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Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Today I am presenting a few teasers for my book, Awakened by Fate. I want to thank everyone who has been part of this. I am grateful for all my readers and for all of the reviews you left. Thank you!

I want to thank Suzie Carr for the podbean interview I did with her recently. Check it out here. Let me know your thoughts.

Lynn Lawler Podcast Interview with Suzie Carr

Trish and Jackie's secret place
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Jun 26, 2018 Nico Genes rated it it was amazing

Shelves: lesfic, paranormal, spirituality, fav, romance, lgbt, emotional-thriller

The main character of this novel is Jackie, a young attractive woman. She is married but has her husband’s approval to pursue her inclination for being with women as long as he remains the only man in her life. After a car accident, Jackie suffers a concussion that causes her something impossible to understand and accept, at first. Her world is turned upside down and only when she tries finding out more about what had happened she is starting to understand. Initially, Jackie’s reaction is normal as everything is strange and hard to accept. In a course of events and with the help of her friends she makes slow steps forward. A new woman starts being part of her life that plays the role of a lover and offers her a tremendous support. Looking at the name of the book it was normal to expect an awakening.

Even though this book has a paranormal element I loved that the author created real-life characters and happenings. Jackie was a heavy drinker and she didn’t acknowledge her problem, despite her husband’s comments and certain events. Her husband was not perfect either, he had his alcohol and gambling issues and didn’t seem to be the best partner. Jackie hasn’t been in the past very close to her family but during her transformation, she managed to solve this issue. With her sister’s big help she started her alcohol-free period. I didn’t have to resonate fully with the main character to let myself withdrawn in the story and I loved it. I followed carefully her journey and I found myself inspired by the way she was developing her spiritual side. The more she evolved in that area the more she was making the other parts of her life right.

I enjoyed everything related to spirituality, Reiki, meditation, grounding exercises that inspired me to dig further in this area. I liked the ending too, which answered some questions and left me feeling eager to know what is going to be next. I loved the Lawler’s writing style. I felt it sincere and very comforting and I am looking forward to reading other works by this author.

Type of reader: Although this novel falls under lesbian paranormal fiction I recommend it to a wider audience with love for a strong female lead facing personal transformation.

My favorite quotes from this book:

“As she lay there, she thought about her day. It had been a very spiritual experience. There were times that she’d felt at one with the trees, and she understood their language.”

“Let go and open up and allow the good things to manifest.”

“If you want change, then you need to be that change.”

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Awakened by Fate Excerpt:


When the car came to a stop, Jackie was jolted back to reality. The valet opened the door just as a stunning brunette walked by. Her red-sequined, strapless dress barely covered her cleavage. She wore a delicate necklace decorated with the name ‘Holly’ in gold lettering.

Holly, Hmmm.

She turned her head towards Jackie and gave her a once-over. Jackie, not knowing how to react, looked towards the ground.

Kyle took her hand and they made their way to the party, already underway.

Greg was greeting guests at the front door. Upon seeing Kyle and Jackie, he said, “Welcome, I’m glad you’re here. Make yourselves at home. The bar is out back.”

“Thank you,” Jackie answered.

Kyle and Greg stayed at the entrance chatting.

What do they have to talk about at a party? It must be work or golf…guy talk. How rude.

She set off alone to the back of the house. She could not help but notice how elegantly Greg’s family lived. Their home was beautiful. Passing through French doors, she went outside where Chinese lanterns illuminated the large patio. Near the pool, a buffet table with hors d’oeuvres was decoratively arranged. To the left, was what she had come outside for: the bar.

Staring at the bartender, she said under her breath, “Hmm. A cute butch serving alcohol. Perfect!”

Mystical Jackie

Jackie walked up to the bartender and asked flirtatiously, “So, what would you recommend for a gal who doesn’t know anyone here?”

“I’ll bet you’d love a Long Island Iced Tea.” In a lower voice, she added, “They are my specialty.”

“I’d love that.”

“My name’s Trish. And if you need someone to talk to, you can always find me here. That’s what bartenders are for.” She began to make Jackie’s drink.

Jackie could not help but notice the fox medallion hanging around Trish’s neck.

How interesting, as Jackie had always been drawn to foxes.

Thanking her for her drink, she turned and walked over to the buffet and got herself a small plate of crudités. She headed towards an empty chair near the edge of the pool. She picked at her food and guzzled her drink as she watched the other guests mingle. Already she was wishing the night was over. Clouds were moving in with the dark skies.

Please rain so I can go home.

The buzz from her first drink was kicking in. She got up to get another.

She thought she heard her name being called in the distance. Turning her head, she gasped. About twenty feet in front of her was Holly, her temptress.

Did I just hear that? Wishful thinking or did she ask about me? How else could she know my name?

Cover PhotoEarly in the morning on Kauai


She approached Jackie, and with a seductive look, she winked and whispered, “Well, aren’t you radiant?” Jackie felt a pat on her derriere as her heart raced with excitement.


Holly strolled away, her hips wiggling, as if in a game of cat and mouse.

Wanna play? I’m in!

Suddenly, Jackie felt herself flush and become light-headed. Grasping the nearest chair, she collapsed in it as she saw stars. The excitement and the alcohol on an empty stomach hit her hard.

When the wave passed, she looked around, but saw no sign of Holly. Disappointed, she sat quietly for several minutes, deciding what to do next.

A wicked smile emerged across her face as she realized the possibility of a rendezvous with Holly in the pool house she noticed on her right. First line of business, however, was to get a refill.

The bar was crowded. She stood wishing the line would hurry up. She was on a mission to find her temptress.

Soon after Jackie heard a whisper in her ear.

“Meet me.”

The sound of Holly’s voice caused Jackie to salivate.

I’m winning this game tonight.


Thank you for stopping by today. This means a lot, not just for me, but for everyone else who has helped me along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you. Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be featuring a book review.

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