Meet Author DK Linda (‘The Princess Brides’)

Good afternoon folks and welcome.  Today we have author DK Linda here to chat with us about her latest story, The Princess Brides:  A Modern Day Fairy Tale as well as share with us her latest news.  You are going to love her so come on by.

Author Photo.jpg 

Why don’t you start by telling us about yourself?  What makes DK Linda tick? 

Well, let me begin by saying… If you ever hear me ticking, please check that I’m not strapped to a bomb. Although, it’s probably just a very loud watch.  Let’s see… I have brown hair and blue eyes, am a Sagittarius, voraciously desire candy (mmm sugar) and I like to wear ball caps. I was born in a small town in the South — N. Miami Beach. I’m one of those, ‘Native Floridians.’  I post a lot of pictures and memes on Facebook and Twitter. I spend an inordinate amount of time with my cat, Trouble. She makes me laugh and I annoy her. The relationship works. I love music, movies and of course, books.

I published my first Novella in December 2013. My Happy Ever After is the story of Talia and Michele and of their love and passion for one another. It’s the story of how, when tragedy strikes and you lose the person your soul searched for and your heart beat for, how you continue to exist. It’s a story of love, loss and hope.

In December of 2014 I published my second novella. The Devil Within is about a local reporter who feels unappreciated in her career and personal life. When a series of murders take place in her small town, she finally receives the attention she seeks, and we follow her unraveling as the suspect count progresses.

This past April 2015, I published my first young adult novella called, The Princess Brides: A Modern Day Fairy Tale.  It’s a short, sweet tale of second chances and true love.

I’ve always had a strong affinity for animals and their well-being. My greatest wish is that no angel is ever without a loving forever home. That human beings, who have the power to end overpopulation will stop breeding for profit. I would love to see an end to abuse and horrific pet stores. Also, I’d like to see humans choose to be responsible by spaying and neutering their pets and ultimately contributing to their overall well-being so shelters will, in my lifetime, become obsolete. That continues to be my wish.

What is ‘The Princess Brides:  A Modern Day Fairy Tale’ about?

The Princess Brides is about a Princess (Okay, I may have given that away in the title) who finds herself in a position where, in order to take her rightful place on the throne and become queen of her kingdom, she must get married.  She throws a formal ball to find her one true love, and… well, you’ll have to read the book to see what happens.  (Hint – see title once again.) 

How many different book titles did you consider before deciding on the one chosen?

The Princess Brides came to me rather quickly. I was calling it, The Princess (publicly) while writing it; however, I knew midway into it what I was going to ultimately call it. I really love the title and am quite proud of it.  I’d love to give a shout-out to the extremely talented Amanda Chron @  She’s a phenomenal artist who brilliantly executes the visions I lay out with the most perfect covers.

Author Book Photo

Creating rich characters take a lot of time and development. How do you bring out the desired character traits in your stories? 

Ordinarily, I don’t create any backstories for the characters or do outlines. I, rarely know anything about my characters when I set out to write – including their names a lot of the time. My writing process is indicative of me, in so much as it’s not very disciplined or organized, really. I start out with a basic idea and storyline, and with this general idea I sit down and just start writing. I let the story flow, sequentially. I tend to see things vividly, creatively. I am an actor and I think that plays a part (see what I did there) in how I create my characters and stories- how I envision scenes and how they, eventually (hopefully) come across to the reader. 

Were you inspired to write ‘The Princess Brides:  A Modern Day Fairy Tale’ by real life events or people?  Or are you more motivated by fantasy? 

Although I have always been a huge advocate for same-sex marriage, the day it became legal in every state I was shocked and extremely thrilled, simultaneously. When people were finally able to call their partners “spouse” it was a significantly monumental day! Definitely one of the happiest days of my life.  Admittedly, I had no idea that it would ever truly happen in my lifetime. I had no idea when I wrote The Princess Brides that a few short months later same-sex marriage would be the law of the land.

All of my books start with an inspiration. If I feel driven by it, if I feel an intense need to see it through to fruition, and if I can keep interested and feel creatively inspired, I know there’s a viable story there.  I have a niece and nephew whom I greatly adore! They knew that I had written a few books, but couldn’t read them because of the adult subject matter.  My inspiration was that I wanted to write something that they could read. There was a huge void with this particular subject matter— there were no same sex princesses or princes. I thought it was about time that changed! I wanted to write something that they and other children could read that would be meaningful, inspiring and hopefully enjoyable.

When I get messages from lovely readers who tell me that it’s about time that we had a story like this and they’re going to read it to their children… it makes me feel immeasurably grateful and deliriously happy!

Speaking of fantasy, how did the Hogwarts Hufflepuff hat choose you? 

