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TITLE – Recombined
SERIES – The Irrevocable Series, Book 3
AUTHOR – Samantha Jacobey
GENRE – New Adult
PUBLICATION DATE – September 1, 2015
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – Approx. 160 pages/52K words
PUBLISHER – Lavish Publishing
COVER ARTIST – Nicolene Lorette Designs

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Read on for my review of three books of “The Irrevocable Series.”

Beautiful, charming Bailey, appears to be a confident teen – yet she is a bit of a “people-pleaser”.  One of the people most important to please, is her mother.  Bailey’s outward appearance and upbeat personality covers a darker, more introverted mentality.  She holds painful true feelings deep inside – locking her heart away.

Book 1 Photo

How do you survive, when the only life you’ve ever known disappears in a single night?

Early on in the story, something crucial to Bailey is ripped away, leaving her in incredibly stifling – circumstances. Though trapped intently within her private thoughts for what seems to be her whole life – finally, she’s forced to find strength from within and what happens will glue you to the pages of this adventurous story.  This character’s rich intensity – gave me literal goose-bumps at times.  I really couldn’t put it down.

As the story goes along, Bailey’s attitude shifts. It was refreshing to watch her move thru this transition – becoming a resourceful woman who is fearless about doing fighting for her survival in a messed up situation.  At the same time she learns about gratitude and how to appreciate the things most people take for granted.

Book 2 Photo

There is a chilling theme within the plot that challenges social boundaries, yet does add to the intrigue and at times, rather disturbing revelations.

Suddenly danger looms, affecting millions and time is running out!  Bailey faces complicated decisions which needs to be made immediately.

I found myself pausing at the end of each page, anticipating what was going to happen on the next.  In fact, the drama builds as the story goes on, so it is important to read the series of three books in order.  I will warn you, there is some violence, but it is not domineering.

The author painted Bailey’s thoughts so precisely that I could easily view the world from behind her eyes.  I applaud the author for creating such an energetic and independent young woman, as opposed to some of the weaker characters I’ve read in other books.  This character encouraged me and gave me hope that I too, one day, may be as fearless as she.  If you love strong women, you’re going to love Bailey as much as I do.

I loved this book and am shouting out for you to read it!  Five Stars.

Book 3 Photo

I have included an excerpt from the story:

As soon as they were inside the second structure, Rebecca Burns grabbed the older girl by the shoulder, giving her a strong hug, “We’re so glad you made it back here!”

Stunned, Bailey stared at the other girls, Kristen’s shock at the move evident, “Well, I’m glad you guys made it out of Pouty. Only, I wish my brothers could have escaped, too.”

“Don’ worry,” Amber reassured, “Our dad’s still there, an’ he’ll look out for them!” She grinned at the tallest girl, having grown close to her through months of Facebook chat. “I know mom still don’t think much o’ you, but she’ll come around.”

“Thanks,” Bailey sighed, “I think,” she flicked her eyes across their faces nervously. “Let’s start here and work our way through the house and finish on the other end.” Quickly going over the process she had been using to clean up the mess and get the space reorganized enough to make it livable, the group set to work. An hour later, they were ready to move on, the work much quicker with four sets of hands.

Outside, the sun had begun to break through the clouds, casting a soft grey glow across the landscape. Bailey had noted it was nearly nine, by the clock on the wall in the Knight kitchen, but the dark overcast made that hard to believe. Arriving at their next stop, the group surveyed the Burns’ home in disgust.

“Jesus Christ,” Rebecca swore loudly, “Those bastards tore up everything!”

“Yes,” Bailey joined in her friend’s displeasure. “It took me hours to clean up what they did to the Cross house. It almost looks as if they were after something, the way they pulled everything out and ransacked it.”

“Maybe,” Kristen frowned. “I guess this means my house is gonna look the same way?” she indicated the adjacent structure through the wall with an open palm.

“Pretty much,” their leader sighed. “No use crying over it though. We need to gather everything up and you guys can go through it later when you have time.” Handing out the trash bags, she put an end to the discussion matter-of-factly.

Half an hour later, the group was still working on the living room and kitchen, when a horrific boom caused the small dwelling to shake. Bolting to the door, they moved to the porch, noticing that the big CAT had been over turned and lay on its side. Her eyes wide in horror, Bailey blinked rapidly, realizing what she was seeing through the haze; Caleb’s body lying a few feet from the capsized machine.

Please remember to leave a review when you are finished with the series.  Authors really appreciate it and it shows that they care.  Below are legitimate safe purchasing links.

From Amazon U.S.

Purchase Irrevocable Series #1:  Rendered

Purchase Irrevocable Series #2:  Retained

Purchase Irrevocable Series #3:  Recombined

Purchase “Recombined” Amazon UK*

Purchase “Recombined” Amazon CA*

Purchase “Recombined” Amazon AU*

These sites also have “Rendered” and “Retained” available.

