My Review for Rachel Maldonado’s ‘Shelvis’

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Today I’m featuring my review for Rachel Maldonado’s new book, ‘Shelvis‘. This is an interesting read and the romance is enticing. Let’s go meet the characters.

Shelvis aka Tammy Jones is an Elvis impersonator who works in a casino.  She loves to flirt especially with those in authority. She is used to being the star when performing. She speaks courageously most of the time, but is insecure on occasion. Tammy appears apprehensive when the very thing she loves is threatened.

Her love life has been on a halt since the passing of her mother years ago. Tammy is so into her career that she doesn’t have time. However, things change when she meets Sheila.

Sheila is a motorcycle sheriff who loves her job. She is protective and doesn’t share much about herself. She tries to act tough, but underneath, she is a sweetie. It is obvious she is looking for love, but doesn’t know when to expect it.

A secondary character needs to be mentioned, Estelle. She is Sheila’s mother. I could see a wonderful mother-daughter bond here between she and Sheila. Tammy takes a liking to her because Estelle reminds her of her own mother; she is calmed  by Estelle’s gentle spirit.  Estelle has a keen ear when it comes to the important things and is very loving and caring to both women.

I found a date Sheila takes Tammy on to be romantic, especially with the location. The story takes place at Christmastime, which is a favorite time for me and gave me a cozy feeling.

This story keeps the reader engaged. A mystery develops. You won’t believe what happens. Be on the lookout for some high drama and a sneaky character who’s causing it all.

This book is fun and took me about 5 hours to read. I would recommend reading it in one sitting. The pace is moderate, but you need to be paying attention to the plot. A few small things seemed confusing, but not enough to deter me from the story. The descriptions are well done, and I was able to visualize while reading the book. I am recommending it.
shelvis coverHere is an excerpt to get you started.


“I didn’t mean to upset you,” said Lincoln. She began to undress right in front of Shelvis to reveal that she wasn’t wearing underwear or a bra. I didn’t have any clean underwear since my RV was towed, so I was just going to wear the clothes you gave me without any skivvies. I hope that’s okay. I’ll wash the clothes for you before I give them back.”

“I think you can keep those,” said Shelvis matter of factly. “It’s just an old polo and jeans. I have plenty of those.” Now I’m going to have to dry clean that jumpsuit that Lincoln tried on, she thought to herself.

“That’s nice of you. Thanks.” She finished changing and then sat on the chaise pulling her legs up underneath her cross-legged style. She then took out her guitar from her case and began to strum it, playing the introduction music to Jailhouse Rock. She also began to sing along. To Shelvis’s surprise, she sounded really good.

“You have a great sound quality and tone to your voice. You’d probably make a great Elvis. Maybe a street performer or an Elvis at one of the other casinos would be an awesome permanent gig for you.” Shelvis made it a point to try to steer Lincoln toward other job opportunities.

“You think so?” asked Lincoln excitedly. “I’ve never thought about settling down in any one particular place though. Like I said, I’m more of a drifter. I like to go where my heart and my music take me.”

“Well, right now it’s brought you to me, and I think you have potential.”

“If I can learn more of the songs, do you think I can try to perform here a night or two out of the week? It would really help out with getting some cash to get my RV out of the impound. Plus, I’m going to need a place to stay.”

Shelvis sighed. “I don’t normally trust strangers, and this is really against my better judgment, I’m sure. But I guess you can stay here in my dressing room until you can get your RV out of the impound.”

Lincoln was overjoyed. “No joke? Really? You really mean it?” She hopped up from where she was seated and put her hand in Tammy’s, shaking it. “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“Yes, but try not to make a mess, stay out of Stan’s way, and as soon as you can earn enough to get the RV out, you will have to relocate. Deal?”

“Sure, sure. Sure thing. Deal. This is great. I can’t believe it. And you’ll help me with the songs, and I can learn the music. I play by ear. I don’t even need sheet music.” Lincoln was talking a mile a minute with excitement. She could hardly contain herself.

“How do you feel about a trial run tonight? I can have Stan play the music and my voice and all you have to do is mouth the words until you learn them yourself. You up for your first gig?”

Lincoln was thrilled. “Sure thing. I’ll look over the lyrics to all your songs all day today.”

Shelvis bit her lower lip in concern as she thought about the decision she had just made. She hoped it wouldn’t turn out to be a bad one. But a few days off couldn’t hurt, could it?


shelvis cover

Purchase ‘Shelvis

Five Stars

Thank you for stopping by today. Shevis is available and is doing very well on Amazon. I would like to open a discussion for the book so feel free to start up a conversation in the comments. Be sure to stop by next week when I’ll be featuring an interview.

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