Winter Passions

Good afternoon and welcome everyone. It is hard to believe that springtime will be approaching us in less than one month. Not soon enough for me. I have never been a winter person, which is why I made the big move from the midwest to the southwest to Socal. Today I want to focus on some good things in my life that mean a lot to me.

Today is a special day. It is the first day of Exhibition, aka spring training, for my beloved team – The Dodgers. Although these games don’t really count, they are fun and exciting and you get to see new prospects play.

My dream has been to go to Arizona and see a live game at Camelback Ranch which is where the Dodgers play for Spring Training. I’ve never been there. This year we’re going to be watching the games on TV instead of making the trip to AZ to see them live.

When I was visiting Florida a group of us took a road trip to Lakeland to see the Tigers play a spring training game. Although they lost, the game was really exciting.

The Official baseball season will begin at the end of March. We are planning to hit a few live games at Dodger Stadium. I would love to see them play the Giants. That is always an exciting time.

Last year we saw a few games at Dodger Stadium and it was great being there with the other fans including our biggest fan group – Pantone 294. This represents the color of blue that the Dodgers use. They are a group of people who show up at the games and display an extra large Dodger flag during the game. I really love their spirit and the energy is great.

I’m not disappointed that they didn’t win the World Series last year. I know they did the best they could and I’m proud of them for getting the National League Pennant two years in a row. Well done. I’m looking forward to an exciting pre-season. I hope they win today.

In other news, I’m working hard on my two WIPs. Both are being beta-read. I’m so excited to finally have these two stories come alive. Then I’ll receive a lot of good feedback. I will let you know when I’m #amediting. My second story is being published this year and I’m planning to get my third sent off by year-end.

Also, I have been writing an outline for a future story that I’m planning to publish next year. It is a story of a woman who is stuck emotionally over a past relationship. A mystery unravels and the course of her life changes. A new flame enters the picture. Can she forgive her past and move on? I will be sharing tidbits of that story more as it evolves.

I’m going to make this winter season the best it can be and am focusing on the good and what good I can do in life. I live my life worry-free and stay in the moment. I am blessed with a beautiful life where can enjoy beautiful sights and nice weather. And then, of course, we have our awesome baseball team. Win or lose, they are winners. An important thing to remember is a positive attitude makes all the difference and it shows in what they do on and off the field. The same can be said for each of us.

Thank you for stopping by today. Be sure to visit next week when I’ll be presenting my guest blog with best selling author Suzie Carr, who will be discussing her new book, ‘The Pet Boutique.’

Until Next Time,


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