My Review for Rhavensfyre’s ‘Switching Gears’

Hello Everyone and a warm welcome to you all.  Today is Flashback Friday #FF and I have a treat for you.  I have my review from Rhavensfyre’s ‘Switching Gears that was originally posted on 13-Mar-15.

Good morning readers.  I hope you are all enjoying yourselves today.  It’s the weekend and time for some fun.  I have a special story to share with you.,  “Switching Gears” by Rhavensfyre (Roxanne and KL Rhavensfyre).  So grab yourself a coffee and pull up a chair.  You’re going to LOVE this one!


“What would Micah Do?”


KL and Roxy


Micah is a very complex and independent woman who listens to no one.  She is a former law intern who is now working as a bike messenger.  Micah is incredibly hot.  She dresses up in leathers, is buffed out, and likes loud music.  It’s no surprise that she loves to go to the clubs to dance.  Wrapping around her body is a beautiful tattoo.     Her spirit is one of a kind.  She’s intriguing and has a mysterious vibe to her.   I had to know more about her!

However Micah holds back a lot of herself and can appear to be aloof.  Also she avoids drama whenever she can.  Growing up she was abused and still carries the old pains, which she does her best to bury.  Her bike is her friend and she feels freedom when she rides, alone.

On the outside I found Micah to be lovable despite her tough act.  Inside is a heart of gold waiting to emerge.  The feelings she had for her lover Olivia’s daughter, Regina were genuine and the motherly love was definitely there.  It was beautiful how the two bonded over similar interests.

Micah is one hell of a woman and one who she can be proud of.  I admired her bravery when she realized she needed to confront her fears head on.   Her strength was as though she was a big tree in a strong windstorm.  The vibration felt was that of power and courage.  Her actions gave me encouragement.

Olivia is a sophisticated workaholic attorney, who is almost the opposite of Micah.  Where Micah is rough around the edges, Olivia is feminine and self assured.   At the same time, she is a strong and daring woman.  She burns with passion and knows how to get want she wants.

The initial impression I had of Olivia was that she was cold hearted and official;  at times, controlling and covert.   The way Olivia was described made the character believable.  The authors did an excellent job on how they slowly revealed her.

The authors’ portrayal of the sensuality between the lovers is magical and romantic.  It is well written and defiantly for mature audiences.

What can I say?  I just adore both women.  I want to thank the authors for creating such two very special characters.  I loved reading how the love relationship between Olivia and Micah evolves.  Both women have experienced a lot in their lives and compliment each other.

Never have I been so attracted to the characters of a book as I was with both Micah and Olivia.  I found myself thinking about them even when I wasn’t reading.    If you want to experience this mind opening journey, pick this one up right away.

Switching Gears is not a quick read but trust me, it is definitely worth your time.   This story is extraordinary!  “Switching Gears” has forever changed me.

Five stars.


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