My review of Olivia Howe’s ‘Pretty Bird’ 

Good afternoon Everyone and a warm welcome to you.  This month I participated in a blog blast for author Olivia Howe, creator of the dynamic thriller suspense story, ‘Pretty Bird’ which recently debuted.  Pull up a chair and read on.

Olivia Howe
1st – Dec 8th


“Life is messy. Love is even messier. Love makes a person do crazy things. It breaks you down, making you exposed and vulnerable. It’s like you’re standing naked in front of hundreds of people, showing parts of yourself that only you see.”

                                                                                                        Kenna – ‘Pretty Bird’


Kenna is a spunky woman who has it all, a dream job and the love of her life.  All is well until she is in a devastating tragedy that leaves her in pieces.  Suddenly the one person who she trusted with all her heart is now a stranger.

She is so determined to make matters right, that she takes the biggest risk of her life by embarking on a dangerous mission, leading her into a swamp of trouble and humiliation.  During some scenes, my fingers balled up in anticipation of what was going to happen next.  Several times I feared for Kenna’s life, the drama was that intense

It was heartwarming to watch Kenna grow into a strong woman.   Even though there were overbearing men involved, never did she become the frail girl that is portrayed in so many love stories.  It was amazing how she handled tough situations, considering all that she’d been through in such a short period of time.  Her valor radiated and she was a true warrior.

As Kenna steps into the new chapter of her life, new ambitions and desires come into play.  I was pleased to see that not once did she feel sorry for herself.  She showed me that no matter what curve ball is thrown at you, there is something great waiting for you.  It’s just up to you to seek and find it.

Great description of the sensual scenes, which were sweet and tasteful.

Good buildup of the story. It was easy to join along and I had a clear picture of each setting.  Each character had their place in the story and the conversations had purpose.  A few times I shed some tears, so keep tissues handy.  This book is a perfect escape for an afternoon.  Make sure to set some time aside for the ride.

Read below for an exciting excerpt from ‘Pretty Bird’.

I check in with Rebecca at the front desk for this floor. I get Jeff’s coffee. After, I confidently make my way to my desk. I set my things down and gather his schedule, continuing on with our morning ritual.

I knock before entering his office. I can do this!

“Come in.” Jeff doesn’t look up from his paperwork.

“Good morning, Mr. Avery. I brought you your morning coffee, and I have your schedule ready to go over.” I place his cup onto his desk.

Jeff takes a deep breath. His jaw drops. “Thank you,” he stutters. “Stop messing around. You know we need to talk.”

I take a seat. “What can I do for you, Mr. Avery?”

Jeff throws his pen onto his desk and leans back into his chair. “I don’t think this is going to work out anymore, Hilary.”

“What do you mean?” I act oblivious.

“Hilary, this job isn’t a right fit for you. I appreciate everything you’ve done, but this will be your last day.” Jeff shows no emotion on his face. Coward!

I lean back in my chair, crossing my legs. “Is this because I didn’t have sex with you last night?”

Jeff chokes on his drink. “Absolutely not,” he says, laughing.

“Jeff, I really need this job. Please give me one more chance. I can do a better job here. I know I can,” I plead. I hate begging, but I have to. I have no choice.

Jeff stares around his office, not making eye contact with me. “Hilary, I’ll give you one more chance.” He stares right into my eyes. “But there’s a catch.”

“Anything, sir.”

He leans on his desk, still staring at me. “Let me take you to dinner tonight.”


That is all I’m going to share at this time.  To find out what happens next, click on the purchase link below for your copy.   Scroll down further for more about the author, Olivia Howe.








Olivia Howe resides in a small town located in Maine. Born in 1994, she is a very young bestselling author. Originally from Florida, she considers herself a Mainer. In her spare time, she loves to write, listen to rock music, and spend time with her family and friends. She’s big on supporting authors and their books. She owns a book blog called Beautifully Broken Book Blog.

Check out her other blogs too, Beautiful Promotions and Author Olivia Howe.

Olivia’s family is her life. She has three beautiful nieces whom she adores. They’ve helped inspire her to continue her writing career.

She’s known for the two Amazon bestselling series: The Dark Love Series and The Killer Novella Series.  She has many more books in the works and some being  published soon.

Olivia’s a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors, Patriots, and Red Sox. She’s  a TV show fanatic. Her favorites include: The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking  Dead, Under the Dome, Blue Bloods, Vikings, Grey’s Anatomy, The O.C., Orphan  Black, Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, Homeland, Chicago Fire, Revenge,  Chasing Life, and many more. She loves rock music. Her favorites include: Led  Zeppelin, Nirvana, Tesla, The Cure, Godsmack, Audioslave, Motley Crue, The  Honorary Title, Candlebox, Evanescence, Lynyrd Sknyrd, and many more.





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