Purchase Irrevocable Series from Kobo Books

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Enjoy this 5-Star read!!!

Continue on reading for my awesome author interview with Samantha Jacobey.

Good morning friends, fans, and readers.  It is great to see your smiling faces, eager to meet my author friend, Samantha Jacobey, author of the thrilling/suspense epic, “The Irrevocable Series” whose finale, “Recombined” just debuted.  It is a three part story that will keep you on your toes the entire ride.

Samantha Jacobey is an intelligent and determined woman, putting her heart out in all that she does.  Formerly, a secondary science teacher, Samantha shared her love and encouragement to her students.  With her BBS in Management, she contributed her knowledge, skills, and wisdom to a variety of industries, including medical.

Her passion for life is clearly shown in her writing.  She enjoys creating action and adventure stories, peppered with some love and romance.  Her work is appreciated world-wide and she never ceases to amaze her readers and fans.

Author Photo

“Forget aliens, zombies, and atomic bombs – Our existence has been under attack for decades, but most have been too blind to see; when the world goes critical, will we have the resources to survive and rebuild, or will it be the end of mankind?” 


What is your story about?  

Let me answer this in my best ‘announcer voice’ – it’s a TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE end of the world scenario, where a group of preppers face the apocalypse. Together, they battle a rival group, who are determined to take what they have at any price. Will Bailey and Caleb survive the end of the world?

What or who inspired you to write it? 

As a science teacher, I have had the privilege of teaching a few thousand students about the connection between us and the earth. That’s really what the IRREVOCABLE series is about – our place on the planet. Everyone wants to read an end of the world scenario that is exciting, and I think I have given my readers that. But for me, it also had to be realistic. That’s what this is – something that COULD happen, or maybe even already is…

Book 1 Photo

What was the deciding factor for your book titles?  Did it just come to you or did you try different ones?

I like my titles to be representative of what is going on in the story, but I learned the hard way that they also need to be marketable. With my most recent works, I checked them on Amazon to make sure they are not over-used, as well. The titles in this series fit so well with all of those things, and I love them.

Your main character shows a lot of strength for a youth.  Can you describe how you created her? 

Actually, as I mentioned earlier, I was a high school science teacher for several years. I’ve been around kids; good ones and bad ones. I have seen and known so many of them, and have always been fascinated with how different they are, one from another, and yet so many patterns emerge. I loved creating Bailey, and had a few young people in mind that I based her on – ones that gave her that quality of strength; her beliefs and behaviors. Plus all of the other little things that I have noticed that are different about these guys, versus us when we were young. Really fun to play with and develop.

Did you do any types of writing while you were in school?  If so, did you receive any awards or recognition for your work?

I have never been a creative writer, but I wrote continuously for academic purposes. I think my high marks in that arena gave me the courage when I finally decided to write my first novel. My college entrance essay (when it was returned to me just before graduation) had a note on it: “Writing displays excellence.” It received a perfect score, and I have always been a little proud of that. Oh, and I placed at the state level in high school in an essay writing contest. Yes, I have good mechanics, and knowing that made me feel more able to do this whole… author thing.

Was there anyone, in your life who was an inspiration for you to write?   If so, what did they do?

I actually have a relative that was a very famous author. He’s deceased now, and wrote in a totally different genre, but I think that is kind of cool. I’ve only read one or two of his books, but I liked the idea that I could be like him. There are a lot of teachers in my family, professionally speaking, and my sister writes children’s books that she hopes to one day publish. Our cousin stirred and inspired that part in us, and maybe it’s a new trend for our family, to be writers as well as educators.

Author Signing


Can you tell our readers more about NOLA? (New Orleans Book Signing Event).

WOW – more than you have room here to share, I’m sure. I do plan on making more blog posts and reflections on some of what I saw and experienced while I was there, so let me just say here… if you get the chance to go, take it. And go on some of the tours while you are there, as there is so much to see and learn from the locals; and not just the French Quarter – the whole area is fantastic to visit.

Lynn:  In her blog, Samantha writes more about her adventure in “The Big Easy.”

Samantha’s NOLA Book Signing


Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?  Can you explain what has worked for you?

Hmm… the thing I want to say most to my readers is THANK YOU – for fans make this a much richer and enjoyable experience. As far as what has worked for me, and I assume you mean in connection to my readers, I have thoroughly enjoyed my fan club. It’s a great place to hang out and get to know them, and to share what’s coming up.

Book 2 Photo

How do you think you’ve grown as an author since you published your first novel?

I think that my taste for writing has changed. I often see comments made by others, as far as preferences in what they read, and I think about them. I even catch myself doing things differently with my current works, and exploring new concepts after these times of introspect, and it is a testament of my growth, I think.

What has been your favourite part of being an author?  The least fave?

