Flash Back Friday – My review of Rhavensfyre ‘Switching Gears’

Good morning friends and a warm welcome to you. Today is a Flashback Friday #FF and I am republishing my review for Rhavensfyre’s smash novel, “Switching Gears.” Rhavensfyre has also rereleased the story and I’ve included an excerpt. If you haven’t read this gem, you’re in for a real treat.  So read on.

Rhavensfyre has been very busy during this time. Their next novel, ‘Ladysmith’ will be coming out before Christmas.

Micah is a very complex and independent woman who listens to no one. She is a former law intern who is now working as a bike messenger. Micah is incredibly hot. She dresses up in leathers, is buffed out, and likes loud music. It’s no surprise that she loves to go to the clubs to dance. Wrapping around her body is a beautiful tattoo. Her spirit is one of a kind. She’s intriguing and has a mysterious vibe to her. I had to know more about her!

However Micah holds back a lot of herself and can appear to be aloof. Also she avoids drama whenever she can. Growing up she was abused and still carries the old pains, which she does her best to bury. Her bike is her friend and she feels freedom when she rides, alone.

On the outside I found Micah to be lovable despite her tough act. Inside is a heart of gold waiting to emerge. The feelings she had for her lover Olivia’s daughter, Regina were genuine and the motherly love was definitely there. It was beautiful how the two bonded over similar interests.

Micah is one hell of a woman and one who she can be proud of. I admired her bravery when she realized she needed to confront her fears head on. Her strength was as though she was a big tree in a strong windstorm. The vibration felt was that of power and courage. Her actions gave me encouragement.

Olivia is a sophisticated workaholic attorney, who is almost the opposite of Micah. Where Micah is rough around the edges, Olivia is feminine and self-assured. At the same time, she is a strong and daring woman. She burns with passion and knows how to get want she wants.

The initial impression I had of Olivia was that she was cold hearted and official; at times, controlling and covert. The way Olivia was described made the character believable. The authors did an excellent job on how they slowly revealed her.

The authors’ portrayal of the sensuality between the lovers is magical and romantic. It is well written and defiantly for mature audiences.

What can I say? I just adore both women. I want to thank the authors for creating such two very special characters. I loved reading how the love relationship between Olivia and Micah evolves. Both women have experienced a lot in their lives and compliment each other.

Never have I been so attracted to the characters of a book as I was with both Micah and Olivia. I found myself thinking about them even when I wasn’t reading. If you want to experience this mind opening journey, pick this one up right away.

Switching Gears is not a quick read but trust me, it is definitely worth your time. This story is extraordinary! “Switching Gears” has forever changed me.

Switching Gears cover


Like I promised, here is an excerpt from ‘Switching Gears’:

Stretching her legs out before her, Micah slouched insolently against the soft black leather. Intent on out waiting the other woman, she said nothing. The tension between them thickened into something almost palpable, practically crackling like ball lightening within the shaded confines of the town car.

“Where are your sunglasses?” Olivia asked suddenly, unwilling to broach the real subject yet. She filled the silence with the first thing she could think of, and Micah’s signature shades were conspicuously missing.

“They went missing when I hit the pavement the other day,” Micah answered, her eyebrows drawing down in a confused frown. “I didn’t realize they were gone until I got home. They were probably scratched or broken, anyways,” she added, shrugging her shoulders at the loss.

The conversation faltered then and the enclosed interior of the car left no room for uncomfortable silence.

“Look Olivia, is that what you came down here to ask me? If it is, I’m leaving, I have work to do.” Shifting in her seat, Micah grabbed the door handle, making her intentions known. If Olivia didn’t have something important to say, she had no reason to stay.

“Micah, please, sit back down,” Olivia said, patting the leather seat next to her. The “please” did it for Micah. She settled back down next to Olivia, curiosity marking her gaze as she waited for her to continue. Micah’s short hair was casually tousled, its shaggy cut falling forward into her eyes. The wavy black locks were a weak substitution for the solid black shield of her Ray-Ban’s mirrored reflection.

