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Good Afternoon friends and welcome. Today I’m turning the reins over to Triplicity Publishing author Domina Alexandra whose book, ‘A Night Claimed‘, just debuted. Having beta read this story I can tell you it is one you’re going to want to put on your reading list. It offers a bit of paranormal, which I like.

A Night Claimed Cover

Let’s go meet Domina. She is starting out with an excerpt from her book, ‘A Night Claimed.’ Her protagonist, Bonnie, is strong, but a feisty woman.


Her eyes were gold when they met mine. She was gnashing at her inner bottom lip. She took a deep breath. “How do you feel?”

“I’m fine, mother.” I made no attempt to hide my sarcasm.

“You think what happened is a joke? Do you know what could have happened?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Challenging an unknown werewolf is dangerous even on the best of days but challenging one when you are a newborn wolf is just plain moronic.” She stood abruptly, and in the blink of an eye she sped from her chair to the fireplace that was four feet away. “You risked your life. Rosemary’s life!”

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” I scowled in defiance. “I never threatened—”

“Mockery. Rude remarks. Sarcasm. You were basically telling that werewolf that you didn’t take him seriously. That he is unimportant. That you are not concerned about what he can do to you.”

“I wasn’t.” I pressed my hand against the pain in my ribcage. “He butted into my conversation. He had no right—”

A Night Claimed Cover

“Perhaps not.” Rikki’s eyes narrowed again as she interrupted me once more. She returned to her chair in front of me. “You can’t continue to speak to others as you do to humans. You are no longer a human. And to a werewolf…if you use sarcasm or any form that can be a means to challenge them, they have a right to prove they are the stronger werewolf. Living as dominant wolves, that means something. For you…an Omega…your life is doubly at risk. You are not capable of submitting unless you truly choose. And to werewolves that is another slap in their faces.”

I shook my head…

… “Perhaps I should have died when I was attacked.”

I knew it was anger and grief speaking. Why was I feeling so overwhelmed with emotions?

“I can’t. I will not be belittled. Degraded. For anyone. Never. It is not in my nature to bow.” I wiped my tears as they fell. The frustration of this conversation broke my emotional barrier into tiny fragments.

“I am not asking you to submit to any man or woman who offends you.” Her look told me she had a but coming. “Yet, you are in a new world. You will die within the first year if you don’t understand…there is a new language you must learn. And in that, you will learn how to defend yourself from those who challenge, question, or offend you without starting a fight. You cannot avoid this.”

“I just don’t see how this is my fault. I didn’t want to fight—”

“I know you didn’t. But now…in this new world you live in, what you say, more importantly, how you speak matters. Rosemary is a submissive wolf. She was so terrified by what happened that it took me an hour to get her out from underneath the table.”

My eyes widened when I realized how stupid I had been acting. This was no longer about me anymore. I was in a whole new world whether I accepted it or not. The last thing I wanted was to die over dumb words. Dumb choices. And Rosemary. My ignorance put her in danger.


Author Photo 3

As a writer, I am asked, why this story? What is my characters purpose? It’s simple and complex all at once. Bonnie can be anyone. You, me, or your best friend. Bonnie has her career as a paramedic. Has a family. Lives a normal life. And then some rogue werewolf comes and ruins it all. What was mundane to her, is now not!

Forced into a world she didn’t ask for. Finding out she’s something more.

I wanted to merge the supernatural and mundane world together. Where Bonnie is in a tug of war between her old and new life. But, it’s more than letting go of her old life. She has to let go of her way of thinking and handling situations.

Starting off in denial, Bonnie has no choice but to accept what she now is. A werewolf. And then there’s Rikki. The Alpha. Let’s not go there.

Yes, this is a romance. But, this is something more. This is a new coming of age for Bonnie. With claws and canines coming at her in all directions.

Fortunately, this story has more to offer than action and romance. A Night Claimed, means something more to me, that I hope you as readers can see. To be taken out of our element without permission. Forced to live a new life without choice. It’s up to you as readers to choose what that means for you.

I know one thing! Bonnie is not one to submit. She is not submissive nor cares to hold power. She’s stubborn and has a very smart mouth. Inquisitive and brave.

Creating Bonnie’s world was a pleasure I look forward to lingering inside on occasion. And as readers, I hope you all join me!

Author photo

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Thank you for joining us today. It was a pleasure seeing you all. Stay tuned for 13-Apr-19 when I’ll be presenting my review for ‘A Night Claimed.’ Be sure to stop by next week when I’ll be presenting something new.

Until next time,



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