My Review of Nico J. Genes ‘ADHD: Life is Beautiful

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you for visiting last week for Addison Conley‘s guest blog. If you haven’t read her book, ‘Falling For Love‘, I highly recommend it. Today I am presenting my review for Nico J. Genes‘ ‘ADHD: Life is Beautiful.’ This is a very rich story. It is based on how one woman with the help of her best friend raise her son who has ADHD.


This story is told from the third person and is from the author’s point of view. Eliza and her son Peter and friends of the author/narrator. The author/narrator writes about how Eliza and Peter’s friendship positively changed her life.

Eliza can be short-tempered and abrupt when she feels uncomfortable. She does off the wall things that no one can explain. At the same time, she has a great heart and is very dedicated and loving to her son, Peter. Her stubbornness gets in her way at times. She sometimes suffers from low self-esteem and keeps her feelings to herself.

I enjoyed the author’s role in the story. She is very loving, patient, and understanding. She does things diplomatically and never allows her emotions to get the best of her. Her calm manner allows her to be in the moment. During the story, she talks about feeling timeless and appreciates all things in life. I loved the way she spoke highly of Peter.

The author educates us on things like childhood bullying and how bad it’s after-affects can be. She also included other words of wisdom that I found helpful in understanding a person with ADHD.

I saw how both Eliza and the author/narrator do what they could to control Peter’s temperaments. At times it seemed like a struggle and I was able to understand their feelings and frustrations. I could see what the author/narrator went through when she was babysitting him.

During the story, I felt an array of emotions and at times felt tears. I really felt for Peter and what he was going through; I understood him. I was happy he had two loving adults in his life helping him along in his life.

The way the story reads is gentle and smooth. The pace of the story is moderate and the plot itself is very interesting. Like the rest of the author’s books, the descriptions are excellent. I learned a lot about ADHD and how it doesn’t have to hinder anyone’s life. I saw with my own eyes and it was amazing.

Everyone should read this book. It is an eye-opener that will touch you.

ADHD Book Cover

Here is an excerpt:

When we returned to our hotel, his disappointment continued. There was no cable TV, hence no Nickelodeon. I found another children’s TV program, but it was in Italian. When we decided that it was time to turn off the lights and go to sleep, he wanted to play his game instead.

“I am not tired,” he kept saying.

At first, Eliza had patience and let him stay up for several pleadings for “ten more minutes,” but then, even she lost patience with him.

“I miss Grandma. I miss my room. I want to go home,” Peter said when we finally called it a night.

“Aren’t you happy that you will have a full day of fun tomorrow?” I asked.

“No,” he snapped back.

“I would have been so happy if I’d had the chance to visit this park when I was your age,” I added. I was surprised, as I didn’t expect a child to be so underwhelmed about it. What had become of that enthusiasm flying out of him the other day?

“I don’t care. I want to go home,” he said blankly.

“You have no idea, Peter, how many kids would love to be in your place. We came here especially for you.” Eliza was trying to help me.

“I don’t care,” he said repeatedly.

“That’s enough, Peter.” With this, Eliza managed to quiet him.

Later, she told me that it was very hard for him to be separated from his home environment. Every little change caused him stress. Still, she believed this would be fun for him, hoping he would adapt quickly.


Five Stars

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    Thanks so much. STEPHANIE

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