Olivia looked over at Micah, taking in the casual slouch that was unable to hide the sleek muscularity of the younger woman. Micah hadn’t abandoned her baggy cargo shorts. They were a frustrating barrier to Olivia’s longing to see more than a perfectly formed set of calves emerging from the shadows of the heavy cotton cloth. But her t-shirt, form fitting and snug against her biceps, accentuated her upper body perfectly. A pair of trim leather bracers graced each sinewy wrist. The overall picture was very appealing to Olivia, so much so that she was finding it hard to think clearly around this new Micah—androgynous, slightly dangerous looking, and so sure of herself. Olivia made the mistake of taking in a deep breath to calm herself and give her time to think about what she wanted to say. In the close confines of the car, Micah’s scent, clean and earthy, practically overwhelmed Olivia and threatened her composure.

“I didn’t mean for you not to come back, I just wanted you to take a day to rest.” Olivia spoke quietly, her hands betraying her nervousness. She could barely look at the woman across from her, and that was so unlike her. She forced her fingers to relax as she willed herself to look up. Micah’s hazel eyes looked at her levelly, waiting patiently, assessing her words.

“You were supposed to rest and come back in today, or at least let me know if you couldn’t.”

“You told me to leave, I left. You never said to come back,” Micah explained, a self-deprecating smile ghosting across her lips.

“Well then, come back,” Olivia stated, as if it was as simple as that. Watching the younger woman debate with herself, those hazel eyes shifting to almost golden brown in the dim lighting of the town car, Olivia felt a small twinge of nervousness. Remembering what Jonathan had told her, she worked diligently to temper her normally impatient nature.

“Please come back,” she practically pleaded. On unsure ground, Olivia found herself in an uncharacteristic position, one where she wasn’t the power player. It was unfamiliar territory, and her request shocked her as much as it shocked Micah.

“I don’t know what you want from me, Olivia!” she growled, her confusion darkening her tone and making the words come out rough and angry.

It was Olivia’s turn to be confused and angry. She had pleaded with the younger women, opening her heart and letting it rule her behavior.

“What do I want?” she asked incredulously, her voice raising an octave in response to Micah’s tone. “What I want,” she continued, her voice firm, no longer a question but a statement. “What I want is…”

Trailing off, she let her actions speak for her.


Leaning forward, she wrapped her hands around Micah’s neck, drawing her in for a passionate kiss. Anger and desire wrapped up together in one confused mess within the heated exchange. Micah stiffened at the sudden onslaught of emotions, the unexpected physical contact, and the sheer intensity of Olivia’s kiss. The feeling of those soft lips on her own chased her anger away, and left her wanting more. Leaning Olivia back into the soft leather, she removed the other woman’s hands from her neck, holding them down for a moment before lacing her fingers in pale blonde hair. In control now, Micah deepened the kiss. She opened her mouth slightly, allowing her tongue to run along Olivia’s bottom lip, coaxing her to open her mouth to her, to let her in. Seeking entrance to the sweet interior of the other woman’s mouth, she teased and enticed Olivia’s tongue to dance alongside hers. A moan travelled up and through the two women. Unsure of who originated the sound of want and desire, it ignited Micah’s arousal.

Breathing heavily, she broke away from Olivia, retreating to the farthest corner of the back seat. It was almost humorous, making out in the back of a car like a teenager. Micah gathered her wits and pushed down her body’s demand to continue what they had started. Ignoring the sensation of an electrical storm rumbling deep in the pit of her stomach, she watched as Olivia worked just as hard to compose herself.

“What just happened?” Olivia’s voice was a pale reflection of itself, breathless and full of wonder.

“You tell me, Olivia, you kissed me,” Micah retorted from the relative safety of her corner. Her heart was pounding almost painfully inside her chest. She had envisioned kissing Olivia many times in the past year, but she had never expected Olivia to be the one kissing her first.

“Does it matter? No, don’t answer that,” Olivia corrected herself, making a cutting motion with her hand.

“So, where do we go from here?” Micah asked.

“I still want you to come back, will you please come back?”

“I will, but if you tell me to leave again, it will be forever. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, Olivia, but it’s how it has to be.” Micah relented. The “please” hadn’t hurt, but the intensity of that kiss had sealed the deal. She would take the risk, but not without a safety net in place.

The air shifted in the cab, followed by a solid thunk of the front driver’s door closing as Robert joined them. The two women looked at each other, the conversation over for now, but not finished.

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