My Review of Kathy L. Salt’s ‘Stargazing’

Good afternoon everyone and welcome. Thank you for visiting last week for my review of Nico J. Genes, ‘Magnetic Reverie.’ If you haven’t checked this book out, I recommend it.

Today I am posting my review for Kathy L. Salt‘s ‘Stargazing.’ I interviewed Kathy back in March, 2018. You can click on the link below for it.

Kathy L. Salt Interview

Stargazing Cover

‘Stargazing‘ is a story between two women, Lissa and Star, who come from two different walks of life. It starts off in the middle of a scene, which took me as a surprise. Keep reading. Let’s meet our main players.

Lissa had a rough upbringing and lost her folks at an early age. Because of this, she dove into things such as work to keep her mind occupied from residual pain. She is low self-esteem. She comes off as nervous and is not very social except with her sister, Dea. She is passive-aggressive. She goes along with the crowd, but secretly deep inside she craves her own life. Her mind pushes her heart away. However, she sees the best in people and doesn’t judge them based on outer appearances.

She’s good at her job but is only doing it for a paycheck. She hides behind her job because she doesn’t think she is worthy to attract a nice woman. She gave up on attracting love long ago and is very inexperienced. Because of her job, she gets abused sometimes by clients. But, she does what she can to keep her emotions in check.

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Star also had a beginning, due to her mother’s destructive lifestyle. This made me sad and I felt for her. Despite this, Star is very social and is loyal to old friends. She is a cute soft butch and has a tender heart. She has a young spirit isn’t shy about expressing herself. She is laid back and comfortable in most situations.

She is a strong woman and has multiple responsibilities. I loved the mother-daughter relationship described at the hospital. Star is family oriented and wants to make sure her loved ones are taken care of. This really touched me that she put herself aside and put her attention on her mom. Well done. I had tears in my eyes when she went to visit her, and it was hard reading the one-sided conversations.

Like Lissa, Star has her own intimacy fears. She often isolates to hide from how she feels. I loved this character and how she was able to help Lissa work through a few things. The two of them transformed during the story and it was beautiful to watch.

In addition to the protagonists, there are a few supporting characters.  

Dierdre is Star’s best friend and immediately I didn’t like her. She is unkind to people she hires. Her boldness turned me off and she is too pessimistic.

Kathy's dogs

Malena is Star’s other friend. She is mysterious yet has a sophisticated vibe. You will be impressed that she is multilingual and has an interest in genealogy. I liked this character and was glad that she had a presence in the story.

Dea is Lissa’s loving sister. I find her to be narrow-minded about certain things.

The flow of the story is really balanced. It is a fun read and I know you’re going to enjoy the characters and the story.

There is plenty of drama from both women that will keep your heart beating fast. Things change in the story that will take you for a ride.

The romance scenes are frequent and extremely intense. They are borderline graphic. Be prepared.

Although no major destinations were mentioned, she did a good job describing places like the beach and a popular hangout.

You are going to want to carve out about four hours so that you can fully absorb the essence of the story. The characters are very well described and fit their roles perfectly. The dynamics vary, and the one that develops between Star and Lissa is priceless. The scenes were written so beautifully that I felt like I was there too. I am recommending this story for all who want to enjoy a fun and steamy romance in sunny California.

Stargazing Cover

I have included an excerpt. Enjoy!

The next Friday, Lissa and Star met outside The Crying Nightingale. Unlike last time, the place was packed. But Star liked it. In the crowd she could pull Lissa to the dance floor and slip into anonymity. No one would bother them or stare at them in a sea of people.

The music beat through their bodies, and they had no choice but to move. Star couldn’t believe everything that she was feeling; she couldn’t remember a woman making her tremble this way since she was a teenager. She put her hands on Lissa’s hips and held their bodies together. She couldn’t bear to be further away from her. She needed Lissa close.

Her heart skipped a beat when Lissa put her arms around Star’s neck and kissed her cheek before they resumed their dance.

“I feel so happy,” Lissa whispered in Star’s ear.

Thank God, Star thought. She wanted Lissa to like her just as much as she did. She saw desire and happiness reflected back at her, in the dim, flashing lights of the club.

The song ended and Star led Lissa to the bar, wanting a drink. “What do you want?”

Stargazing Cover

“Hmm.” Lissa bit her lip again. “I’ve always wanted to try a sex-on-the-beach.”

Star burst out laughing.

“Sure,” she waved at the bartender. “A sex-on-the-beach and a beer, please.”

They stood by the bar while waiting for their drinks. Star grimaced when an elbow from out of nowhere poked her in the back. Lissa smiled and shrugged, put a hand on Star’s forearm and pulled her closer.

“I don’t mind that it’s crowded.” Lissa’s breath hit Star’s ear and made her heart pound and her insides turn to liquid. You need to get a grip, Star, you should have better control than this. She couldn’t remember the last time a woman had had such an effect on her.

They received their drinks and Star laughed at Lissa’s delighted smile when she tried her sex-on-the-beach.

Lissa’s smile disappeared and her eyes went wide.

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Five Stars

See you all next week.

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