Out with the old, in with the new.

A lot has been happening here this year. First of all I want to thank of the authors whose books I reviewed. More reviews are on the way, so stay tuned. Also I want to thank all the people for all of their support. I couldn’t have done it all without you.  And a special thanks to author KA Moll for stopping by two weeks ago to chat.  For more on her interview see the link below:

Meet Author KA Moll

After much discussion, we finally decided to turn the back room of our garage into a bonus room. The room is about 300 square feet and is perfect for a baseball party. We held them in our living room that had limited seating. In here we can put in a few couches and maybe a recliner.

Before pic

Previously, this space was an ugly cheap looking workshop with the only window painted shut. There was no air circulation in there, creating a stale environment. We mostly stored unused items here. It was depressing to go in there and we rarely visited the room. We saw the potential, which is why we pursued the project.

The glass in the windows provided some light, but only part of the day. Before the ceiling and walls had been all paneling, creating a dark cave. There was an old doorway leading into the garage behind where the TV now sits.

On the day of demo I remember feeling as though a weight was being taken off my shoulders. No more dense space. The first to go was the makeshift corner workstation that was in another dark corner. Secondly, was the old ugly window as well as the glass French doors. Who ever thought of putting these types of doors in a this type of building, I don’t know. Instead we put a single door and an attractive window, adding a good amount of light to the room.

Room 1

The process took several weeks to complete.   Each day we’d go take a peek at the room and see the progress. It wasn’t until they patched the wall’s doorway that I began to see the finished result in my head. By the time the drywall was up, it was already a new room.

Above the room, we created attic space for additional storage. We now have pocket lights in the ceiling, casting an inviting vibe. Ideally, a wet bar would be nice, but at least we have a place for beverages. Maybe some day.

Room 2

Along one wall we created closet space. Eventually we’d like to convert one of them into a powder room. That would make the space ideal. For now it’s a great place to hide boxes. The barn doors add a rustic touch. We had considered pocket doors but I’m so glad we chose these instead. Now all we need to do is furnish it. A couple of couches and maybe a recliner would be really nice. Or if someone is getting rid of a billiards table, let me know.


New Exterior

This is the finished outside of our once useless room. We plan to put a large plant in the corner to the right of the front door. We have also considered getting an awning to shield the front window from the intense summertime sun. We enjoy sitting outside throughout the year and this patio is one of the spots where we like to hang. Who would have thought that an old dusty room could be transformed into something as nice as this? I can totally see us with our friends in here rooting for the Dodgers. On the grill we’ll have the burgers and dogs.

We are very excited that our room is ready to be the party room. Baseball season is just around the corner too. Go Blue all the way 2017.

As I mentioned above, I’ve read some really good books this year, including KA Moll’s ‘Blue Ice Landing’, an adventure that takes you to the far ends of the earth. This is one you don’t want to miss. I will be sharing my review for this book next week, so mark your calendars and tell your friends. I am looking for people to discuss her book.

Blue Ice Landing Cover


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