stacy O’Steen’s blog tour for her upcoming novel, “Endless Days of Summer” debuting 1-Jul-15.  This story blends many things into it and is one that is unique in LGBT literature.  My book review for this story is down below so read on.  Before the review is a giveaway, so don’t forget to sign up.
Title: Endless Days of Summer


Author: Stacy O’Steen

Genre: Asexual, F/F, Contemporary, New Adult
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Struggling to cope with the reality of her decision to live away from home, Penelope Van Buren is thrust into college life head first with nothing to break her fall. It’s a whirlwind once her dorm mate convinces her to leave the room. Penelope finds friends in LGBTQA club but when the questions start flowing through Penelope’s mind she realizes she’s been wrong about so many things.
Seeing the world around her with new eyes, she analyzes an old relationship that may turn out to be even more than she thought it would be. In the end, Penelope needs to do what would make her happy. The problem is she can’t seem to figure out what that is.
Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence

In the hours between corralling hercircus of animals and feeding her husband, Stacy breathes life into the

characters runni

ng rampant in her mind. Born in thesouth with a proclivity for travel and the nerd life, Stacy rests her head in

the clouds and daydreams of equality. When not writing or working, she loves to

craft, and spends many a night curled up with her hot glue gun. An avid

Chipotle fan, she hopes to eat at one in every state and country lucky enough

to have one.

About the Publisher
Supposed Crimes, LLC publishes fiction and poetry primarily featuring lesbian characters and themes. The focus is on genre fiction–Westerns, Science Fiction, Horror, Action–rather than just romance. That’s how we set ourselves apart from our competitors. Our characters happen to love women and kick ass.
“Supposed crimes” refers to the idea that homosexuality was once outlawed. Thus, our authors are being subversive by writing. As times change this becomes more tongue-in-cheek. Yet, Christians writing lesbians and men writing lesbians are still subversive ideas in this industry. We encourage our authors to challenge stereotypes.

Before you go on, go back up and enter the giveaway if you’d like a copy of “Endless Days of Summer.”

“Endless Days of Summer” is an edgy coming of age story about a young woman living her life the best she knows how.  The main character, Penelope is her own person and listens to no one.  She is proud and strives to live a regretless life, despite having grown up in a somewhat loveless home. In all aspects, Penelope has learned how to shut down.  It was painful to read what people said about her. However, there are other moments within this rich and fresh addition to our LGBTQ…, when you will cheer for our star!

Thankfully, Penelope doesn’t  let the close-mindedness of others stop her from enjoying the things that are important to her.  She deals with her pain by diving into her schoolwork and activities.  At the insistence of one of her friends, she joins a few groups.  Because of her positive  actions, many were inspired.  It is so reassuring knowing that in today’s world, thanks to people like Penelope, support and awareness are out there to help young people understand  themselves as the loving people that they are.   No longer do they have to be isolated in a world of confusion, or worse, humiliation.   

The  author did an excellent job with the supporting characters. One of them offered really good words of advice to Penelope.  His words helped her soothe the pains from her past.  Here is a quote he said to her, “In order for what they say to matter, you have to care about them or what they think.”  I thought this was a great touch and want to thank the author for including it.

I found another supporting character very charming and loved their personality.  This person speaks their truth and appears confident.  In due respect, this person has hidden aspects that sometimes conflicts with their true self.  

There is one darker character, who reminded me of some individuals I have come across in my own life.  I had to put down the book at times because this storyline came rather close to heart.  This author realistically portrays IRL situations and emotion.  I am amazed!   
The story is heartfelt and will keep you reading. Throughout this story, Penelope’s character reveals more and more depth – creating a very dynamic experience. Readers will thoroughly love getting to know her, while perhaps seeing things in a new hue of the rainbow.

After reading this book, I felt more complete in that I related to the main character on a deep emotional level. I really want everyone to read and appreciate this very special gem of a novel.  Cheers to Stacy O’Steen! 


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