My Review of Suzie Carr’s ‘The Curvy Side of Life’

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you for stopping by last week. It was a huge turnout and I appreciate your support. This week I’m featuring my review for Suzie Carr’s ‘The Curvy Side of Life.’ Let’s meet our main players, Faith, Danielle, Martina, and Candace.
The Curvy Side of Life Cover“I think everything happens the way it’s supposed to and if we look close enough, we’ll find the beauty even in the darkest places.”

Suzie Carr, The Curvy Side of Life

Faith is the main player. She is a little insecure in the beginning due to her current living situation. She has a daughter, Bristol whom she adores. Bristol is shy and will only talk to two people who are close to her. The mother-daughter relationship is amazing, and you will love both as you read along.

Faith has had her own set of bad luck and is ready for something new. She is a bit shy and is very rational. She doesn’t sit around feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she gets busy like helping a neighbor. That was a nice touch to the story. She is cautious at trying new things, but once she dives in, she’s on fire and takes it to the races.

Danielle is Faith’s sister and is lonely after her husband passed years ago. She is a bit forward, yet loves her younger sister, Faith. Danielle wants the best for them and makes an offer to her that she can’t resist. Her persuasiveness does a number on her and you will see what I mean in the book. She is an entrepreneur and owns her own business, which part of the story is focused around.

Martina is Danielle’s sister-in-law and has an overbearing personality. She speaks her mind. Inside she is fearful and uses her bolstering personality to cover it up. This created a lot of drama for the story.

The things I admired about her were her optimism and confidence. She never doubts herself and attempts new things without a hitch. She has the aunt vibe with Danielle’s daughter, which is priceless.

Candace, aka the Yoga Goddess, is just that and I loved her vibe. She is a private person but boasts confidence in her manner. Her kindness is contagious, and she will go out of her way to help another. She has a way with sensitive people to make them feel comforted around her. You can’t help but be attracted to her.

The author deals with an issue that got my attention regarding Faith’s daughter, Bristol. I was glad she touched on this because this affects many people, including children. It was a heartening experience watching and I applaud the players who were involved. I love how the author does research for her stories. For one book she visited a bee apiary and this time it was learning about Salsa dancing as well as the Latin culture. Well done and this is something you will appreciate.

What I like about this story is the gentle and soft tone it has. I got a feeling of serenity as I read. It was like I was part of a sisterhood with the four women and one other woman. Each offered their own wisdom to the story. I felt like I was sitting on the patio with them with the lake in the background and the sun shining on my face. There are a few choice words, but they didn’t distract me from the story. Some of the scenes gave me the tingles.

This book is an easy read and can be read in a few hours. It is touching so you may want to have your tissue box handy. I am recommending it to everyone who wants a heartfelt story.
The Curvy Side of Life CoverHere is an excerpt:

That night, Faith dreamed of a forest. She walked through foggy air, passing by thick trees with double and triple trunks. Their branches swayed. The tree roots sat on top of the soil, creating giant mounds in the middle of the path.

Faith could no longer see what lay before her. Confused, she spun to find a new way, only everyway she turned, the tree roots blocked her. Then, one of the branches plucked her up, lifting her out of the forest and into the canopy. From there, she surveyed the vast lushness of the rolling green hills circling the deep, tangled woods. One giant nest of leaves, branches and knotty roots lay below her – an impassable stretch of land that imprisoned its captives. Free from its grip, she hung in the sky and examined the choices that extended beyond the impossible.

Then, the branch snapped and sent her tumbling back toward the nest. Within inches of hitting it, she awoke.

Despite the dream, when Faith opened her eyes the next morning, the sun took on a brighter shade. It lit up the room in a spectacular tone, highlighting the wicker chair near the window. Faith pictured herself sitting in the chair each morning, sipping delicious coffee as she read a book that took her down a trail of happiness. Under the rays of sunshine, peace would swaddle her. Worries of the mess back in Boston wouldn’t unnerve her. The crispness of her mood protected her from the hollowness of the future that only yesterday she had dreaded.

Overnight, the world lightened with a sunny lacquer. Her lungs filled with air that tasted fresh. Reenergized, she stretched and looked out the window at the side yard. From there, she could see the top of Candace’s roof. It peaked and sloped toward the green grass her body touched and sank into when practicing yoga.

Five Stars

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Thank you for stopping by today and great thanks to Suzie for creating this really amazing story. Be sure to pick up your copy today. I’m always looking for discussion. Next week I’ll be presenting another book review.

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