My review for Nico J. Genes’ ‘Magnetic Reverie’

Good Morning everyone and a warm welcome to you all. I want to thank everyone who participated in my Rafflecoptor, and to congratulate the winners. Special thanks to Stephanie Potos Biedlingmaier and Donna McGuinness for all your efforts.

This morning I’ve had a change of plans and will be instead presenting you my review for Author Nico J. Genes’Magnetic Reverie.’ I had the pleasure of interviewing Nico here on the blog last week. You can click the link below to read it.

Nico J. Genes Interview

This story takes place in the US and in Slovenia. What I can first say is that I was impressed with the descriptions the author did with her home country. She offers a little history too, I felt like I was visiting a friend there, which was comforting. And the sites were magnificent.

There is a big twist near the beginning of the story that will hook you. After this part, I had to find out more. This story subject matter is of a paranormal nature, so of course, I fell in love with it right away. At the beginning of each chapter, there is an introductory paragraph or quote giving you a clue about the chapter’s content. Very well done.

Magnetic Reverie Cover

It starts off with the protagonist, Lana, preparing to embark on a new journey into an unfamiliar place. Like anyone else who is in her shoes, she ponders what her life is going to be like. From the start of the book, I found myself imagining the feelings she was experiencing in anticipation of what was to come next. Her confusion starts early in the story, which triggered my curiosity. I had to ask myself, is she losing her mind or is there something much greater?

I felt she had some insecurities and sometimes doubted herself. However, she knew certain things about herself very well and had standards. I applaud the author for making her a bit mysterious. Lana manages to live her life as best as she can. She expresses many emotions and I found her to be a likable character.


She’s married to a man, but deep inside craves the intimacy of a woman. She has a secret obsession which she keeps to herself.

Now meet Claire. She’s one of Lana’s lovers who had a rough upbringing. She is a good listener and takes an understanding of the situation Lana is in. She’s a strong fighter when it comes to Lana and cherishes the relationship. She is spontaneous and adventuresome and really knows how to make a good time special.

The sensual scenes are perfectly described and hot! There is enough to go around. The flirting between Lana and Claire got my adrenaline moving. The author took great care in creating these scenes. You’ll see what I mean when you read the book.

IMG_20180409_121048IMG_20180409_121401Get ready for a roller coaster because this story is going to blow you away. The pace is fast and gets you thinking. I had to slow down reading so I didn’t miss anything. The story flows very well and the tone is inviting. The author does an excellent job of handling the complexity of Lana. The plot had me guessing the entire ride. All I can is WOW! I am recommending this book to everyone and it is one that will stay with me for a long time.

You are going to want to read her next book in the series, ‘Reverie Girl.’

Magnetic Reverie Cover
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Magnetic Reverie Excerpt

“We were ready for bed when I realized that my leg was hurting and swollen. It wasn’t just a sprain after all. I didn’t want to worry her, but she noticed it. She took immediate action and went to the landlord for ice and a towel. She used the towel to put the ice in and wrapped it around my ankle. She tied it up with her scarf. I looked at how carefully she took care of my leg. My heart was swelling with love. I spent time looking at her, and her gesture touched my heart and made me feel special.

“I love you,” I said. Despite the low volume, she heard me. She looked at me. Her eyes were sparkling. For a moment, she didn’t say or do anything, mostly because she was shocked. She wasn’t expecting to hear it, but I realized that what I felt for her was true love. This was it! I was in love with the girl from my dreams! She came closer and hugged me and began to kiss me deeply. It seemed that her eyes were in tears. I was sure they were tears of happiness. “I love you too, babe. I have never stopped loving you. You made me so happy now. My dream came true!” she said and continued kissing me. She was so happy.


She stopped for a while with the kisses and continued telling me, “This was my wish when I pulled the rope in the chapel. I wanted to hear you tell me at least once more that you love me. These words from your mouth are music to my ears.”

Hearing this made me feel even better. It was a moment of great joy, happiness and fulfillment, and also of hope. As her wish came true, there were chances that my wish could come true as well. We fell asleep, hugging each other, with smiles on our faces. I never wanted this to end. I was happy, very happy. Although I was tired, Claire fell asleep before I did. Her hands were curled around me, and I felt her breath. It was a relaxing sound. She was so beautiful at night, too, my angel with blue eyes, blond hair and a wonderful heart. And her heart belonged to me.

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I want to thank you for stopping by. Stay tuned as I will be reviewing her second book, ‘Reverie Girl‘ soon.

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