My adventures in whale watching

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. As excited as I am about the release of my book, Enticed by Love, but I’m still working on the cover. I have had to push it back a few days. I will keep you updated about its release, which should be next week.

Today I’m going to share with about an adventure I had about a month ago – whale watching.

I went with my spouse and two sister-in-laws down to Newport Beach, California and got onto a boat that took us into the open ocean. The day was very warm, however, it was cool out on the water so I had to bring along a jacket.


The waters were pretty calm and I loved the sun’s rays as they hit my face. The negative ions in the air were very soothing. The salty fragrance in the air was refreshing. I was in another world – one that was very peaceful.

We left the port and traveled along the coast. Along the way, we passed a secluded beach that was below the cliffs. Further down was a long rock jetty where many people were fishing.

It wasn’t until we got out to open sea that some activity started. We saw dozens of dolphins swimming around the boat, some flipping in and out of the water. You can see them in the video below.

The whales that we were on the lookout for were the California Gray Whales. They are shy mammals who don’t like a lot of activity around them. Hence we’re not able to see many because there were many other boats in the area. I got to see one spout of water shoot up and that was all. Others said they actually saw the whale from the front of the boat.

The dolphins stole the show with their acrobatic jumps in and out of the water. I had so much fun watching them and trying to anticipate when they would come into view so I could take a picture. They were very fast so it was tricky. Here is one that I was able to capture.


The land in the background is Catalina Island, which is located about 30 miles from the shoreline and can only be accessed by boat. The Island appeared to be floating in real life due to the clouds. Here is another place where I’d like to venture in the future.


I could not get over how pristine the water looked as the sun’s rays reflected off it. It was magical. I could have sat there and stared at it for hours, but the tour was only two hours long.

Despite the serenity of the water, I felt like I was still on the boat for hours after the tour ended.

This trip was well worth it despite me not seeing a whale. It was great being out on the water on a picture-perfect day. Something that I’d like to do someday is swim with the dolphins, but of course, the water is going to have to be much warmer.

If you have never been whale watching, I highly recommend it. I did see whales on my previous trip. It was really beautiful. The water itself will put you into another realm with its relaxing essence. The best time to watch whales is in the wintertime as in the warmer months they migrate to other places. I am definitely planning on going on another tour.

In the meanwhile, I am finishing up the cover for my book. I will share it with you once it has been approved.

Until Next Time,


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