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Good Afternoon, Everyone and welcome. Thanks for visiting last week to meet Author Sandra Gerth aka Jae. Today Author Claire Highton-Stevenson is here to share. Let’s give her a warm welcome.

So, earlier this year, I won a Goldie award for my book, The Promise. But I got to thinking that maybe you haven’t heard much about me yet, or had the chance to read any of my books.

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I get it that a lot people will avoid, The Promise, regardless of how good it might be, because it deals with a topic that most of us will want to avoid, Cancer.

But I also know that so many people have got more out of it than I ever imagined they would.

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I’ve written a few books now, nine to be exact and with each one there has been a different reaction. It was my 4th book, Escape & Freedom, that seemed to take off for me. A book about women fighting their own demons. Lucy and Nicole come from such different backgrounds, and yet, they have so much in common.

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Detective Sophie Whitton, flawed and sullen, but so intent on finding justice, and herself along the way. She isn’t the average romantic protagonist, and yet, she is one of my favourite characters to write.

And before all of them, Cam Thomas: Lottery winner and owner of the best bar in LA. Married to film star Shelly Hamlin. Living her best life despite the pitfalls of being a millionaire.

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I write romances. I don’t follow formulas.

It would be so easy to just follow the formula that seems to work, but I want to challenge myself as a storyteller. I want to give the reader something to think about while they follow the romantic twists and turns of two women falling in love.

I want to surprise my readers, have them guessing where I might go next.

Whether it’s a detective hunting a serial killer, or a bodyguard at the end of the world, their romance is just as much a story as any other. And if I can throw in a few twists along the way then all the better.

I love that storytelling can be so many things, there are so many ways to lead the reader through it and navigate towards that happy ever after if they can just suspend their ideas of romance novels and ride along with me.

Can we only enjoy romance if it follows the same path of every other book?

Sometimes, we just have to trust that the author knows what we want, that even when the setting to the book isn’t what we are used to, it’s still going to take us soaring towards that happy ever after.

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My latest book, In Dyer Need: The First Chapter, is exactly that, a first chapter. An introduction to new characters, new romance, and something a little different. A story that delves into the end of the world as we know it, but that’s not the end of the story.

It’s only the beginning. And as a writer, I am really excited for people to see where it takes us.

I’m not frightened to try something different with my characters. Isn’t that what every romance story should be? Something new, something intriguing that makes you turn the pages?

Everything I write is with romance in mind. Every romance involves women loving women. Every story has a happy ending.

Because falling in love is something special that we all want, right?

I want to thank you, Claire for being here today. Also a big thanks for all of you for stopping by. Be sure to come back next week when author Pascal Scott will be here.

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