Meet Author LL Shelton

Hello Friends and welcome. Thank you for the huge turnout last week. Your support is greatly appreciated. Today I am turning over the reins to Author LL Shelton.

Hello everyone. Let me start by saying thank you to Lynn Lawler for popping my cherry.

Now that I have your attention, my name is LL Shelton, and this is my first blog. Not sure where to start at, so let’s begin at the most obvious place — the beginning. I was born on a Tuesday on a cold day in January. Wait, is that too far back of a start?


LL Shelton was born in August 2017 when I wrote the first words for my debut book,

me 2

Our Glass Falling Sand. My words were a way to face demons that got buried for many years. I never thought I would continue to write. But here I sit, four novels, and one short story later. And in 2020 news, two short stories coming out in March/April with a new book to follow in April or May. *fingers crossed*

How in the world did this happen? I don’t have a clue, but I blinked and became an indie, lesbian-themed genre-hopping writer. I am still new at this but have found many authors willing to teach me the ropes. The community of authors is amazing, kind, and supportive. I wouldn’t be as far as I am without a few special ones in my corner.

I love writing erotica and dabble in romance and somehow fell headfirst into paranormal/fantasy. I try to get some writing completed daily. “Try” is the keyword in that sentence. I have one of those 9-5 jobs, needed to pay the bills, which is continuously interrupting my writing hours. Somewhere between the job and writing, you can find me on Facebook. I enjoy chatting in groups and interacting with fans and readers.

That brings me to how I ended up here. Why this day in February, do you get to know LL?

Lynn asked me to be a guest blogger after joining a giveaway I am running in LBWR (lesbian, books, writers, readers) Facebook group, along with a fundraiser on my personal Facebook page, Author LL Shelton, for the American Heart Association.

February is heart awareness month, and heart disease is the number one killer of women. I have had four heart attacks with my first at thirty-two, and the fourth was last June. This disease has taken or affected all the women in my family. It threatens me daily to rip me away from my family, friends, and my community. Hell, I just found the Lesfic family, and I want to hang out with you for a while longer.

Please ladies, if you are experiencing any symptoms that are new or something feels off, please have a doctor check you out. Let them tell you that your ticker is doing okay. Heart attacks are a silent killer, making them very dangerous. Take care of your heart. The more brilliant, sexy, caring women in the world, the better — and the happier I am.

Well, I believe we are at the end. If you are sitting around thinking, I need to check LL out, try my latest novel. Blood Runs Through The Heart. If you want to experience a twist in the life of an escort, check out my book Nights of Lily Ann: Finding Kathleen. (hint) sequel to this one out in April. I will drop the links to the books at the bottom of the page. Hey, I am an indie author and always marketing.

Thank you, Lynn, for taking me . . . oops, I mean, having me. You were very gentle.

*cheesy grin*

Until later, my friends.



Blood Runs Through The Heart

Nights of Lily Ann: Finding Kathleen

And this is all of me. (My Amazon Author Central Page).

Thank you, LL for being a guest on my blog today. I want to thank all of you for being here today. Be sure to stop by next week when I’ll be making another major announcement.

Until Next Time,


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