My Review of KA Moll’s ‘Change of Heart’

Hello everyone and a warm welcome to you all. Today I am featuring my review of KA Moll’s new smash novel, ‘Change of Heart’, published by Triplicity Publishing.   People are talking about this story in a big way. I discovered this gem from the author herself. Let’s read on!


 To win the game, it was important to understand the perspective of your opponent.

Change of heart


The story begins with a past memory of two women who were high school sweethearts. One of the woman moved away suddenly so the other woman was left behind.

Courtney grew up with status and prestige. She is direct and speaks her mind. She gets her own way all the time. Courtney appears to have OCD in that she has her time planned for everything right down to the minute. She would be the person who would order a meal on the way to a restaurant so that it would be ready for her to eat there when she arrived; hence she wouldn’t have to waste time waiting.

It’s no wonder that Courtney is lonesome and appears to be lost. She came from a loveless house bold and doesn’t know how to trust anyone. Hence she keeps her emotional pain to herself.

In the story, the author takes us on a journey into Courtney’s world so we get to see her desires as well as her deep shameful secret.   I enjoyed watching this character develop and was enlightened by her too. We got to see that inside the scared little girl is a strong woman waiting to come forth. The author did a great job of describing and building this key player.

Jack runs her parents farm and bee apiary, which the author educates us about. Jack works a lot and has not been able to have a romantic relationship in a while. She loves nature and has a belief system that has been rewarding in more ways than one. She is a wise woman who inspired me with her wisdom and knowledge.   Her teachings are inspirational traditions. Jack is classy and respects others. I found her to be very open and gentle. The dynamics of her are impressive and the reader can see that she is well thought out. I really learned a lot from this character and she is an excellent inspiration for everyone, especially those on a spiritual path.

The relations between the two main characters will keep you turning the pages.

The supporting characters are unique. One in particular upset me. I found their demeanor to be obnoxious. There were a few times where this person stuck their foot in their mouth and I never laughed so hard. Characters like this one really add to the intensity of the drama in the book so I’m glad they were created.

The sensual scenes are very delicate yet solid. The scenes have vivid descriptions so that the reader can actually visualize what is happening. The author put her heart into these special moments and created another story in itself.

This story is perfect to take with you to the beach where you can fully immerse yourself into KA Moll’s world. Don’t forget to bring a few tissues, as there are some touching scenes that you don’t want to miss. You are going to love this story!  Tell me what you think!

5 Stars

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