Ha! I think you’re referring to a post where I say: “No matter how Gryffindor I think I am… at the end of the day, I’m definitely more of a Hufflepuff.”

In full disclosure, I haven’t actually been placed in a Hogwarts house… yet. That being said, I remain firm in the belief that I’d most likely be placed in Hufflepuff should I meet the sorting hat.

I’m a fan of “Absolutely Fabulous”.  Who do you relate to:  Edina, Patsy, or Saffron and why? 

Ooooh, I haven’t seen the show in a while, although I know that a movie is expected sometime soon; that’s very exciting!  Let’s see… I’m sure that I’ve had moments where I can relate to all of them in some way. However, I think I’ll go with Edina on this one.

How do you get into the zone?  Do you use comedy and fantasy? 

I’m very easily distracted and… oooh, good song just came on… what was I saying? Oh yes, I’m easily distracted. Some days I really have to force myself to sit down and get to it.  Although, when I’m enjoying what I’m doing, writing or other…I feel inspired. That enthusiasm helps.

Hey, did you hear this one?  A physicist sees a young man about to jump off the Empire State Building.  She yells, “Don’t do it! You have so much potential!”

I listen to music or have the TV on, or both. (TV on mute). I tend to take a lot of breaks, periodically having to step away altogether- usually after writing something particularly difficult, complex or arduous.

Have I mentioned that I get easily distracted? Parallel lines have so much in common. It’s a shame they’ll never meet.

I love comedy! I love to laugh and I love to hear others laugh. I think it may surprise a lot of people who read my books and interact with me through Facebook and Twitter, just how dark they can get.

You’re very talented and versatile.  How did you get to be in an all-girl band?    Will you share some of your experience with us?

Thank you!

When I was in my late teens, early 20’s, I had a friend who was one of the best guitarists that I’ve ever known. She would get together with a bunch of other girls and play little shows here and there. One day I said to her, “Hey, I’d like to be in the band.” And so, I was in the band! It was really that simple. I played rhythm guitar and collaborated with her to write the songs. I wrote all the lyrics. We played a few gigs here and there. It was a pretty fantastic time. I was a bit of a cliché, however. I was dating a professional model and we were doing drugs. She went off to Paris to do a job, I quit doing drugs in the interim, and when she came back— she quit me. Shortly thereafter my cancer was finally diagnosed and that was that. I started my next chapter. 

We share a common interest:  Video games.  Which ones do you like to play? 

I have always loved games and gaming… and I’ve always excelled at them. There was one place I worked— long, long ago that had a Ms. Pac-Man machine in a very exposed back room area. Well, one day I was called into the manager’s office and reprimanded, but good, for playing excessively. I knew then that I had a problem.  I get submersed within some of them and can spend hours upon hours playing. Akin to reading—  “Just one more chapter, then I’ll put it down.  Oh, I have to see what happens next, just one more chapter.”  Or in the case of gaming, just one more level.

The first game system that I can remember buying was an Atari. (I still have it, in the original box). As well as an old Gameboy system and several games.  And of course, the Playstation’s 2 and 3.

Over the last few years my favorite game to play has primarily been The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I’ve completed it about 5 or 6 times. (That will only be impressive to people who’ve played Skyrim—it’s such an expansive world and there’s no shortage of things to be done. It can feel never ending). Granted, there are aspects of the game I’m not particularly fond of; it can be a bit tedious and the loading on the PS3 can feel never ending, too. Nonetheless, it’s definitely my go-to game. I did have a subscription to GameFly for a time, but had to cancel it because I felt compelled to play way too often in order to justify the cost of the rentals. The last game I bought was, ironically, The Last of Us.

I know you’re a huge Tomb Raider- Lara Croft fan, Lynn. 

What do you like about Wanda Sykes’ style of humor? 

I think she’s legitimately funny and relatable.

Me:  Take a look at this video, suggested by DK to see one of Wanda’s funniest routines. 

What is your favorite part of being an author?  

I think it would be that I’m doing something I genuinely love. What an honor and privilege it is to be able to do that. Books stem from an idea, a thought, something from deep within the recesses of the mind. How wondrous to be able to create a whole world from one thought!   One word becomes a sentence, a paragraph and chapter… and then, from that simple idea… a book! The thought becomes a tangible entity. To be able to create something, to work hard to see it develop and ultimately hold it to your hands, knowing that generations to come can do the same… that’s pretty cool! Even more marvelous… when people from all over the world read my books and that ‘formed thought’ touched them in some way… That’s pretty dang amazing!

 The Princess Brides Cover

Here are some of DK’s favorite quotes:

“Reality is what you agree to.” 

