Winter Blessings

Good Afternoon Friends and a warm welcome to you.  This month has really flown and I’ve been super busy with both work and my personal life.  First of all I want to wish all of you a Happy New Years.

Maui continues to be a ball of joy and is so energetic.  It doesn’t take much to get him going.  Recently he’s learned how to come when called, at least some of the time.  He’ll be sitting on the wall outside and I’ll call him and then pat my thighs.  Many times he’ll come down the wall and run to me.

I have been hard at work with my new manuscript.  It is part three of a series and I’m excited about the plot.   As I’m writing, I feel this sense of freedom.  It has gotten me in touch with myself on a deeper level, which I appreciate.  I love how I have control over what is going to happen next.  My imagination is going wild and I’ve had to adjust my outline a few times.  It is fun moving parts of the plot around and adding new things that will add to the story.  It is amazing how it is unfolding.

File Feb 26, 07 46 07 Maui

I would like to encourage all of you authors out there to continue to write on a regular basis, no matter how big or small your project is.  I feel an enhanced connection to my characters and appreciate all that they reveal to me.  Your work is very special, whether you choose to share it or not.  And if you do, it will be loved by many.


Recently, my wife and I started learning German.  As a teen, I lived in Germany for almost 2 years.  I went to an international school and met kids from around the globe.  While I was out and about, I heard the language and got used to the accent.  I studied the language and found that it wasn’t hard to learn.  As I practice, little bits are coming back to me.

I have always admired people who speak more than one language.  In Europe it is common for kids to learn three languages.  For me, I’m going to stick to two and really learn my second language.  What helps is practicing words and phrases out loud, no matter how bad my accent may be.  Another is reading children’s preschool books in that language.  I wonder how much a German Leap Pad is?


Not long ago, my wife and I took a short trip up north on the Pacific Coast Highway.  Along the way, we saw falling rock signs.  Parts of the road are backed up into the rocky hillside.  In many places we saw prickly pear cacti.  Sharing the road with us were groups of bicyclists. Since we left early, the traffic was light.

As we drove, we saw the big waves, crash onto the rocky beaches.  Still surfers hit the swells.  At one point we saw an old VW bus sitting in one of the beach parking lots.  Sharing the road with us was a bright and shiny Airstream trailer.  Then we drove past our favorite beach – Point Dume.

VW Bus on road

Another place we stopped off at was the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary in Pismo Beach, which is located along PCH.  It is a place where thousands of Monarch butterflies migrate to each year between Nov and Feb.  They like to hang out in clusters in the trees, although groups of them were flying freely about.  The vibe here is very serene and is a place where you can feel a great sense of peace.

Our destination was Morro Bay, CA. It is a cute beach town that is very charming.  A scenic point there is the Morro Bay rock which is located at the end of a short isthmus in the bay.  We first went there at dusk and sat there as the sun sank.

 Morro Bay  Morro Bay 2




The next day we went out in the fog and drove to the park and walked around.  All around us the salty air penetrated our senses as well as the negative ions.  It was refreshing being so near the water and we took a video of the big waves crashing against the side of the rock.

We stayed one day and it felt really good to get out of town.  We came home feeling well rested.


Many years ago a friend told me about a whale watching adventure she’d gone on.  Finally we decided to go.  We went with a few family members down to Newport Beach, CA.

 Whale Watching

It was misting with grey clouds.   Again we got a healthy dosage of negative ions.  The cool air felt refreshing on my face.  As the boat drove through the harbor, we saw condos and apartments on both sides.  As we exited the harbor we passed a rocky jetty.  Then the waters got rougher and the boat started rocking.  We had to hold onto the railing so that we wouldn’t fall.  Forget about walking around the boat, it was too bumpy.

For a long time I stood and looked over the railing.  The water splashed my face with mist and I felt a sense of peace.  A seagull flew close to the boat within about 10 feet.  I gazed at it as it flew around us several times.  It appeared to be showing off.

We saw a lot of dolphins splashing about.  However, I only got to see one whale surface and the tail of another.  Still these were incredible.

The entire trip was a moving experience and one that will stay with me for a long time.  If you haven’t had this opportunity, I’m encouraging you to go whale watching.  You won’t regret it.


Until Next Time,



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