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Good afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you for all your support last week. Things are going really well with my book, ‘Awakened by Fate’ and I couldn’t be happier. Today I am featuring an interview with author Tey Holden, The Addy and Karen series. Also at the bottom of the interview is an excerpt from the third book in the series, ‘One Little Bit.’ This will debut on Amazon in June 2018. Read on! Turninig-f.jpeg

Tell us about yourself.
I’m an extremely private person and would pretty much like to keep it that way. That is why there’s no picture of me. I’ve lived in many places, and have been exposed to different cultures. I can talk as much as I can write, endlessly! I’m always kidding and think of myself as a fun easy-going person. On the serious side, I’m the type of person who people come to for advice. 

What are your books, Addy and Karen series, ‘Turning on a Dime’ and ‘New Quarters’ about? How would you describe your protagonist?
The story is about being true to yourself, about not being afraid to live, and about embracing the changes that life brings. The characters in the story stepped out of the comfort zones and took the challenge that life offered knowing that the road ahead might be hard. In so doing, they faced a new future and found themselves and love. 

People have asked me if the story is real, and whether I identify with either character. I think as writers we cannot separate ourselves from our experiences, lived or seen. So, I believe every book has a little bit of the author. And as to the whether the story is real or fictional, that is the true test of a good fiction author. I think that if a fictional story is so believable that the reader wonders if it’s real, the author must have covered all the elements of reality in such a way as to make the story credible, and that makes it a great story. So, for those of you who have asked about the veracity of the story, thank you so very much. I couldn’t possibly have gotten a better compliment. 

How did you choose the cover for ‘Turning on a Dime’ and what does it mean to you?
It’s symbolic. The road represents the road of life with its many twists and turns, never knowing what to expect around the next corner, and the changing of the leaves represents the constant changes that life brings. 

What music do you like to listen to when you are writing?
I don’t listen to music when I write. When I’m writing I’m fully focused on what I’m doing. I live through my characters, so I enjoy and suffer every happiness and pain they feel. Sometimes I laugh so much that I have to stop writing! Other times, it’s sadness that makes me stop. I’m very emotional. 

Do you enjoy writing short stories?
I do, although my tendency is to go long. I’ve actually written a few short stories in response to invitations from the Academy of Bards. Because they all involve the same characters, I’m thinking of either putting them together as a compendium of short stories or maybe I’ll make a book from them! We’ll see. That is one of many projects ahead. 

Who has inspired your writing?
No one. I wrote my first story as a challenge to myself to see if I could do such a thing. I was the first one surprised when I realized I had put together over 200 pages, and even more surprised when people liked it! I do have to thank the Academy of Bards, which is where I started to post my stories years ago, and the person who owns the server where the web page resides (she know who she is!). I think the Academy is a wonderful avenue, which has helped many authors to develop their talent. So, thank you very much! 

Where do you go to get out into nature?
I love visiting National Parks, and I also love going to the beach. Not a hiker, not a swimmer, just once person enjoying the beauty of the universe. I love sailing, as long as someone else pulls the ropes! 

Do you have any hobbies that you are passionate about?
Writing is my hobby. Writing fiction is liberating. The fictional world is a boundless universe where anything is possible. I don’t think there’s a greater freedom than that which can occur in the mind of a writer. If the sky is the limit, the creative mind is limitless. 

What would you recommend for a wine drinker who wanted a taste of your local vino and why?
Ah! Come to Virginia. Virginia wine has come a long way and there are plenty of good wineries and wines. Virginia is green and beautiful. The wineries are hidden among its mountains and to get to them you have to drive up a dirt road, or down a hill, maybe even across a brook. You might also see a fox or a hawk. It’s quaint countryside, it’s romantic, invigorating, and uplifting. 

Where would you like to go for a dream vacation?
Europe, all of it. I’d also like to see Argentina. I love to travel and enjoy every bit of it no matter where I go. I love ethnic cuisine and dry, red wines. 

How do you view the glass as being half full during challenging times?
I embrace life as a challenge. I’m a competitor, and I play to win. 

What is next for you?
Publishing the remaining three books in the Addy and Karen series, and then several other stories that I have in the works. When I’m on a roll writing, nothing stops me. I have easily written 100 pages in one day.

