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Hello Friends. It is great to see you this morning. I want to thank you for stopping by last week to meet my author friend, Renee MacKenzie. Stay tuned as I’m reading her book ‘Pausing’ and will be posting my review soon. In the meanwhile I have kept myself busy reading some other really great Lesfic authors. Next week I’ll be reviewing SL Gape’s ‘Too Soon.’ For those of you who are new, I interviewed her back on 14-Mar-17.

‘Pausing’ review

SL Gape Interview

Opening Day

It’s that time of year again when my favorite sport of baseball starts.  This year we chose the third game because ticket prices were less expensive. It was a load of fun and this picture shows the view we had of the field from our seats.  We invited our Dodger buddies and were all excited.

The game had less action than other ones we’ve been to.  The score ended up being 3-1, Dodgers winning. For the past few years we’ve played the Opening Series against the San Diego Padres.  My nephew is a huge Padres fan so it’s fun to take him when they are playing the Dodgers. I love the aunt-nephew bond I have with him over baseball. We took him to Opening Day two years ago and had a blast.

I love Dodger Stadium.  Did you know it is the third oldest stadium still in use in Major League Baseball?  I’m so blessed that the owners are keeping up the venue because it is a very special place.  Nothing could replace it and it’s charm radiates. I’ve been coming since my first visit in ’04. Since then a lot has changed, including a new section out on the field. I’m happy now that they now offer healthy choices in the concessions. Prices are still high so we usually bring in a sub-sandwich.

I like to get there early so that I can watch the crews finish grooming the field. I love the fresh scent of cut grass. Many times they present a special event before the ceremonial first pitch. A few times they have asked the Airforce to give us an airshow in the sky. This was a real treat, not to mention very loud. On two occasions they featured young people performing. One was a group of kids doing a Martial Arts routine and another featuring a school cheer team.  It is great that the Dodger organization gives back to the community and shows it’s appreciation by having these before game events.

One time at a game we were sitting in the loge near 3rd base. A baseball came flying our way and went into the announcers booth. Then legend Vin Scully leans out and waves. That is a memory I’ll never forget.

Old Tiger Stadium

I have been a baseball fan since I was little.  Being from Detroit, I was a big Tiger’s fan and saw many games down at the former Tiger Stadium that used to sit at the corner of Michigan Ave and Trumbull in Detroit.  My memories will never leave me.  I remember one year I got my dad to take us to Opening Day.  Our seats were in the last row of the upper deck, and our view wasn’t as good as the one we had in the top picture.  Still it was fun, although we lost.  It was great to spend a weekday afternoon with my family.

I was at a game where Tiger Kirk Gibson hit the ball out of the park. That was spectacular and I’ll never forget it. This was the same field where he ran around the bases after the Tigers won the 1984 World Series. Some seem to forget that before he was a world champ Dodger, he was a Tiger for many years.

The joke of Tiger Stadium was that since there were so many poles in the stands, they were blocking the view for many patrons. I have sat there and I had to shift myself so that I could see each play. Still it was fun. Then there was the crowd who sat in the bleachers on the other side of the field and tossed around beachballs. I remember the days of 3.2 beer being sold as the only beer choice at Tiger Stadium.

Tiger's Logo

As long as I live, I will never forget the good times I had at that venue. Who cares that you had to park in a paid parking lot two blocks away or that the seats were hard. It was exciting walking in the front entrance and having the Tiger spirit all around me.

That spirit has never left me and I hold it close to my heart.  I love watching the games live as well as on TV. This August, the Dodgers are going to Detroit to play the Tigers at the new Comerica Park, that was erected at the turn of this century. I’ve only seen it on TV. The venue has real ‘stands’ at the far end of the field. I would love to take a short visit back so that I can enjoy the venue and feel the spirits of these two teams. A Justin Verlander – Clayton Kershaw game would be perfect. Both men are superb pitchers.

This season we will be going to more Dodger games. I believe this year it is going to be a ‘Blue’ victory.

Dodgers logo


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