My Review for Annette Mori’s ‘Locked Inside.’

Hello and good afternoon to you all.  Thank you for stopping by.  Today I’m featuring my review for Lesfic author, Annette Mori’s, ‘Locked Inside.’  This one is very unique, and rich in the storyline.  This is one that you don’t want to miss.  Annette is an awesome storyteller and knows how to draw the viewer in.  So read on.


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Belief is a powerful force.

From ‘Locked Inside’

The main character, Belinda has been in a comatose for over six years and one day regains consciousness, but has no control over anything else.  She is observant and hears everything and understands it.  The reader gets to see her confusion and frustration when she was trying to communicate.  On the inside she is crying, feeling desperate for love.

I was appalled over the lack of care Belinda had in the beginning of the story.  Some people just don’t get it and it made me sad to see her caretakers watching TV while she lay there soiled.  It’s sad to know that this often happens to comatose patients who’s caretakers just don’t understand how to care for people like them.

Thank goodness one young woman nurse’s aide, Carly, came into play.  Her dedication and love was enough for Belinda to understand that there was hope out there.  This person treated our young heroine with respect and talked to her in a normal fashion about things that were normal for teens.  She set the tone for others.

I found Carly to be very strong, loving and caring.  Her faith in Belinda goes way deep and her heart aches for her.  She is intelligent and very wise and inspirational.  I applaud the author for creating this angel.

The author did a wonderful job showing the reader the inside of Belinda’s head.  Here I got to see her secrets and desires.  I know that many comatose patients are aware of their environment, including recognizing loved ones and understanding conversations.  I really felt her emotions and felt a connection to her.  It was as though I could communicate with her.  I felt like I was in her shoes and understood her.

The relations between Carly, and Belinda’s sister, Fran were priceless.  Fran believes in Belinda and is excited to help.

The author showed a nice sense of humor throughout the story.  There was one sibling rivalry scene that had me rolling in laughter.  Also the dynamics between the characters was priceless and heartwarming.

It was beautiful watching Belinda develop during the story and I thank the author for showing us that this is a process that takes time.  With each step of Belinda’s recovery, I was there watching how relations in her life strengthened.  It was Belinda herself who changed the family dynamics.  Her selflessness and strong faith changed the course of her fate.

Belinda is a normal teen on the inside, complete with raging hormones.  It is here that she is confronted with her sexuality.  Her family is traditional so up until that moment, she just thought that she’d be with a man.

During the story, Belinda falls into love, and this made my heart melt.  The way the author describes the romance scenes is addicting.

I  have included an excerpt:

I desperately wanted to have the same effect on her as she had on me, but I was very inexperienced in the art of making love. When you can’t ask questions without a bloody tablet in the middle of the experience, it’s a lot harder to communicate. I had to depend on non-verbal clues, physical reaction, and whatever vocalizations she gave to propel me in the right direction. I depended on my other finely tuned senses to lead me to the promised land, but it wasn’t pretty. We fumbled quite a bit with one another, but that didn’t make the experience any less glorious. I tried to feel, smell, and hear when I was on the right track.

It was impressive to read the awareness the author provided with ADA. To see one of the characters dancing in a wheelchair was uplifting.   At the same time I got to learn more about the locked in syndrome, which I had never heard of.  By the time I was done reading, I had a very clear picture and appreciation for other’s who are in Belinda’s shoes.

Keep your tissue box close by as there are a lot of touching scenes.  Also you may want to dedicate a day to read since it is so deep and meaningful.  I found myself thinking about Belinda even when I wasn’t reading and when I was done, I felt like I’d made a new friend.  This journey enriched my life and I highly recommend this book for everyone.

Five Stars.


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