My Review for Jen Silver’s ‘The Circle Dance’

Hello everyone and welcome. Recently I finished Jen Silver’s ‘The Circle Dance’ and am reviewing it today. The title fits this story. Jen has been hard at work and has a new book, ‘Running From Love’, debuting on 01-Jun-17.  

This epic shows the lives of six women;  Sasha, Phoebe, Jamie, Van, Laurel, and Maddie.  There are six points of view which the author organized perfectly, creating a smooth read. All of the characters are important players.  Their stories will take you on a fun ride.  The setting where it takes place will draw you in with it’s beauty. Read on!

Sasha is a workaholic who left her girlfriend, Jamie, of six years to pursue a fling relationship with Phoebe.  She is a bit strange in some of her actions, including her ripping out flowers and roots from a garden.  We understand that she was angry at the time, and this scene added good drama to the story.  This gave me a strange first impression of this character.  I wondered what else she was going to do to stir things up

At the same time, Sasha stalks Jamie making the situations very awkward and uncomfortable for Jamie. I kept wanting to tell Sasha to let this all go and become her own best friend instead. She has too much envy in her and I didn’t see anything about a sense of trust.

Phoebe didn’t have what it took to be in a committed relationship with anyone. Her clumsiness was embarrassing and this contributed to her struggle. She didn’t want to take accountability for things, which is essential for a successful intimate relationship. She wants to change gears with something that is important to her, but Sasha doesn’t support it because she is closed minded and doesn’t like to wander off an established path. This makes tensions between them fierce and I was angry with Sasha.

 Hebden Bridge

Jamie is a cute butch with a tender heart.  She is confident and appears a bit laid back.  She separates her personal life from her professional one like night and day.  Her work is important to her and she doesn’t miss anything.  I found her professionalism to be desirable.  Inside she has a lonely heart and deserves someone more loving than Sasha. I felt she did the right thing and you’ll have to read the story to find out more.

Let’s bring in Van. She is laidback, patient, and has a caring heart. She knows how to put up with external drama and not have it bring her down. In fact, she’s the type who’s attracted to a woman’s inner quality that overrides any annoying traits. I applaud her for pausing before responding. I found her to be very grounded. She is a strong player and I really admired this character.

Laurel is a friend of Van’s and Maddie is a friend of Jamie. This couple shares a secret that involves one of the other characters. These scenes were well thought out and I could see the struggle between the pair and their teenage daughter, Taylor. There were some heart-warming scenes involving her. I really felt for this girl and was grateful that she wasn’t alone. I watched with interest how these scenes evolved and it was beautiful.

“I still, after all these years, love writing, and I don’t say I write well, but I write as well as I can.”

Ruth Rendell

Jen goes into the heads of her characters. Here we get to see their desires and secrets, including some naughtiness.  The details of the scenes added a lot of intrigue.


Van followed, enjoying the view of Jamie’s well-toned lycra clad legs and butt as they climbed. Not many people could successfully carry off the lycra-look, but this woman rocked it. Out of breath by the time they reached the top, she promised herself she would start an exercise regime soon.


Jamie drank some of the beer, tipping her head back, giving Van a view of her strong neck muscles. She sipped at her own beer to distract herself from the hormonal urges that were building.


The author writes some touching narration that added interest in the story.  The setting enticed me as I’m fascinated with England. I felt like I was on a mini vacation where I got to see the little things that make up Britain. This book got me thinking about a future visit.

This book is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Plot out some time because you’re going to want to spend time with it. I found myself rereading passages because they were so intriguing. The entire story was well thought out and all of the pieces fit. I am recommending this book for everyone. You may even want to read it twice, it’s that addicting. I did and enjoyed it.

Excerpt 1

As the train pulled out of Victoria Station, Jamie realised she had enjoyed herself during the meal. It had been fun to see Van again and laugh. When did the laughter stop with her and Sasha? Was that when their relationship began to die? Jamie was starting to think maybe Sasha had done her a favour by leaving the way she did. The distress she’d been harbouring for the last year was starting to fade. From the looks Van had been giving her while they ate, it was clear she was interested in something more than the occasional dinner date. Maybe it was time she moved on. Having Stevie back had helped, and her sleep was no longer disturbed with waking to the acute sense of betrayal and hurt that had dominated every aspect of her life for the past year.


Excerpt 2

Would you like a drink?” Van smiled. An old fashioned butch. This evening was looking better and better. “Yes, please. A white wine, which I know Laurel has chilling in the fridge.” Jamie smiled back and Van thought she better sit down before she fell down. That was a killer smile. “I’ll be right back,” Jamie said as she moved towards the kitchen. Van watched her go. The back view wasn’t bad either. What was her ex’s problem? Did Jamie snore loudly, fart in public, or have chronic bad breath? Only one way to find out and Van wouldn’t pass up the chance if it came along. Flirting wasn’t something that came naturally to her, but tonight looked like a good time to practice.

Five stars

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