My Review of Breanna’ Hughes’ ‘Stunted’

Good afternoon, Friends. Thank you for stopping by last week to read my promo for my book, ‘Awakened by Fate.’ Today I have another treat for you. Author Breanna Hughes has a new book out, ‘Stunted,’ that is doing very well and has been enjoyed by many. I want to share this with you as I too enjoyed it. Let’s meet our main players, Jessie and Elliot.

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Breanna Hughes

Jessie is a stunt person for films. She is a tough woman who isn’t afraid of anything, except intimacy. She doesn’t date because she doesn’t want to mess up her career. She is a dedicated woman and does what she can in all situations. She likes to take care of others and take charge when she can.

Elliot is an actor and is kind of shy. She’s grateful for her life and has a gentle tone. The writer makes you understand how Elliot is feeling. It will touch you and show you her naturally sweet side.

One part of the story shocks everyone. What happens next is beyond anything I can imagine. The pressure they endured was enormous and I applaud them for their bravery. I’m not sure how I would have handled the situation had I been in their shoes. This part of the story really created a lot of good drama, making the read even more exciting.

What got me excited about this story is the author takes the reader onto a movie set. I got to see the hard work the actors put into their craft as well as being under the spotlight all day long. The reader also gets to go on a motorcycle ride for a few scenes. This I enjoyed! The descriptions are perfectly laid out.

There is plenty of hot and tender sex in the book.

This book is a fast read and can be completed in a few hours. I would recommend reading it in one sitting. You are going to fall in love with Elliot and Jesse. This book met my expectations and I’m recommending it to everyone.

Five Stars.

Stunted Cover

Here is an excerpt to get you started.

Jessie nodded as Hayley headed off to makeup. She took this moment to look around the set and noticed a dilapidated bridge they built specifically for the film. She smiled upon realizing this was the bridge she’d jump off of at some point today. First, they were filming combat scenes which was the easiest thing for Jessie; she could do it all. Her fight skills were second to none. After three years in the business, she was also quite good with knives, swords, gymnastics, and parkour. She had excellent stunt driving skills, knew how to handle a prop gun, and was particularly good at falling and landing. She had yet to find a height or apparatus she couldn’t wait to jump from. At 26-years-old, she was one of the most sought-after stunt women around.

After familiarizing herself with the set, she grabbed some water from one of the coolers and took a swig from the bottle as she watched what was going on in front of the camera. She swallowed hard when she noticed a beautiful blonde girl talking to the director. Her mouth hung open as she watched the girl going over some blocking. The blonde’s brow furrowed as she concentrated on repeating the movements the director showed her. She laughed. The sound traveled all the way to Jessie’s ears, filling her with something vaguely familiar, but she was too entranced to figure out what the feeling was.

Suddenly realizing how thirsty she was, she took another swig of water and watched as the blonde left the director to walk over to the designated makeup area. She cast a glance in Jessie’s direction. The blonde quirked an eyebrow and gave her a smile, as if catching Jessie staring at her. Jessie snapped out of it immediately and looked away. She’d never been caught off guard quite like that before and didn’t intend for it to happen again.

“Is that the legendary Jessie Knight?”

Jessie turned around and saw a familiar face walking up to her. The girl was dressed in dark jeans and a skin-tight red top.

“Kat! It’s good to see you again.” She pulled her into a hug.

“You too! I haven’t seen you since that race car project. What was that, like a year and a half ago?

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Wow, you look good. Who are you doubling for?”

“Hayley Carhart.” She looked around for Hayley, but didn’t see her.

“Oh yeah? How’s that going?”

“It’s good. She’s actually pretty cool.” Jessie tugged lightly at Kat’s hair. “Nice hair. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this blonde.”

“Hey, I’m a natural blonde. I just had to go a few shades lighter. Got to look the part when I’m doubling for Elliot Chase. You’ve heard of her, right?”

Jessie shrugged. “Can’t say I have.”

Stunted Cover

Kat looked at her incredulously. “Why am I not surprised? I swear for someone who works so consistently in this industry, you really have no knowledge of it.”

“Hey, I have the knowledge I need. I know how to do my job.”

“Try reading a gossip magazine or watching Access Hollywood for once.”

“I get to know the people I double for really well. That’s enough for me. Hayley and I are at a place where we can actually joke with each other,” Jessie protested.

“Well, that’s better than the actress you doubled for on the race movie. You wouldn’t even talk to her unless it was work related. The poor girl was terrified of you.”

“I didn’t like the way she treated the crew. She was rude and demanding and disrespectful.”

Even though she worked with famous people on a daily basis, Jessie often made it clear she had no desire for fame herself. She wasn’t into the whole celebrity thing. She liked her life the way it was. Why bother adding the inconvenience of fame to it?

“Fair enough,” Kat relented.


Doesn’t this sound like a book you’d want to read? I loved it and know you will too. Please leave Breanna a nice review. Reviews show the author the reader cares. Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be presenting an interview.

Until Next Time,


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