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Hello Everyone and welcome. Thank you for all your support for my new book, ‘Enticed by Love’. A woman is haunted by a past love while another is on the horizon. There is romance, paranormal, ESP, mystery, and drama.

Here is what people on Goodreads are saying about Enticed by Love:

Charli Whiskey rated it 5 stars – It is amazing!
Absolutely love this story! Great scene descriptions, character development, awesome mystery… I fell in Love with the protagonist and supporting characters. It’s a must-read for everyone.

Destiny Brown rated it 5 stars – It is amazing!


Read the excerpt:

Mr. Perry had given Henrietta some coins and told her to get her hair done. Henrietta was feeling skeptical since the last time he’d given her money was to get a new dress for a man he set her up with. However, she accepted the silver and walked into town.

That day the salon’s owner, Eliza, was nowhere to be seen. Instead, a petite woman with short, dark hair with a ribbon tied on the top of her head was tidying up the salon’s only station. Henrietta recognized Tommy Dorsey’s “The Music Goes ‘Round and ‘Round” through the static from the radio.

“Excuse me, do you know where I can find Eliza?” Henrietta said.

The woman looked up, smiled, and replied, “I’m Eliza’s apprentice. My name is Mary. It’s nice to meet you. Auntie’s going to be back in a little while, but if you want, I can work on you.”

“Okay, but I only want a wash and a trim. No fancy stuff.”

“As you wish.”

Henrietta sat in the chair, and Mary put a cape around her. Henrietta began to hum along with the song on the radio.

After a few moments, Mary said, “You like my music.”

“Excuse me.”

“The song that was playing on the radio. I’m not much into today’s music. I enjoy the old classics from the teens.”

“Where are you from?” Henrietta asked.

“I just finished beauty school down in Los Angeles. Auntie wants to take a vacation, so she brought me up to help. I’m so sick of working on snooty actors.”

“I see.”

“Tell me a bit about you.” Mary began cutting Henrietta’s hair.

“My name is Henrietta. I’m a Crescent native. I love the old tunes too. I don’t get out of town much except to visit my grandmother up in San Francisco. I’m planning on a visit soon. She’s the rock in my world.”

“That’s great you have a relative you can visit. I’ll tell you I’m relieved to be up here working with Auntie right now.”

Mary turned Henrietta around and began snipping her bangs. She wondered why Mary was taking an interest in talking with her. Nevertheless, she wanted to keep her guard up.

“Here, I’m a newcomer whom no one knows. I can be myself instead of having to put on a show for everyone. That gets tiresome.”

“You like it up here?”

“Yes, and I’m going to find work up here. If not in this town, perhaps in San Luis Obispo, which is not too far away.”

“Mary, I’m back with dinner. Why don’t you take a break?” A woman’s voice in the backroom announced.

Nervously, Mary put her scissors down and, in a deep voice, said, “Auntie’s back. I’m off later. Why don’t you meet me here around 7:00 p.m. and we can talk more?”


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Henrietta Bailey is a mysterious woman who has spent her entire life living in the town of Crescent, a sleepy beach community in Central Coastal California. She loves the beach, the ocean air, and the town itself. Her simple life fulfills her. However, she spends much of her time reminiscing about her long-lost love, a woman who left her devastated.

Now, another woman awaits on the horizon; a wise, intelligent, and sexy lady who is sophisticated beyond her years. This woman yearns for her soul mate and lover. Will she be able to win Henrietta’s heart, or will Henrietta be fated to live the rest of her days alone?

All her life, Henrietta has held a gift, one that most of the townspeople fear and do not understand. Still, this doesn’t deter her from pursuing these extraordinary talents, and she does what she can to help others improve their lives. Those close to her encourage her, and new people enter the picture who offer enlightenment.

Personal secrets emerge that change the course of Henrietta’s life. Can she do the right thing and move forward?

A long-lost mystery comes to the surface, causing upset among some of the town’s residents.

Come meet this incredible woman who strives to attain the things in the world she values the most – family, love, and respect.

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Enticed by Love

Thank you for stopping by today. It was great to see you all and again thanks for all your support. Be sure to stop by next week when Author L.M. Bennett will be our guest.

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