My Review of Amy Dunne’s, ‘The Renegade’

Hello Everyone and good afternoon to you all.  Today I am sharing my review for Amy Dunne’s ‘The Renegade.’  For those of you who are new, I recently interviewed Amy.  Since then she’s been hard at work with her next project.

Amy Dunne’s Interview.

Renegade Cover

This story takes place in the future, involving a deadly epidemic.  Right from the start the author’s descriptions draw in the reader. I loved how she described one of the main character’s father. He was a positive inspiration for Alex, despite his own destiny.  A chill ran through me at her wise choice of words that clearly defined the situation.

Alex is a young woman determined not to let fate destroy who she is. Unfortunately because of this epidemic she has shut down socially and has become somewhat apathetic to others.

After learning how to survive on her own, she took the reins on fear and used it in her favor. It was amazing how well she handled herself. True bravery was shown here and she was not afraid to fight for her own life.

Alex didn’t want to love again.  It was too painful.

I loved the way the strong woman emerged and grew as she transformed.  During the story, we are led to believe that she is only going along with the motions.  The descriptions of the scenes and the overall character building made me appreciate and admire her.

Then there is Evelyn, a woman living hostage in a survivor’s camp. She is forced against her will to marry the camp’s leader, a man claiming to channel the word of God.  She is the community’s doctor and goes well beyond her duties.  The author shows examples of Evelyn’s selfless-like qualities throughout.

Evelyn is sweet and caring, which is shown right from her introduction.  Immediately the reader will feel connected to her.  I admired her strength in that she never gave up.  I applaud the author for showing Evelyn’s maternal side as well.

As I was reading, I could feel the emotions of both main characters. I really had distain for one supporting character for being emotionally abusive. You will find this emotional roller coaster and very interesting and hard to put down.

There is a romance in the story that was very well thought out and believable.

The story is easy reading and the pages themselves will lead you along the journey of Alex and Evelyn to a climax that you’d never think about.

Renegade Cover

I have included a touching excerpt from this page turner.  Enjoy!

Evelyn Bennett dried her hands on paper towels as she watched Tanya leave the medical room. She dropped the crumpled towels into the bin and tried to quell her anger.

“Bastard,” she whispered.

Tanya disappeared out of sight and Evelyn rushed to lock the door. The blinds were already drawn, so she took advantage of the limited privacy to hide her stash of tablets. Kneeling on the floor, she pried the small iron grate with her fingernails to remove it. The packets of tablets were wrapped in cloth and zipped inside a black waterproof makeup bag. She pushed them deep into the narrow gap, scraping her knuckles on the brickwork in the process.

 A loud knock sounded on the door.

“Just a moment,” she said, trying to sound casual. She fumbled with the grate and eventually managed to get it back in place. Scrambling to her feet, she shoved the heavy cabinet with her shoulder, moving it in front of the grate.

The pounding continued to rattle the wooden door.

Evelyn scanned around the room to make sure she hadn’t left any of the contraband out. She couldn’t see any and didn’t dare to waste any more time. As she walked to the door, she ran her hands over her curly red hair tied in a ponytail. She swept the plastic apron aside and brushed down the scuffed knees of her jeans.

She braced herself, flicked the lock, and opened the door.

“Hi, Mum,” Jamie said, beaming a smile that showed the gap where his left lateral incisor was missing.

She blew out a shaky breath and wrapped her arms around him, drawing him close. “What was all that banging about?”

He looked up at her. His brown eyes sparkled with vitality but were also wise beyond their years. The unprecedented horrors he’d witnessed had left their marks. There was no such thing as innocence anymore.

“I missed you,” he said simply.

“You did?” she asked. She ruffled his sandy hair affectionately.


“I missed you, too.” She hugged him tightly.

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