As of lately, I have not been able to dedicate much time to finish any of my half-written stories because I’ve been processing the books in the Addy and Karen series, and then there was Connection. For the followers of the Addy and Karen series, I will announce that there is a sixth book, half written somewhere in my mind and that it’s all a matter of putting it in writing. For those who read Connection, you might come across Wally in another story, which is planned for next year. Then, as I mentioned above, I have several other stories half written. So, lots more to come! 

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Now, as I promised, is the excerpt from the third book in the Addy and Karen series, ‘One Little Bit.’ Enjoy!


 “Oh God, I remember once joking about you getting me pregnant, do you remember it? Years ago?”

“Will you be there every step of the way from selecting the sperm to the actual insemination, the pregnancy, the birth and the eighteen plus years it is going to take to raise this said child?”

Addy chuckled. “Yes, Ker, I will be there every inch of the way. I will actually inseminate you, if the doctor allows me. I also plan to be with you for the rest of my life, so yes. I will be there every single day, every step of the way.”

Karen leaned into Addy’s shoulder looking for comfort. “I agree to talk about this some more.”

“Okay, let’s continue to talk then.” Addy thought she was on a roll and didn’t want to let the ball drop.

“Now? Can’t we talk tomorrow, or over the course of the next few weeks?”

 “Well, you are the one who says that we may be too old. If we keep waiting to even talk about it, it may come to be so. We are not getting any younger, you know? If we are going to consider this seriously, I think we should talk about it now.”

“I know your reasons for wanting the baby. And, I really don’t want to hear them again because you know how mad I get when you even bring up the subject, but I do have several subjects requiring discussion. First, this baby would be the product of one of my eggs and some man’s sperm, therefore what about genetics? Leaving that aside for a minute and going back to the baby, physically, and genetically you will have no contribution in the making of this child.” Here was the logical Karen, sticking her finger in the wound. “So, if your intention is for me to have some of you in this child, how do you see that happening? Moreover, because biologically there would be none of your DNA in that child, why don’t we just adopt, and that way I don’t have to go through, what will most certainly be, a nine-months of living hell for me?”

Addy remained pensive for like two minutes and, as if illuminated by some strange force, she knew exactly how to reply to win the argument. Karen Larsen you cannot beat what’s coming at you! This was the second time, in their relationship when she absolutely knew she had Karen beat. The first time was when she had convinced Karen to stay in Scotland.


Addy smiled. “Sit. I could be awhile here.” Karen sat expectantly thinking that there was no possible way that Addy could rebut this factual argument. However, her heart pounded because she knew Addy too well and knew that when she wanted, Addy could make hell freeze over. In the depth of her heart, she feared that this was about to happen.

“First, regarding the genetic concern, and to get rid of that point immediately, we are going to go to the best place for this, I don’t know where this place is, but if it’s in Timbuktu, that’s where we are going. I will make sure that we get the adequate referral to this very special, unique and most certainly expensive place. So, there will be no genetic risks taken in that regard. And, by the way, I do not care how much all of this might cost, no price would be too high to assure your safety, health, and our peace of mind.” She paused briefly for effect.

 “Second, although biologically and genetically I will have no input whatsoever in the making of the baby, that baby will be my child for two reasons.”

Karen was captivated by Addy’s organized arguments. She should have known better than to put Addy on a defensive position. She had seen her more than once arguing a case and was always impressed. Addy was a master debater, words always poured out of her mouth with exact precision and logic. She listened attentively as Addy continued. “One, this child will be your child.” Addy pointed to her. “A child born of your womb, of your flesh and blood. Just because of that, I will adore it as I adore you. Two, I am going to love that child to its very core, and I am going to make sure that it takes something of me into him or her, so that when one day, years from now, you hear him or her talk, you will say ‘that’s something Addy would have said or would have done.’” She paused again and looked Karen straight in the eyes. “So, that child may not look one single bit like me, but I give you my word of honor, my solemn promise that our daughter or son will have as much of my spirit and personality as possible in him or her. I also promise you that I will stand by you every step of the way, and that I will be there to raise our child together, not only until he or she leaves our home, but until I have one breath of air left in me. This I promise you.” 

As Addy eloquently spoke, she paced back and forth in front of Karen gesticulating with her arms, closing her fists for emphasis and letting her entire body speak loud and clear of her intentions. When she was done, she looked at Karen and realized that Karen was almost in tears. Addy stopped and knelt in front of her. “Sweetheart, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“All of a sudden, I see it.” Karen leaned into her and Addy hugged her.

“You see what?” Addy pulled out of the embrace to read her face.

“I see the child.”

