My Review for KA Moll’s ‘Blue Ice Landing’

Hello everyone. Today I have a special read for you. If you haven’t heard of KA Moll’s ‘Blue Ice Landing’, listen up. This book is really exciting and rich in descriptions. The main players, Coby and Coy, radiate their own uniqueness. This is fine work and is worth checking out. Just the title itself drew me in. Read on!


What really got me excited about this story was the location – Antarctica. I have always been intrigued by that continent and it was a treat to be able to virtually visit there through the eyes of the main characters. I got to see how they adjusted to a place that is completely dark for half of the year and be away from their loved ones.

My first impression of Coby was that she was shallow spiritually. She is estranged from her family, making life tougher for her. She has no one to bond with so naturally she accepts an brave opportunity to go work in Antarctica at the South Pole.

I picked up a macho vibe from Coby. The saddest thing is her lack of self love, meaning that she can’t admit she needs help. Instead she lets her resiliance take over. Deep inside she carries around an armor of surpressed emotions, including shame and fear, creating a tortured spirit.

A glitch in the system cancels Coby’s work assignment, changing the course of the story. As disappointed as she is, she doesn’t let it get her down. She instead humbles herself with her new job. This is a good move on her part and shows character growth. She grew on me and I felt my feelings changing. The reader will identify with her ambition to better herself.In the book Coby encounters situations that are helpful with forgiveness. I applaud the author for adding this necessary life tool. Through this she was able to explore new talents, including one she shares with me – cooking. This added depth to her character and I felt a bond with Coby.


Coy is an adventurist and an optimist and is enthused about her upcoming assignment to Antarctica. She understands the job is temporary, but still she knows she will miss the close bond she has with her loved ones. She is a physicians assistant with a heart of gold.

A secret from her past hinders a critical part of her growth. These are touching scenes and ones that will open your heart.

Coy is strong and never gives up. While on her assignment, she is faced with a tough situation where there is no turning back. During specific memorable scenes, she fully expresses her emotions. Her frustrations and fear were clearly seen through my eyes. I could relate to her feelings and you will too.

Both women have their own opinions, adding good drama. Also the story moves at a steady pace and is easy to follow. The romance in the story is addicting and keeps you on your toes. Another plus for the story is the research the author did for the topics discussed. It is fun to learn new things.

Plan an afternoon so that you can fully enjoy the everything of this intriguing story.

Five Stars


Blue Ice Landing Cover


Here is an excerpt from ‘Blue Ice Landing’

With a long-debated beer in hand, Coby moved to a table near the dance floor. It was crowded with intertwined couples, swaying to a mix of fast and slow. This is not what you need to be doing, she told herself. She guzzled number two and ordered a third. If she didn’t watch it, she wouldn’t stop. Who knows, maybe she was already to that point. She chugged it down as her gaze fell to the pretty blonde in the corner. When the woman rested her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder, Coby’s thoughts hurled back to the bar. Dear God, she wanted. She wanted so much. She wanted, and she felt her need as if it were a gaping hole. She shook her head and guzzled. Why did she do this to herself?


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