My Review for SW Andersen’s ‘Switchback’

Good afternoon friends and welcome. Today I’m presenting my review for S.W. Andersen’s ‘Switchback’. This story is interesting and by the time it was over, I was once again in love with the mountain bike culture. Last year I read another biking book and am excited that more people are writing about this sport.

Author Photo

‘Switchback’ tells the story of Sierra Cody, an ambitious mountain bike rider, striving for the pros. She loves living outside of her comfort zone.  Her strengths are determination and focus. She carries a confident aura with her and really knows herself. She has a positive outlook on life and is very protective of her career, which is why she prefers to promote herself. She doesn’t follow rules or like being kept waiting.  However, I was pleasantly pleased to see that she respects others even when going after her desires.

She’s a love bug whom you can’t help but love.

Sierra turned and high-tailed it out the door, anxious to put miles between her and the lecherous receptionist in a hurry. Maybe she would use that memory as motivation on her next race start. That would surely get her out the gate in a hurry.

There are two other main characters, Kara and Jaime as well as a few secondary characters, whom I will touch on.

Kara is a medic who works at bike race functions.  She is tense and afraid and is uncomfortable in social settings.  The vibe I picked up was one that had been badly hurt before and was avoiding any chance for a potential new relationship.  She carries a bit of passive aggressiveness. Her pained look on her face is a concern for others.

She is very smart and asks questions.  Her heart is genuine. However, she’s a stickler to plans and doesn’t like to deviate. This caused some friction with the other players, but nonetheless, added to the depth of her character.

Another woman enters the picture, creating some intense drama for both Kara and Sierra.  Jaime is Kara’s ex.  Scenes like this are priceless and got me wanting more.

Now enter two secondary characters who I felt really added to the story, Nicole and Ronni. Nicole is Kara’s best friend and business partner. She is loyal and bears high self-esteem. Her grounding energy was very comforting and she bears the badge of trust on her shoulder.

Ronni is Sierra’s trusted best friend who has a mouth as big as the planet.  Her energy is brash. She never shuts up and at times I felt she crossed some boundaries with Sierra. Their interactions are hilarious. Her sneaky energy will roll your emotions. The way she talks sometimes will crack you up.

One unforgettable character may turn you off. The writer had great character development with this one. You may not like her, but she adds to the richness of the story.

The interactions between the characters is very well put together and it flows perfectly. I love the mountain bike scenes. The author did an excellent job bringing me there. I could almost feel the wind hitting Cody’s face on the way down the hill in a race.

There are scenes that are tenderly put together and the author really did perfect them. You will see in the story.

The romance scenes are tender and full of caring love. What I liked was that it was not all rush-rush to the bedroom. The lovers took time to get to know each other and it’s this journey that you want to read.

The sun’s rays danced along auburn strands and illuminated her profile, making her radiant as an angel from heaven.

Switchback (p. 209). S.W. Andersen Books. Kindle Edition.

The story itself took me about six hours to read, partly because some of the scenes were so good that I read them twice. The descriptions were precise and I felt like I was in the scenes. The writing made me feel good. I am recommending this book for everyone who enjoys some adventure.

Here is an except to get you started on this exciting journey.

Switchback Cover

Kara hummed and smiled. Sierra had appeared in her doorway in her baggy shorts with an air of confidence, muscled legs, gorgeous, soulful eyes, and a smile that made Kara’s chest thump like a herd of running elephants. The feeling of being pursued so wholeheartedly had left her brimming with indescribable sensations, but now her chest grew heavy and her breath restricted to the point of dizziness. The thought of Sierra being angry with her was too much to bear.

Would she get the chance to explain?

No one had ever left her questioning so much about her life. Sierra brought her back to a time and place when she was unhindered by the rigid routine she had set for herself. She was free to do as she pleased. Free to live. Free to feel. And boy did she want to feel. She ached to feel every inch of Sierra Cody’s toned body against hers.

“Why does she have to be so damned hot?” Kara grumbled.

Five Stars.

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