My Review for CL Cattano’s ‘Shattered Paradise’

Hello everyone and welcome. I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Today I’m presenting my review for CL Cattano‘s ‘Shattered Paradise.’ This book is the first of a three-part story and is told in the third person point of view with multiple pov’s. Let’s go meet our players.

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Rafe Salvaggio is a very strong woman and confident. At the beginning of the story, she is the owner of an architectural firm that she’d built, herself with the help of her father and was very successful. This brought back good memories of when I worked for architectural firms. She is a go-getter and gets what she wants even if she has to step on other’s toes. She writes letters that are never sent to let off steam when she is upset. However, she enjoys the finer things in life and will fight for the right things. She is detail-oriented. Rafe isn’t afraid to step outside her boundaries for things that are important to her. She is used to getting her way and wants to be part of her daughter, Bronte’s, life.

Eden is the other protagonist and is a good mother to Bronte. She is cautious and quick to anger. She suffers from chronic anxiety and often shuts down. She is on the shy side and does what others expect her to do. She has a boyfriend but I’m not too sure she loves him. She enjoys solitary activities.

A secondary character needs to be mentioned. Julia. She is Rafe’s best friend from boarding school. I feel some of the things she says to Rafe are not in her best interest and she could have offered better support at times.

Greer is a love interest for Rafe. Although she is older, it is not a factor for Rafe. Rafe likes her as herself and appreciates the work she does. Greer is kind, but I feel a jealous vibe in her. I like how she interreacts with Bronte. I love how she teaches the tot how to communicate in sign language. On the other hand, there is a secret side to her. You’ll see what I mean in the book.

A few unneeded points of view were not needed. The story has enough with the protagonists and doesn’t need to see into the heads of certain secondary players. This is a bit distracting from the plot.

There is a lot of sexual energy peppered in the story. The sex scenes are exciting without being graphic. What one of the leads does is very daring and she pulls it off naturally. If you love sex scenes there are plenty here.

What I like is that both protagonists have their own lives during the story. They each have to find their own way and it is beautiful watching them both grow. I feel this aspect adds depth to the story and makes it more interesting.

The pace of the story is a little slow in the beginning. But don’t stop. It picks up and the flow is balanced and the descriptions are awesome. You will feel like you are at the places described in the book. There is some great drama between Eden and another secondary character. It is amazing watching Eden take back her power and come out of her shell. A twist materializes part-way through the book that will grab your attention. It is a page-turner to the end. You may feel an array of emotions as the story progresses. I am recommending this book to everyone.

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Here is an excerpt:

     With a sudden lurch, Rafe stood up and looked down at all the paint, Bronte, and Greer. “Will you watch her for a minute? I think I need to change clothes.”
     There were absolutely no clothes in her closet Rafe could bear having ruined with paint. She had cleaned out most all of her old paint and work clothes when she sold her business thinking she wouldn’t be doing much painting for work anymore.
     Digging through her drawers, she opted for last year’s swimming suit. She looked at herself in the mirror and noted she had lost some tone over the last year. Her schedule and focus on other things had not included a lot of exercise as it had when she worked in her shop or on construction sites, but she decided she still looked good in the teal bikini.
     She threw the painting smock over her bathing suit, grabbed a t-shirt for Bronte, and headed back outside. Greer had Bronte stripped to her diaper, and they were swirling paint on large pieces of loose canvas. She touched Greer on her shoulder to let her know she was back. “I’m back. I didn’t have any shorts I could bear to get paint on.”
     Greer looked up and laughed as she saw Rafe in her smock-covered swimsuit. “I think what you’re wearing will work perfectly.”
     Smiling, Rafe began to put the t-shirt on Bronte and then to help her with her painting. Greer tried to get Rafe not to help Bronte. She wanted Bronte to be free to express and explore without too much influence. Soon, they were all covered in paint, and Bronte was having a blast putting paint on everything and everyone. She made handprints, footprints, and body part prints everywhere and even snacked on some of the tasty paint.
     Greer stole a few secret looks at Rafe. She was becoming more intrigued and enamored of her despite their fiery first meeting. She found herself thinking about her at unexpected times. She knew getting into a relationship with her would be hard, but it had never stopped her before. Rafe was a very strong woman with high expectations of herself as well as others. Maybe it was their similarity that drew her.
     Watching Rafe interact with her daughter, Greer smiled at their antics. She loved children, though she hadn’t felt the need to have any. She knew it would be difficult being in a relationship with someone with children. It was so easy to get attached and so hard to leave if things didn’t work out. She could already tell she would love Bronte. It didn’t hurt Bronte was so fun and precocious in an endearing way. Greer re-focused and began showing Bronte how to mix colors and help her make more hand and footprints in her art.
     As they painted, Greer found herself moving closer to Rafe and using any excuse to touch her frequently. Rafe was oblivious because she was focusing her attention on Bronte. Greer fought off the jealousy niggling at her. It was ridiculous, she told herself, for a woman with three PhDs to be jealous of a toddler. She found focusing on the project helped, and she was soon enjoying her time teaching Bronte and chatting about small nothings with Rafe.

Five Stars

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