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Good afternoon friends and welcome. I want to thank all of you who visited last week for my 2018 Goals blog. Today I have a special treat for you. Author Graysen Morgen  of Triplicity Publishing  is here to talk with us. This is an interview you want to read. She is amazing. Come see why.

Author Profile Picture

Tell us about yourself.
I’ve been happily married to my best friend for 18½ years, and we have a 7-year-old daughter. I went to the University of Florida, which is where I met my wife. I was a Lieutenant in the Navy, working as a flight deck officer on an aircraft carrier. I now spend my time writing books, sports writing for women’s pro soccer, and coaching youth soccer.

What is your book “Boone Creek” about?
Boone Creek is a western, set in Colorado in 1880. This story is the first in a series about an outlaw woman named Jessie Henry, who leaves her past behind to start anew. She winds up in a small, troubled town called Boone Creek, where after a mishap, she becomes the Town Marshall.

Me: Graysen’s new book, ‘Castor Valley’, is the second in this series and one that you’re going to want to read.

How did you feel the moment you saw your first book published?
I was overjoyed. I’d always loved reading, and once I’d started writing, it sort of took off. I’m still thrilled to see each new book get published. It’s a huge sense of accomplishment.

What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it?
I don’t find as much time to read as I used to, but the last book I made time for was Scarlett. It’s a sequel to Gone With The Wind, by Alexandra Ripley.

How has your daughter been an inspiration for you? 
My daughter, Rylie, is my whole world. She looks up to me in so many ways and mimics everything I do. I try my best to be a good role model for her. She makes me a better person. When I first wrote Natural Instinct, my wife and I weren’t thinking of having any children, at least at that time. It’s funny, my daughter turned out very similar in character to the little girl in the book. I don’t write many children into my books, but each one has a piece of Rylie in it for sure, whether it’s when she was little, what she’s like now, or what I hope for her to be like as she gets older.

Graysen and Rylie

What are your daughter’s creative activities?
She loves anything to do with art, and she’s actually written two books about animals, both of which she also illustrated. Plus, an avid reader and has a soaring imagination.

How has your family been supportive of your career?
My wife is the person who first told me I should write my own stories, instead of reading so many books, mostly because after reading a book, I’d tell her everything I would’ve done differently. J When I wrote a couple of stories, she pushed me to get them published. She’s been behind me from the very beginning. The rest of my family is very proud of what I have accomplished. Some of them have read every single book that has been published.

Can you explain more about “#Bekindchallenge”?
Be Kind Challenge is about random acts of kindness. There is so much power in a simple gesture. The challenge is a month of doing one kind thing every day.

What is the cutest thing your dogs do?
Remy and Roxy are Jack Russell Terriers who are just over a year old. They are littermate girls, and they run our lives! J They chase each other around the house, watch TV with our daughter, hang out in the office when I’m writing, you name it. I’d say the cutest thing is the way they are always together. The sleep in the oddest positions like yin/yang or on top of each other.

Roxy and Remy

Who are you rooting for in the next World Cup Soccer championship?
If it’s the World Cup, then I’m always rooting for the USA. I’m a fan of Canada, Australia, and England so I root for them if they’re not playing the USA.

Where is a good place to hang out with friends?
We do a lot of family stuff, so our hangout this past year was Disney World, literally every month. We have an oasis in our backyard, so hanging out at home is always nice.

What would be the perfect ‘stay-cation’ for you?
We pretty much have a stay-cation every weekend, but the perfect stay-cation for me would be some quiet time with absolutely nothing to do but read a novel or lie in the hammock by the pool.

What is your favorite time of year and why?
I love the holidays. There is just something magical about that time of year. We decorate inside and put up a full yard display outside with a lot of lights and wood cutouts that I make myself. I also look forward to the little bit of cold weather that we get in North Florida.

Would you ever want to co-write a book with another author?
Probably not. I believe all authors have a vision, and everyone’s vision is different.

What puts you in the zone when you are writing?
Music is my muse, so I listen to music when I write. It varies from classical to pop and everything in between.

Soccer Coach

What’s next for you?
I am currently working on a romantic adventure/suspense story that involves British MI6. I’m really hoping to turn it into a series. It’s fun, thrilling, sexy, humorous, all the qualities that make for a good read.

Be sure to check out Graysen’s social media links and follow her:

Instagram: @graysenmorgen
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Amazon Author Page: Graysen Morgen

Click on her Amazon Author page to purchase Boone Creek and ‘Castor Valley’.

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