My Review for Blake Everstone’s ‘Ominous Tales’

Good afternoon friends and welcome. I want to thank all of you who visited last week for my review of Amy Dunne’s ‘Season’s Meetings.’ This week I am featuring my review of ‘Ominous Tales’ by author Blake Everstone. Come over and join us.Ominious Tales Cover‘Ominous Tales’ is an assortment of short stories and poetry.  Each story is introduced with a poem.  This is elegant. They gave me a sense of wonder. The rhymes are a real treat and are great fine literature.

Each short story has its own protagonist. I am listing three who really stood out. One is daring, sexy, and possessive, making the story very exciting. Another is passive aggressive closed-minded, and stoic. Her character created another type of drama that kept me on edge.

In one of the stories, the main player lives multiple personalities as a result of being molested during her childhood.  This story really blew my mind and is a brain teaser.  Plan to read this one slowly as it is fast paced and you don’t want to miss anything. This one is a must read.

I fell in love with a fantasy story that had a mythical character in it.  This took me to another world.  I’m a big fan of imagination so this one suited me perfectly.

All the tales have paranormal in them, giving them a weird factor in an embracing storyteller way. The author grabs your attention with the first poem which leads into the first story. The author really pays attention to the characters needs and fulfills them beautifully.

This book can be read altogether or story by story. I wouldn’t recommend putting a bookmark in the middle of an exciting plot. Plan to take this with you to work so that you can sneak in a story during your downtime. You will not be disappointed. If you liked this book as much as I do, let’s start a discussion in the comments. I want to hear what you all loved about this compilation.Ominious Tales CoverHere is an excerpt to get you started.

I rush to her! Preparing all my strength to lift her and carry her was redundant, because she feels as if she only weighs 25 pounds. Dainty within my hands, I wrap my arms around her and run. I can hear each step the beast takes behind us. I imagine it to be at least 400 lbs. worth of fierce viciousness. The ground seems to vibrate as it gets closer. I fear it will not be long before it pounces. My soul quivers with every snarl. My legs feel heavy and are keeping me from running as fast as I sense I need to be. Sweat dripping from my face lands on my frail passenger. She opens her eyes and peers up at me. Her expression exhibits her gratitude as she endearingly snuggles up against me. Hearing another growl and the proximity of it, she realizes that we are still in grave danger. As if she is pulling energy, or what is left of it, from the bottom of her toes and the top of her head and generating all of it towards her mouth, she lets out a deafening screech. As the energy leaves her body, her luminosity dims and she passes back out. Her ear-splitting shriek startles me. Just when I regained my composure, while still running, a large wolf appears. Then two more and before I know it, we were facing a line of wolves in front of us.


Thank you for joining us this week. Come stop by next week when I’ll be featuring a personal blog. Stay tuned as author Graysen Morgen will be joining us in two weeks to share about her new book, ‘Castor Valley’.

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