“Lets just make it down the hill for starters.”

Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King –

 Thank goodness you are a survivor!  How have you been inspired to battle against cancer?  Where do you find your inner strength?

That’s sweet of you to say. It wasn’t until I was writing my bio, in December of 2013 that I decided to mention that I was a cancer survivor. Until then, I didn’t really discuss it very much, and certainly never publicly. It felt a bit cathartic.  Cancer inexorably changes you, mentally and physically. I didn’t realize how deeply I was truly affected, until recently. Like many people reading this right now, I’ve personally experienced a great deal of loss from this pitiless disease, and witnessed countless others go through the same with their own family and friends. The toll this beastly thing has taken is immeasurable.

The last few years, in particular, have been brutal… tough to bear. People are seemingly living healthier, eating better, working out more and yet it seems as though nobody can escape it and little can sufficiently combat it.

There are over 200 types of cancers and figuring out how to stop cells from dividing and mutating may be a better angle than thinking about curing it once they do. Curing it seems akin to figuring out how land on the moon by hopping high enough on a pogo stick. You can do everything right and if your cells are predisposed genetically to divide and form tumors, they will.  However, humans have certainly made the environment for it inviting.  <Picture cells dividing while smoking a pipe in a lounge jacket by a fireplace and sipping some fantastic wine, with Barry White playing>  I feel as though I’ve digressed here, greatly. My point… We’ve made it enticing for our cells to mutate. They’re no longer genetic anomalies. The important lesson is how miraculous we are, how utterly amazing our lives are at all and to take advantage of the time we’ve been given.

Will you share what is next for you? 

I would love to.  Before I do, I’d like to take a moment here to thank you, Lynn! Thank you for your interesting questions that allow readers to get to know authors better. You’re exceptionally kind and generous, and your genuine passion and love for books and authors is truly appreciated.

So, I am currently writing —well re-writing, a novella.  The working title, at the moment is, A Dark Matter.  I don’t want to divulge too much about it just yet… suffice it to say, it will be in the paranormal romance genre, and true to all of my books will feature lesbian protagonists.

If I may take another moment to thank the readers!  You give our words life and meaning. Thank you all, most sincerely!

Me:  Thank you so much.  I love sharing other author’s work with readers.


DK has provided two excerpts for us from The Princess Brides:  A Modern Day Fairy Tale. 

Excerpt 1

The weather had grown increasingly colder since her last outing, and a blanket of snow now covered the forest. The enticing scent of the woods had been replaced by an icy chill that filled her nostrils and lungs when she breathed in. The trees looked barren without their leafy coverings, and no sun shone through the boughs; the sky was dark and gray, like Princess Dumplings mood. She trudged through the wet slush until she came to a halt in front of a frozen pond. She sat on a boulder at its edge while the royal guard hung back and dawdled. With her fists resting on both sides of her jaw, the princess sat slumped, deep in thought, missing her father. She wished that she could talk to him, say or do something to make him emit a roaring belly laugh, kiss his whiskered cheek or ask his advice. She could feel the tears in the back of her eyes as they began to burn. She allowed them to come, and she sat there on that boulder for some time, just letting her emotions drain from her. As the crystalline flakes fell from darkened clouds, filling the pond, so did her tears. The guard, not knowing what to do, lollygagged uncomfortably, trying to remain unnoticed while the princess reflected.

Excerpt 2 

Candace suddenly felt flushed, like every eye in the palace was upon her. However, only one set of eyes truly was. Candace stood face to face with Princess Dumpling, who was positioned in the waiting line to greet guests and who seemed to be standing frozen with a bizarre look on her face. An odd lump formed in Candaces throat as she waited for a hello, a handshake, a nod, or anything. Suddenly, there was deafening silence in the hall. Candace felt her heart beat quickly and became aware that it was seemingly much louder than normal. She concluded that if everyone was quiet, then it was because they were aware of the booming, thunderous, reverberating thumping emanating from her chest, too. Several people surrounding the princess stared at the scene with worry. Finally, someone decided to inquire about her state. “Are you okay, Princess?” a man to her left cautiously asked. Candace stood motionless, staring into Princess Dumplings striking blue eyes, wondering the same thing and what the answer, if one came, would be. Princess Dumpling gulped and blinked several times. With a fluttering cough, she cleared her throat and held out her hand. You could audibly hear several sighs from the worried group. Candace grasped Princess Dumplings hand and felt a heat, instantly, from her toes up to her loudly beating heart; there seemed to be a current that ignited something within.


I want to thank DK for stopping by to chat with us today.  It was such a pleasure getting to know you.  For more exciting news about this dynamic author, please check out DK’s links below:

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