#FF #Flashback Friday! My review for Jenny Frame’s ‘A Royal Romance’

Hello Friends and welcome. Today is #FF #Flashback Friday and with the arrival of Jenny Frame’s new book, ‘Royal Rebel,’ the sequel to ‘A Royal Romance’, I’m sharing with you my review for ‘A Royal Romance.’  It was originally posted on 12-Aug-16.

Good afternoon, everyone and a warm welcome to all of you.  Today I have a special treat for you!  I am reviewing Jenny Frame’s ‘A Royal Romance.’  If you love British royalty, this is a must read!  The main characters themselves will draw at your heartstrings.  Jenny really nailed it on the head and this story is a true champion.  Let’s read on!Author Photo

“Maybe we can’t always get what we want, Miss Elliot, but sometimes you have to be brave enough to take what is offered freely to you.”

George from A Royal Romance

This story takes place in the future 2053-4.  Britain has changed and now the country is having their first gay monarchy.  In the beginning of the story, the author showed us a  traditional ceremony to set the tone.  Immediately, this gave me a connection to the Royal Family.   As an American I’m not familiar with these traditions and it was delightful experiencing them.  It was refreshing seeing the players being loving towards each other as opposed to the coldness of the old British sovereignty.

George is a member of the royal family and is next in line for the throne.  Her father, the king, passes and now she is now head of Britain, hence the new queen.  Her gentleness is felt from the first page and I was touched in one scene where she receives a letter from a young girl.

As I read on, I felt compassion for George and understood her role as Queen.  She is a real woman with real desires.  As much as she loves her country at times she feels stifled.  She longs to do things that many people take for granted such as walking into an establishment without security and a mob scene.  In her eyes, very few people can “see under the crown” as the author states.

Book Cover Photo

I fell in love with George. The author showed some sensitive issues that made me feel admiration for her.  George finds “common ground” with everyone she meets and leaves a positive influence on them.  Even more, she is kind to her staff, treating them with respect.  It was beautiful watching George unfold and her kindness never ceased.

Beatrice is the head of a hospice charity and loves her work.  The new queen takes an interest in her and makes Bea her escort to visit all of the hospices’ branches in England.  Bea is very professional in her manner is no-nonsense. She is a republican and disagrees with the monarchy and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions.  She has a past that could destroy her if put into the wrong hands.  The fire in her really fuels the story.

The family relations between Bea and her family are priceless and the reader can feel the love and sincerity. Bea and her mom are able to have heart to heart talks that filled my eyes with tears.  I love mother-daughter relationships in books because it is beautiful to see two grown adults understanding each other as well as helping one another.

George looked at her picture and the image of the beautiful woman did not look like trouble to her. “Cammy, does this young lady look like trouble to you? Major Fairfax thinks so.”

Captain Cameron looked over the young woman’s picture. “No, Ma’am. She looks like a bonnie wee lassie.”

Hmm…intriguing, thought George.

The dance between the new queen and Beatrice is breathtaking.  There are some really beautifully sculpted scenes.  Beatrice was able to put herself aside and be present for the Queen, who at times does shows us another side of her.

There is plenty of drama in this story.  One supporting character is so wrapped up in her jealousy for another person that she can’t see that she is broadcasting her insecurities.   The conflict between these characters is very intense to the point that it kept me on the edge of my seat.  I wanted to scream out, “Stop!”  At the same time, it added depth to the story.  Not to mention I got to see the behind the scenes, some of which were not so pretty.

The sensual scenes were tasteful and well thought out.

The players are marvelous and I could clearly see them; this blurred the line between fantasy and reality.  The author really grabbed my attention right away and got me emotionally involved with the story.  Needless to say there are page turning scenes throughout.  You are going to need to carve out some time for this story as it is on the long side.  At the end, I wanted more of the action.  I’m ready for a sequel!

Five Stars

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Here is an excerpt:

Beatrice Elliot ran downstairs as quickly as she could. She checked her appearance in the mirror at the bottom. Her long dark-blond hair looked unruly. I’m going to be so late, and I look a mess. She quickly gathered her hair up into a ponytail, making herself a bit more presentable.

From the living room, she heard her mum shout, “Bea?”

Beatrice popped her head round the door and said, “Yes, Mum?”

Her mother, Sarah, sat on the couch facing the large TV projection on the wall. “Are you coming to watch with me? It’s Princess Georgina’s investiture as Princess of Wales.”

Beatrice gave her mother a scowl. “Mum, you know I have absolutely no interest in that shower of spongers.”

Sarah pointed towards the TV and said, “But Bea, the pageantry, the tradition, and she’s going to be the first woman to become Queen ahead of her brother, and the first openly gay monarch. Surely you of all people should understand that.”

Bea sighed. She was getting fed up having this argument with people and hearing the name of Princess Georgina. “They take money away from our country’s essential services. You and Dad should know why that makes me angry.”

Her mother nodded, but not before Bea caught a look of pain on her mother’s face, and she felt guilty for causing that. She walked behind the couch and put her arms around her mother’s neck. “I’m sorry, Mum, but I have my student union meeting. Remember I told you about it last night? It’s our last meeting before the charity fundraiser.”

Sarah patted her daughter’s hand. “Oh yes, I remember, sweetheart, be careful then.”

“I will. Will Dad be in soon?”

“Yes, another half hour or so. He hoped he would be back in time to see the ceremony. Off you go then, and leave me to my pageant.”

Bea laughed softly and gave her mother a kiss. “Enjoy it then. See you later, Mum.”


Before you go, I have included a teaser for ‘Royal Rebel,’ which is debuting on Monday, 01-May-17.

Royal Rebel Cover

Bea chuckled and slipped back into bed and into George’s arms. “I think I’m the lucky one, Georgie.”

They lay in silence for a few moments, drinking in the warmth of the afterglow. It was five thirty on a Monday morning at the start of a busy week at Buckingham Palace. George was always up well before Bea, so she had time to work out with her personal dresser and close protection officer, Captain Cameron, in the gym before starting her workday. This morning she’d returned from the gym and was going to dress when Bea enticed her back to bed.

“What inspired your accosting me and taking advantage of me?” George asked with a smile.

Bea ran her fingers from George’s cheekbone down her shoulders and arms. “The way you looked, fresh from the shower earlier. Your muscles were pumped from your exercise and your hair was wet and sexy, and that made me feel wet and sexy.”

George kissed her head. “You’re always sexy.”

“I love this. Just lying with you,” Bea said, burrowing her head further into George’s neck. “I can almost make believe we aren’t in a palace, and the whole world isn’t waiting for us outside those bedroom doors.”

“You do feel at home here, don’t you? You would tell me if you weren’t happy here.” George recognised what a huge change it had been for Bea to go from her small family home with her mum and dad to a big impersonal palace.

Bea said, “Of course I’m happy, but this isn’t home. Windsor is home. It’s where we go every weekend to be together, where Mum and Dad live, where we fell in love, and where I can be just your wife, just Mrs. Buckingham, not the Consort. Buckingham Palace is our office.”

“You’re right, of course,” George said.


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