I love my fans – and that is definitely the best part. While I was at NOLA, I had several people who got very excited to see that I was there and stopped to talk to me about CAPTIVE and the New Life Series. I never get too much of that kind of praise, and love to meet each and every one of them. My least fave would have to be the learning curve – I dread so many new things, such as formatting, but once I conquer them, I laugh at myself about it. I make such a big deal about things like that, mentally, but once it’s been done, it really wasn’t a big deal. I just needed to get in there and do it!


What is in the works next for you?  If you can’t share, I totally understand and respect this.

Oh, I can share – I love talking about my dreams and what’s next. I have a Halloween book coming out this year, “The Wicked Awakened,” and it will be on preorder soon, if not already by the time this is posted. My current WIP is a Christmas Dark Elf story, and I have another Christmas short to write, plus I have 2 fantasy books, 3 more summer novellas, and 3 rocker romance / thrillers all slated for next year… plus another Halloween story and Christmas tale. I love to write…

Lynn:  I am huge Halloween and Christmas lover and enjoy these types of stories.  How does a haunted Christmas mystery sound?  LOL

Before we go on, take a look at this 5 star review from an Amazon reader:

Has me hooked!

By diducky on June 7, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Bailey Dewitt’s life has turned upside down as she goes from being the pampered daughter of wealthy parents to an orphan with a brother she barely knows. While her uncle is stepping up the plate to act as guardian, there are many things that just don’t add up in the new household. There is just something ‘off’ and she can’t put her finger on it. Rebelling against the previously unknown restrictions and responsibilities in her life, this first installment to the series sets the tone for what is to come. Not everything is as it seems… Along the way she meets Caleb Cross who is a light in the new darkness that has become her life but how will he fit into her new life?

I really enjoyed this first installment to the series. Bailey quickly went from a self-absorbed teenager to a young adult struggling, but maturing, as she is forced to grow up quickly. Bucking authority is not a new concept but the author weaves it into a story that is refreshing in its twists and turns. A great writing style, a mysterious plot with dark undertones and by the end, I was thoroughly hooked into Bailey’s story. I can’t wait to see where the series takes it.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy this book.

Book 3 Photo

Now for the best part, the excerpt:

The exhausted group fell into slumber quickly, only to be awakened a few hours later when John Cross came stomping through his house. Only glancing at the bodies that had begun to stir in his living room, he scowled at the sight of his son lying on a mattress, the Dewitt girl curled in his arms.

Continuing his ruckus, he clomped up the stairs to see who else had returned. He opened his bedroom door, and closed it quickly in front of his own face, having discovered a couple in his bed, “Devon?”

“Yeah, whattcha need?” the large black man called while sitting up slowly, trying not to disturb the young woman lying next to him.

“We got work t’ do,” John stated loudly through the wood. “Get your family together an’ bring ‘em down t’ th’ ranch house quick as you can. We got food an’ a place for them there with the other women an’ children.”

Returning to the hall, he knocked on Carson’s door before opening it and called through the crack, “Who’s in here?”

“Kathy,” the woman replied, “I’m decent, John,” she sat up on the bed, still fully dressed.

“Tha’s good,” he stepped inside, “Breakfast’s at the ranch house,” he nodded to their medical staff and closed the door behind him. He then made his way to the stairs to rouse the rest of the crew if they hadn’t made it to their feet already.

Inside the master’s quarters, Amanda sighed loudly, and rolled over. She slid out from the sheets, pulling their daughter to the edge to change her diaper and dress her tiny frame. Having only moments before completed their morning feeding, she smiled at how much lighter her breasts felt at the moment, amazed that she could make all the sustenance her infant needed; at least for the time being.

“Things‘re gonna work out, aren’t they, Dev?” she turned to locate her own clothing.

“We’ll be ok,” he agreed, “Jus’ need t’ stick together. Get yurself ready an’ I’ll take ya down like he said,” he commanded, moving to the bathroom for a quick shower before he dressed to face the day.

Downstairs, Caleb had awoken when his father came through the room, and lay staring at Bailey’s sealed lashes when he returned. “Get up,” the older man instructed, “Get down t’ the servin’ line an’ get fed. We got a full day o’ work ahead o’ us gettin’ the walls blocked off ‘fore those asshats come after us.”

I want to thank Samantha for joining us today.  It was a real pleasure getting to know you.  If you haven’t read this story yet, pick up your copy today and start reading.  You will be amazed.

Please remember to leave a review when you are finished with the series.  Authors really appreciate it and it shows that they care.  Samantha loves reviews.  Below are legitimate safe purchasing links.

From Amazon U.S.

Purchase Irrevocable Series #1:  Rendered

Purchase Irrevocable Series #2:  Retained

Purchase Irrevocable Series #3:  Recombined

Purchase “Recombined” Amazon UK*

Purchase “Recombined” Amazon CA*

Purchase “Recombined” Amazon AU*

These sites also have “Rendered” and “Retained” available.

Purchase Irrevocable Series from Kobo Books

Purchase Irrevocable Series from Barnes & Noble

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