Awakened by Fate

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you for visiting last week for my review of Nico J. Genes‘ ‘Reverie Girl.’ If you haven’t had a chance to read this amazing tale, I’m encouraging you to get your copy. You will not be disappointed.

I want to thank you all for your continued support for my book, ‘Awakened by Fate.’ Recently I was interviewed by SW Andersen. You can check it out by clicking on the link below:

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A lot goes into the making of a good book. In my case, it took several years. I am currently working on a few other manuscripts. Writing the story is the easy part. The hard part is editing and moving things around. I like to have the story in good shape before I send it off to the beta readers. Then they have their own notes I follow. You have to make sure everything ties together and there are no plot holes. It is easy to put in a minor character and then forget about them. That’s why it is so important to have an outline or two handy, to keep me on track.

Jackie is an interesting character in that she is so self-absorbed she doesn’t see what is going on around her. She thinks she’s doing a good job at work, at least until a rush comes in, then she doesn’t fare so well. She is walking along a path that leads to nowhere.

In the book, I go into greater details about her relationships with others. There is one woman that Jackie can’t upset. Out of jealousy and worried about losing her job, Jackie sets out to sabotage her new co-worker sent there to help her get back to speed.

Mystical Jackie

She thinks she has her life in order, but can’t see the flaws in it at least she ignores the signs. A big disappointment happens and she still doesn’t see the truth.

It is interesting regarding Jackie’s choice of lovers, including one whom she got caught with. I chose for her to have a platonic relationship with her husband for this part of the story. He is gone a lot, but one has to wonder whether or not he is choosing to go on these assignments since their relationship draws out the worst in both of them.

Along the way, Jackie meets up with others who are able to be supportive of her as she goes through her change. Even still, she has her own ideas.

At the beginning of the story, Jackie has an estranged relationship with her family and has issues regarding them. Here she has a golden opportunity to clear up the mangled strands. But it isn’t easy as you will see in the book and some things go unsaid that should be spoken.

You are going to have to read the book to find out more.

Cover PhotoI am including another excerpt:


Once at home with her night’s supply of booze, she got herself settled. Her phone beeped. It was Robyn again. She picked it up and texted back, “Thank you. I had fun with you last night too. I’m turning in early tonight.”  Then she tossed the device on the sofa.

“I so need to chill tonight. Why won’t this wine work faster?” she said aloud.

Then she remembered something. In the book she was reading, the author spoke of meditation.

That’s it!

She drained her glass and set it on the coffee table. Closing her eyes, she began to do the breathing exercise that Madeline had showed her. She repeated the exercise until she was in a deep relaxed state.

Picture 3Immediately the white dot materialized, and she focused on it as it danced. Then colors appeared. Before she knew it, she was watching a whole kaleidoscope in front of her. A glowing white screen, similar to that in a movie theatre, materialized. The bright light reached out to her and she felt a warm sensation all over. Faint movement appeared on the screen. She further concentrated.

A man she didn’t know was sitting at a bar looking like he was waiting for someone. The atmosphere was rustic. A few large-screen TVs showed baseball games.

The man was soon joined by another man – Kyle. He patted him on the back and sat down on the stool next to him. He got the server’s attention and ordered himself a drink.

He and the man started a conversation, but their voices were muffled, and she could not make it out. A few minutes later, the server returned with Kyle’s drink: a nice foamy beer. Her eyes widened.

This is just a figment of my imagination.

Kyle and his friend continued to talk while Jackie looked around the bar. On one of the walls was a pennant that said “Chicago Cubs.”

Kyle ordered another beer and turned to his friend and mouthed the word “baseball.” Both men turned to a TV that was showing that day’s baseball scores. The Dodgers were ahead in the sixth inning and the Cubs had lost.

Then the bartender came over to both men and shook their hands. He smiled as both men handed him cash.


Gasping, Jackie broke her meditation. Pausing a moment, she jumped off the couch and darted into office, her heart racing the entire time.

She sat down at her computer, her chest still pounding. Frantically, she typed in the Major League Baseball website.

Her eyes widened as she stared at the screen. Not only had the Cubs lost, the score was the same that she had seen on the screen in her meditation! The Dodgers’ score, too, was the same.

Confused, she put her hands on her head and tried to calm down. Not only was Kyle putting his probation into jeopardy, he was also gambling, something he’d told Jackie previously that he was going to cut out.

If this was true, then Jackie had leverage to use against him should he dig into her about her Sunday outings.

Two can play at this game.


Since I had some experiences myself I do believe in « paranormal » so I like it when I can find a good book with a paranormal background.

With « Awakened by Fate » I was surprised (in the good sense of the term) since the blurb doesn’t give us a lot about this side. Unlike some people who just rewrite the plot or give spoilers in their “reviews”, I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t give any details but let me say I liked a lot how Jackie struggles to process and learn to use her spiritual side and new abilities in the same time she fights her old bad habits (which is never easy so we must be patient … and let her do that at her own pace).
Not on the married and « bad habits » side but in a lot of others, I recognized a lot of things I went through in Jackie’s new life (including the meeting with the good people at the good moment) so I found this novel very interesting.

This unusual book could be helpful for people who are courageous enough to follow a path which usually frightens them … So people, keep an open mind and give this novel a try!!

Thank you for visiting today. It was a pleasure to see you all. Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be featuring a #Flashback Friday of an interview with a lesfic author whose books are the talk of the town.

Until Next Time,


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