Addy was stunned. Oh God! Addy was almost frightened that she had gone too far. “Ker? What do you see? Please, tell me?”

Karen spoke looking mesmerized into Addy’s eyes, as if she could see the image she was describing in Addy’s eyes. “I see a beautiful little girl. She smiles. Her smile is like a summer day. And she is happy. She feels loved, incredibly loved and when she looks at me, she has an expression on her face.” Karen’s eyes moved back and forth looking for words to describe the image she saw. “It’s not you, but it’s like an expression I’ve seen in your face, like when you open your eyes big and raise your eyebrows. It’s as if she copied your expression. And she speaks in a cute little voice and she says things you’d say.” Two tears dropped from Karen’s eyes.

Addy couldn’t comprehend this vision, but wasn’t this what she really wanted, another someone to love Karen, just like she did? By now Addy was almost in tears, but she couldn’t cry now, no, she had to take advantage of this moment and deliver her final punch. She hardly believed what was happening.

“Ker? I see her too. And I want our baby. I want a family for us, let’s have her.”
New Quarters Cover

“Addy, I don’t really know if you comprehend the magnitude of what you ask of me. I am a lesbian who never thought of being pregnant, or having a child. If I do this, I will do it for love, for us, for my love of you.”

“I know, Ker, I know.”

Addy knelt in front of her and placed her head on Karen’s legs and cried. They embraced and kissed for what could have been hours.



“What if my being pregnant hurts our relationship? I have the feeling that I could be pretty crabby and nasty during those nine months, can you live with that?”

“The opposite could also be true, you know?”

“Ha! What? That I will love being pregnant?”

Addy chuckled. “I don’t think anyone loves being pregnant, Ker. Let’s get that clear. I meant that life can be as normal as ever, and you may not be crabby or nasty, but sweet and adorable.”

“Addypooh! You have got to be the most optimistic person in the world!”

“If that is true, then you are very lucky, I mean if you do get all crabby and nasty. I will have my usual smiley face.”

Karen pulled from their embrace and looked at her smiling just a bit. “That I believe to be true.”

Addy grinned. “Then what is there to worry about? I mean I have already survived your ranting, what could be worse?”

“Huh? What if I start blaming you every time I feel sick during the, well, you know?”

“I will take all the blame, like a good trooper, but then after the baby is born, just as well, I will want all the credit for all the happiness. How’s that?”

“You always win, Adriana Marcos, always!” She again laid her head against Addy’s chest and cuddled up with her. Addy took the throw on the sofa and covered them both.

“Haven’t we gone over this many times? We are both winners, baby, both of us.” She held Karen tight in her arms and kissed her forehead. “I love you, sweetheart.”

“If I go through with this madness, it will only prove that I definitely love you more.”

Turninig-fNew Quarters Cover


The next morning, Addy woke up first. This was unusual. Karen stirred in her sleep when Addy kissed her. “Gorgeous, do you want breakfast in bed?”

Karen chuckled, because most of the time this scenario played the other way around. “Um hum. What are you going to make?”

 “Whatever you want, but you have to promise me that you won’t get up. I have some after breakfast activities planned. Pregnancy requires a lot of trials, you know?”

Karen smiled, as she stretched on the bed. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Go, but then back to bed.”

“Yes ma’am. Your sex slave will be right here waiting.” Addy smiled and took off for the kitchen.

She took forever, so Karen started to wonder. “Addy?”

From downstairs, Addy yelled. “Yeah? I’m still working on your culinary treat!”

“Okay!” Karen yelled from upstairs.

Addy brought breakfast on a serving tray and placed it on the bed. Karen sat up.

“I’m sorry it took me so long. You never take this long when you make breakfast.”

Karen looked at the food and chuckled. “That’s because I only bring you coffee and muffins or toast, but look at this! An omelet, bacon, toast, geez, and I’m not even pregnant yet!” Oh God! What am I saying?

When Karen finished eating, Addy removed the tray and crawled on the bed and over Karen. As she did her robe slid open revealing her breasts. “You take my breath away, Adriana Marcos.” Addy smiled, enchanted by the green eyes devouring her, and overtaken when she felt Karen’s strong, soft hands inside her robe pulling her down onto the warm body underneath hers.


If you like this excerpt, look for ‘One Little Bit’ in all Amazon markets coming in June 2018!


I want to thank Tey for stopping by. It was a pleasure having you. Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be speaking with author Victoria Avilan, ‘The Art of Peeling an Orange.’

Until next time,


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