My Review for Lyn Gardner’s ‘Choices’

Good Afternoon everyone and welcome. Today I am presenting my review for Lyn Gardner‘s ‘Choices‘. The story has two protagonists and is told from two points of view, although the author touches on a few minor views. Let’s meet the players.

Courage comes in several forms. Spiritual courage is provided by a person’s beliefs, and emotional courage can be brought on by the euphoria of the moment.

Lyn Gardner – ‘Choices’

Robin Novak is a writer who is moving away to start over a new life in a remote location. She is very intelligent, knows what she wants and does her own thing. She is courageous and carries a kind heart wherever she goes. I really like her personality and her strength shows boldly. She is a rational person. When she gets mad, stay out of her way.

Judy Lawton is the other main character. She meets Robin regarding a job proposal. Then they find out they share a past. Judy is sporty and very much her own person. She is the quiet conservatively dressed woman who prefers books over people, yet is mesmerizing at times.

A few secondary characters need to be mentioned. Declan is Robin’s best friend. He comes off as sarcastic and harsh. However, Robin likes him and he does have a good soul. He offers good support to Robin and the two of them play off each other verbally.

Rita is Judy’s best friend and is very gregarious. When she speaks the whole room knows it. She has a good heart when it comes to Judy and is a good friend. She tries to get Judy to move out of her comfort zone with certain things.

There is a good amount of conflict between Judy and Robin. This added depth to the story as well as some good real-life drama. The dynamics between these two women over certain subjects are very interesting and made me want to know more about them.

There is a healthy amount of flirting in the story which adds sparks. I love how the author shares with us how the relationship grows and deepens before the women get intimate. The sex scenes are a little graphic with a tiny bit of coarse language. Other than that they are electrifying.

Lyn’s story has a few touches that are personal to me, including a university where I attended. The biggest surprise is her chosen destination in the story. I have been to this place twice as a child and would like to visit it again. The way it is described made me feel like I was there. Plus she gives a lot of history on the location. This place will draw you in with its enchanting vibe.

A major secret is revealed in the book that will surprise you. It was a bit tearjerking regarding the subject matter but was an essential part of the story. The author did a beautiful job telling it.

I love the paranormal activity in the story. It adds more excitement and mystery to the plot. They even have a name for the culprit. Suddenly the temperature drops and then… You’ll have to see the rest in the book. This ‘spirit’ has an attitude that you must see.

The story is very lengthy and a little slow in the beginning. As it progressed, the pace quickened. There were some parts that could have been tightened up and still told the story, such as the number of digressions.  I’d like to mention that some of them do offer great words of wisdom, which hit a home run for me. I am recommending this book for all who loves paranormal and a slow but deep romance.

Book Cover

Here is an excerpt:

An hour later, Robin emerged from her bedroom, and as she reached the kitchen, she stopped to admire the woman in the distance. Judy was standing near the easel in the living room, casually sipping her tea as she regarded the sketch, completely unaware she was being watched.

Overtop a jersey turtleneck of burgundy, Judy was wearing an open knit dark gray sweater that reached her hips, and her jeans were again tight, fitting her petite form flawlessly, but Robin’s perusal wasn’t voyeuristic. It was fanciful. The unreal had become real. The unimagined was now before her, and the normalcy of Robin’s life had become anything but.

Robin’s skin had been warmed by the shower, the steam of the spray making its way to her bones and removing the chill that had settled throughout the day. Yet, as Robin made her way into the living room, she pushed up the sleeves of her own sweater and turtleneck in hopes her heated skin would cool.

“Sorry, it took so long,” Robin said, reaching Judy’s side. “I was hoping to get all the paint out.”

“Turn around,” Judy said, setting down her mug. “Let me check.”

It was a simple request, and Robin did as asked, but even the simplest of things can cause unexpected results. With her back to Judy, Robin suddenly felt exposed, the visual examination more intimate than any doctor had ever performed, and when she felt Judy’s fingers in her hair, Robin closed her eyes and tried to breathe.

“I don’t see any blue. I think you’re good.”

Robin inhaled an uneven breath, and clearing her throat, she briefly glanced back at Judy. “So… you ready to go?”

“Sure,” Judy said, walking by. “Let’s head out.”

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Five stars
I hope you enjoyed my review and I am looking for discussion on it in the comments. I want to thank Lyn for giving me an ARC for this incredible read.
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