Summer 2018 with Lynn

Good afternoon Everyone and welcome. It is great to see you today. Thank you for stopping by last week to read my review of Nico J. Genes’Lessons in Life.’ Today I’m sharing a few things happening in my life over the past few months.
Picture 3As many of you know, this year I published my book, ‘Awakened By Fate,’ a story about a troubled woman who is forced to walk in another direction after a tragedy one night. Now she is confronted with her fears as she adapts to her new way of life. Things that she used to throw off her shoulders were now in her face. Along the way, she meets new friends. Is romance on the horizon? We shall see.

Summer for all my life has been my favorite season of the year. Not so after this year. In July, we had over 100 degree days with one being 117. Thankfully, we got out of town that weekend and went up to enjoy the coolness of Cambria, which is located on the coast along Central CA. It was really beautiful and we got to see baby elephant seals playing in the ocean. We were in heaven.

We went to another show this year – Tribal Seeds, which for those who aren’t familiar is a Reggae band. We took a road trip out to Riverside, CA to see them. The venue was better than I had expected. What was nice was we were able to sit in our seats up on the balcony and see the show from above. I felt there was too much light action and distracted me from the show. However, the music was really nice and I got into the groove right away.
IMG_1155It wouldn’t be summer without a trip to Dodger Stadium. We went to see the Dodgers play the Arizona Diamondbacks. We had great seats and, as usual, had a blast. Unfortunately, they lost that night. There will be next time.

I have been actively at work on two manuscripts. One of them has a mystery element to it as well as a paranormal theme. There is also romance. I really love my protagonist and like what she does in the book. She is kindhearted and gives back.

My other work in progress is fantasy and paranormal. I’m not giving away the location of the story so you are going to have to wait until it debuts. It is told from two points of view. Both of my protagonists are fabulous, each having a different personality. I also have supporting characters who enhance the story. There is plenty of romance. All in all, it has been a fun journey with this one.
IMG_1101My life wouldn’t be complete without me reading a few great books by some great authors. I recently read Nico J. Genes‘, ‘Reverie Series‘ and Jenny Frame‘s, ‘Unexpected.’ Both my reviews are in the archives of this blog. I encourage you to check them out. Nico also invited me to write the forward to her latest book, ‘Lessons in Life.’ This was a huge honor and I thank Nico a thousand times.

Recently I had an interview with Bryan Aiello on what inspired me to become a writer as well as other things about me. It was a fun interview and I thank Bryan for taking the time to talk with me. You can listen to the interview here:

Lynn Lawler’s interview with Bryan Aiello

Thank you for joining us today. It was a pleasure seeing you. Next week I’ll be sharing something new.

Until Next Time,


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