Meet Author Barbara Winkes

Good afternoon Friends and a warm welcome to you. Thank you for stopping by last week for my review for Barbara Winkes‘ ‘Bells Will Be Ringing.’ Today Barbara Winkes is here to share with you.

A Merry Surprise…

First of all, thanks to Lynn for having me today!

I’m going to tell you a bit about how my Christmas romance Bells Will Be Ringing came about. I’ve written romance before, but if you picked up one of my books, there’s a bigger chance you started with one of my thrillers. Between the standalones and the Carpenter/Harding series, I often end up on the darker side—though I do like a romantic subplot.

Most of the time, I’m drawn to the kind of story that ends with the protagonist confronting the bad guy, and she comes out the winner. It’s what I like to read and watch, too.Book Cover

Around this time of year though, my wife and I tend to record a lot of holiday movies. We’ve done this for a few years now, stock up on them for when we slow down a bit and are in the mood for something lighter. The days are shorter, we always get a lot of snow…Sweet romantic tales fit the bill. And like many viewers, I know of, we got a bit frustrated at the lack of women-loving-women characters anywhere in those movies. We sat down to talk about what we would like to see in what would be a Christmas movie we’d love—complete with imagery you typically associate, ice-skating, a wood-burning fire-place, romance…between two women.

Like my thrillers, Bells Will Be Ringing was written from a place of, “I don’t see enough of this in the media, and I do want more.”

So this is my contribution. If you, too, enjoy a bit of a slower pace at the end of the year, I hope you’ll like it! If you are looking for a faster pace and darker themes, Killer Instinct is less merry, though it does take place around Christmas.

Whatever your choices are, I wish you safe and peaceful times!


I want to thank you, Barbara, for your guest blog. Her books are available on Amazon. Be sure to stop by next week when I have an important announcement.

Until Next Time,


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