New Year Blessings

Good afternoon everyone and welcome. I hope you had as merry as a holiday season as I did. Today I want to share with you some things I’m visualizing for this year, 2019. I am not doing resolutions since I never stick to them. Instead, I’m focusing on goals. A big goal for me this year is to achieve inner peace and manifest abundance. These are things I work on each day. I am focusing on what is going right instead of what isn’t. I have a new outlook and I’m prepared for big positive things.
Christmas-2018.jpgI’m putting the last touches on my new story that will be published sometime this spring. I’m very excited and have spent years working on this. I will say that outlines really do the trick and helped me out immensely. It tells the story of a woman haunted by a past love while new love awaits her. She is in the midst of a long-unsolved mystery that will affect many people in her town.

I am also working on a new story this year I’ve already started. It is a lesfic and will have the protagonist go through something and come out stronger. There will be plenty of drama and romance for those who enjoy that.

This Christmas a wish came true; I had Christmas with my family in Michigan. I haven’t seen them in two years. I am grateful I got to see my mom this past September. It was fun to see my aunt and cousins. On Christmas day, I made a nice vegan meal for my wife and mom, including a pumpkin pie, a Shephard’s pie and perogies.
IMG_1409Also during our visit, we got to go to a place that was a big part of my growing up – Big Boy. It brought back memories of when my folks took us there as a kid and of me working there when I was in high school.

A big thing for me was getting through airport security. Usually, I’m a nervous wreck. This year it was different. The energy was different. I was able to see each employee as a child of God who has a family. As a result, I got friendlier service. I am grateful for that.

I am finding gratitude for most things today. I’m no longer viewing the glass as being half empty. I was grateful to be able to step in the snow and feel the crisp air on my face.

I’m experimenting with new recipes this year. Recently, I tackled a sauce that one of our favorite veggie restaurants serves. It is tofu based and is easy to prepare. I like to serve it over veggies and brown rice. It has been a hit in my household. This winter, I am going to make a veggie version of Irish Stew, complete with a bottle of O’Douls, which is a non-alcoholic beer. The traditional recipe uses beer like Guinness, but I wanted a lighter flavor and this N/A beer will provide it. I’m planning to serve this with rice.
IMG_0540This year, I plan to do more book reviews. I’m also starting back with my interviews, so if anyone wants to be a guest on my blog, contact me. I am looking for people to share their own gratitude for life. I want to thank everyone who I interviewed and did reviews for in 2018. I read a lot of really great books and had some great interviews. Stay tuned for authors like Victoria Avilan and Rachel Maldonado, whose books I’m reviewing soon. Also stay tuned for my upcoming guest blogs from Suzie Carr and Domina Alexandra.

I also want to thank everyone who helped make my book ‘Awakened by Fate‘ possible, This includes my publishing team, beta readers, and those who helped market it. I couldn’t have done it without you.

I really want to see people living in harmony with one another. I know of a lot of people who are working hard to make this a reality. I send out positive energy to everyone I meet. I’m doing my part to make a better place.

I want to hear from you. What are you looking for in this new year?

Until Next Time,


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