My Review for Domina Alexandra’s ‘A Night Claimed’

Hello everyone and welcome. As I promised, today I’m presenting my review for Domina Alexandra’s new book, ‘A Night Claimed.’ If you love paranormal with intense drama, you are in for a real treat. This story takes you into an unknown zone which excited me as I read.Author Photo 3

Bonnie, the protagonist, is a dedicated paramedic and has seen it all. She is tough and can take care of herself; she is a leader and doesn’t like others to own her. When it comes to her job, she is the utmost professional and takes charge of the situation. At the same time, her loving demeanor is addicting and people are comforted by her kindness. She is a strong loving woman and I admired that trait in her.

All is well until one night a good deed backfires on her. No longer is she able to take things for granted and she has to learn the hard way what it takes to live her new life and accept it. The story describes Bonnie’s transition to her new life and her desperation to hang on to her old life. She shows real emotion and resistance to this.

There are two people who helped Bonnie through her transition and who enhanced the story, Rosemary and Rikki.A Night Claimed Cover

Rosemary works at the hospital where Bonnie takes many of her patients. She is strong-willed but soft-spoken. She has an enormous amount of patience when it comes to Bonnie. She comes off as easy going and truly is interested in Bonnie’s well-being.

Rikki is a friend of Rosemary. She is direct, but not forward. She is accepting and patient, especially with Bonnie. She takes Bonnie under her wing. There is loving energy about her that draws people in, including Bonnie’s mother. Rikki is very wise and says the right thing at the right time. I really admire her gentleness towards people, yet still holding the reins. She is physically strong and exerts herself when seriously provoked.

The author doesn’t rush the story by putting in a romance scene too early. I love it when the players get to know each other first before they get intimate. The intimate scenes are very hot and tender.

The pace of the book is just right, neither too fast nor too slow. I like how the author delivers the story one step at a time. The descriptions are excellent. I felt like I was there in the scenes with Bonnie. You are going to want to carve out about five hours of your day to read this as you won’t want to put it down. I found myself wanting more as the plot thickened. I am recommending ‘A Night Claimed’ for everyone.

A Night Claimed Cover

Here is an excerpt to get you started.


“You shouldn’t be here, Bonnie.” 

Thanks for the warm welcome, Rosemary.

I knew I shouldn’t have come to the hospital. It was just a nightmare. But I honestly didn’t know where else I could go in the middle of the night. I did not want to be at home. The sound of the clicking hazards lurked in my eardrums.

“Here.” Rosemary handed me a napkin. “It’s late. You should be home.”

I wiped the sweat from my forehead while I studied Rosemary. She was the only one who brought me any comfort since the incident, and I couldn’t pinpoint why. Her features softened as she met my gaze – her cheekbones, her jaw, her lips. They all appeared fuller than they had only moments ago.  

“You hungry? We have pizza in the break room.” Clearly, Rosemary was going to be the one carrying the weight of this conversation. 

I grinned toothily at the question. My appetite suddenly returned. “Absolutely.” 

I left her in the room and sprinted to the breakroom, my mind only focused on one thing: pizza. It’s not a bad idea, right? But I never made it there. As soon as I crossed the threshold into the ER, the biting, iron scent of blood suffocated my nostrils. The wound on my shoulder ached, and a hunger like I’d never experienced exploded in my gut. My eyes narrowed in pursuit, searching for the source of the smell. 

A stretcher whooshed past me surrounded by a bevy of paramedics. A man drenched in blood that was pouring from deep, jagged cuts wailed and struggled against the pain. I felt my consciousness slip away and something else rose to take its place. I lunged forward – a thing, a creature of undiluted impulse, advancing for the most basic of needs. That syrupy, mineral liquid of life. The thrill of flesh tearing apart.

I never caught my prey. 

Supernaturally strong arms enveloped me. I shrieked and struggled, but the arms only drew around me more tightly. They spun me, dragged me into the breakroom, and then slammed me against the wall. They were Rosemary’s. Before I could react, she locked the door and turned to face me. Her face was no longer soft, no longer full. Rosemary’s cheekbones were sharp edges, her jaws were straight lines. 

“Bonnie,” she snarled. “Bonnie, calm down!” 

I blinked rapidly, my chest caving in with each breath I expelled. Confused, I looked to Rosemary hoping for an explanation. She pulled me into a hug, and I relaxed in her embrace. 

“Only a panic attack. We are fine,” Rosemary purred, stroking the middle of my back.

“Focus on your breathing. I’m right here.”

I only nodded.

“Stay here.” She squeezed my hand and left the room.

She didn’t need to say anything. There was no way I was going to make an appearance after that display.

While I waited for her to return, I wondered if I had actually suffered a panic attack or mental break. It was possible, given what I had endured, but it didn’t feel like it was anything so commonplace as either of those options. The longer I puzzled over the possibilities, the more I realized that this would not be explained so easily.

“Well, I’m dipping out early. We are going to take a trip.” Rosemary smiled reassuringly when she reentered the room.

“With you? Where?” I wasn’t in the mood for a trip anywhere except home. “You trust me?” Rosemary asked. 

It didn’t really sound like a question. It was a challenge.


A Night Claimed Cover

Purchase ‘A Night Claimed

Doesn’t this sound like a great book or what? What happens next will take you to another realm of your imagination. You are going to love this book, is all I’m going to say.

Be sure to stop by next week when author Julie Forester will be my guest blogger. You don’t want to miss this event so mark your calendars.

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