Spring Fun 2016

Hello, Everyone and a warm welcome to you all.  How have you been?  I have been busy at work with my manuscripts as well as read a few great books.  The latest is ‘A Royal Romance’ by Bold Strokes Books author, Jenny Frame.  This story takes place in 2052 with the first gay monarch.  This is a must read for anyone who loves romance, castles, and the British monarchy.  She paints a great picture filled with emotions and secrets and all about the new queen.  Even if you’re not a fan of the monarchy, this story will grab your heart and hold on.  The story is mesmerizing and gave me an appreciation for people who are so much in the limelight.  The romance is addicting.  I would like to know who else has read this book so we can discuss.


For more on Jenny and this outstanding story please check out her website at:  http://www.jennyframe.com/.  You are going to love her and feel free to share your reading experience in my comments section.


In addition to reading and editing, we’ve been busy this spring and want to share with you some of our excursions.

This spring we went with another couple to the Broad Museum in downtown LA.  It has been some time since I was last in a museum. This is a brand new museum that debuted this past January.  The admission was free, but we had to book reservations in advance.  Then we were put on a self-guided tour of The Broads massive collection of eclectic art.  The above picture was taken in the foyer of the museum.  The exterior of the building boasts it’s elegance and draws the viewer in.

The interior was massive and had high ceilings.  On the ground level was a very large escalator that showed how tall the building really was on the inside.  Off to the side was a long line of people waiting for one exhibit that was in another room.  Since we didn’t want to wait, we decided we could check that one out on our next visit.  We headed up the large escalator to the third floor where there were very unique and some obscure pieces.  One piece that caught my attention is the one below.  As you can see, it looks like large blown up balloons.

The Broads were twentieth century collectors who spent a lifetime accumilating their works. They wanted to create a ‘vibrant’ cultural center in our city.  The museum features two floors from the works of over 200 artists. What I liked was that each piece was spaced out and perfectly placed.  Unlike some other museums we’ve been to, this one wasn’t crowded so I didn’t have this rushed feeling as I was admiring them.  I spent time looking at a few pieces that really caught my attention.  I’m a fan of chess and they had a few exhibits regarding this incredible game.

For more on this spectacular display, you can check out their website at:  www.thebroad.org.

There they have more information about the Broads as well as their collection.  If you are in L.A., this is a place that you need to visit.


Last year my wife and I took the day off of work to go to Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. They were playing the Padres and won.  This year it happened that Opening Day was against the Padres again, but was down in San Diego.  We decided to go to the second game during Opening Week since the prices were a lot cheaper than Opening Day seats.

The drive itself was only about 3 hours and thankfully we didn’t encounter too much traffic.

Our seats  had an incredible view of the field.  We always like to sit along the third base side and was able to watch our third baseman, Justin Turner, guard the bag.  A few fly balls came our way, but we were not fortunate to catch one.  The crowd was cool with no one yelling obscenities at either team.  It was quite surprising to see that about half of the stadium were Dodger fans.  The weather was perfect with no hints of rain.  Like always, the game was exciting.  That night the Dodgers beat the Padres.

Petco Park is a really nice venue to watch a baseball game.  In our section they had wait staff available to take orders so that you didn’t have to leave your seats.  This was a nice touch and people weren’t constantly getting up and moving around in front of us.  For more information you can check out:  http://www.petcoparkevents.com/.  For more on the Padres see:  MLB San Diego Padres.


In another adventure, we went down to our favorite venue for live music, The Coach House in San Juan Capristrano, CA, which is in the southern part of Orange County.  This is a funky venue that is located in an industrial park.  It has a cozy feeling and is the perfect place to see a live band perform.

Last year we saw the reggae group, Third World and had a great time.  This time we went to see 1970’s grammy award voice, Ann Wilson who was the lead singer of the great rock group, Heart.  This time she was on her own with her own band calling it the “Ann Wilson Thing.”

We arrived late and were delighted to see that the concert hadn’t started yet.  We got settled and found a small table that had a really great view of the stage.

Ann came out and sang her own music, aside from Heart, with her new band members, who really belted out the sound.  I was hoping that she was going sing her cover for Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” since it is a favorite of mine.  This song plus others are on her “Hope and Glory” album, which is her first self titled collection.  That night she also sang newer songs that are available on a mini CD.  She played others from that CD that rocked the house.

I felt like I got to know the band on a personal level and Ann really made the audience feel welcome.  The rocky sounds penetrated my heart and I felt at one with the music at times.  It was a perfect evening and we really had a ball.  Ann really knows how to grab the attention of an audience and reach their soul.

For more on the Coach House, check out this link:  http://thecoachhouse.com/.  I highly recommend this venue as it is on the smaller side and the bands really rock there.

For more on Ann Wilson, you can visit her site at: http://www.theannwilsonthing.com/.  Check out her newsletter at:  Ann Wilson’s Newletter.


These three adventures are only part of our spring entertainment.  I would love to hear more about what fun things you’ve been up to.  We are planning to go to Seattle this fall and would love to hear from my Seattle readers/authors so we can meet up.

In other news, please stay tuned as I have some book reviews that I will be publishing very soon from some awesome authors.  Their books touched my heart in such a way that I feel different about things since reading them.  I know you will too.  Many thanks to Suzie Carr, Jenny Frame, and Annette Mori.


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