My Review of Domina Alexandra’s ‘I Belong With Her’

Hello everyone and good afternoon. Thank you for stopping by last week. Today I’m featuring my review for author Domina Alexandra’s ‘I Belong with Her’. This is the author’s third book and is one you are going to want to read. Let’s meet our players, Arianna and Tejel.
Author Photo 3Arianna is a paramedic and new to Oregon. Being a transplant from LA, she is starting her new job. She is tough and knows how to stand up for herself. She is quick-study as well as fast and alert. She is finds herself in arguments over many things.

Tajel is another paramedic who is teamed up with Arianna by the station. She was partial raised by her aunt and uncle. She has a fine eye and appreciates little things.

She loves being a woman but doesn’t date. She doesn’t want to it to interfere with her rising career. At work, she isn’t afraid to show her colors, especially to those who undermine her. A family member is her boss at work, so you get to see two sides to her in this relationship.

It was interesting watching the two women bicker for control. Both are strong willed and want to have the final say. The tug of war reactions added drama to the story.

There is romance in the story. There is flirting that really spiced things up. You will love what they say to each other and the scenes are pretty graphic.

Some course language is peppered throughout the story but not enough to distract from it. Good descriptions of the work place. I got the feel of being there. The author took us on a call to save a man’s life. I got to watch as the two women worked on him. I got to see how hard the women work as well as how grueling a 24-hour shift can be. There is good drama that had me on the edge of my seat. Very well done. I know you are going to love this story as much as I did.
Book CoverHere is an excerpt:


Once I was done, I changed into a clean uniform and found Tajel waiting for me in our room. I paused in the doorway, waiting for Tajel to say whatever was on her mind. I could tell she was bothered.

Tajel was entirely rigid. Her eyes were focused on me. “I’m not weak.”

Did what I said earlier really upset her that much?

I took a step closer to her so that she could see my sincerity, if nothing else. I was bad at choosing the right words. I never meant to offend Tajel and I was desperate for her to know that.

“I know that you’re not. That’s why it’s all right for you to be honest with your feelings. I don’t think you are weak.” With another step, I nearly closed the gap between us. “I know what real weakness is, because I have been utterly weak for so long.”

Tajel shook her head. “You’re not weak.”

I maintained my seriousness. “Yes I am. Don’t lie for me.”

“You’re not weak at least, not right now.”

The kindness in her words soothed me more than she probably intended. The fact that she was being nice to me at all, especially after my third time slaughtering any chance at getting along with her, surprised me. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body. Not really. Whether Tajel tried to or not, she wasn’t capable of holding a grudge.

“Thank you.” Before she could ask why I thanked her, I explained, “You put your life at risk and kept me from harm.”

“I probably should have done that for the patient instead.”

I pursed my lips, considering her observation, then smiled. “But you didn’t.”

Absentmindedly, I reached out to her, taking her hand into mine and squeezing it.

“And thank you for earlier. I heard what Manny said to you. After my behavior at the diner…”
Tajel accepted my apology for the third time, and I was beginning to think she enjoyed our arguments simply because she liked to see me squirm when I would finally apologize. Time slipped away from us. It was probably only a few seconds, but I realized I couldn’t handle the tension in our linked fingers. When I managed to pull away, I noticed her knuckles were bruised.

I took an ice pack from my medic kit that I kept in the bathroom and popped it to activate the ice. I wrapped the pack in a small towel and placed it over her hand.

“You should be more careful. We need these hands.”

Our eyes locked, and my heart raced as everything around us faded. A knock on our door made me leap away from Tajel and she gave me an amused grin. Yes, I’m pathetic.


Five Stars.

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Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be sharing my review for Anne Hagen‘s ‘Loving Blue in Red States – Sweetwater Texas.’ She has an announcement to make.

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