#Flashback Friday – Alicia Joseph’s ‘Her Name’ Review

Hello Everyone and a warm welcome to you!  Today is #Flashback Friday and I am reposting my review for Alicia Joseph’s novel, ‘Her Name’, originally posted on 11-Jan-15.  This is a story that you can read over and over.  I soon fell in love once again.  I invite you to stop by and check out this mysterious romance.

“Did you ever have a dream where you woke feeling like it was real?”

Madison is a spirited woman who has a big heart.  She is nearing forty and looking for love. Unfortunately, she attracts women who don’t have her best interest at heart.  She’s ready to settle down with a wife and have a family.  But she seems to lack some confidence since she is a beautiful woman who catches the attraction of both men and women when she is out and about.  Madison desires a woman who loves her for who she is and wants to share her journey of life.

Her best friend, Shelly, has told her not to be so hasty in her search that she overlooks some early important details; ones that point out bad traits of a person.

Madison isn’t into the party scene anymore;  she doesn’t want to look for love in a bar.  Nor does she want to pretend.    However, for now she goes along with the ride keeping her hopes to herself.

The passing of her mother is causing disturbing dreams for Madison; dreams that haunt her when she is awake.  Here, the author’s description is filled with such sensory detail that I felt it.  The line between consciousness and Madison’s subconscious experiences is effectively blurred.  I got the chills during certain points during the story.

Raw emotions are exposed many times during the story.  On one hand is her truth that she wants to share, yet on the other she is afraid of going insane.  Her friendships are strained and though Shelly doesn’t understand her, she still supports her.

The chemistry throughout the entire story is electrifying.  The romance parts were very unique and the sex is hot.

This story has twists and turns that kept me on my toes the entire ride.  It’s an easy read and can be finished in a few hours.  The story is very heartwarming and I felt tears a few times.

Here is an excerpt for you.

When I walked into my apartment, she was standing over the stove making dinner. She smiled. “How was work?”

I dumped my backpack on the nearest chair and went to her. Her hair was pulled back in a casual ponytail. She wore a fitted gray T-shirt and light blue sweatpants with an image of a mermaid swimming across her thigh. I stood behind her and breathed in the fresh scent of her hair. I massaged her neck, her shoulders. 

She moaned and leaned her body slightly back. “That feels good,” she whispered while I circled my thumbs and fingers in a rhythmic motion toward the back of her shoulders.

I moved my mouth slowly down her neck and felt her quiver as I pressed my lips against her skin. She reached her arms behind my neck, pulling me deeper into her. 

My hands traced down her back, to her waist, as she turned around to face me. 

“I missed you today,” she said, her voice coarse. With the tip of my right thumb, I outlined the edges of her lips. 

  “I’m here now,” I replied, conviction rising from my chest to my face as I felt—and tried to convey—that I would be there for her, always.

Five Stars.

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