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Hello Everyone and welcome! Today, author Elle Hyden is here to share about herself and her new book, Lost & Found: A Mystic Meteor Tale. This book is hot and has all 5-star reviews on Amazon. Let’s meet this amazing author.

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Howdy, Y’all. I’m coming to you from San Antonio, Texas, home of the Alamo. I’d like to offer a big thank you to Lynn Lawler, for inviting me to introduce myself to those of you who might not know me.

So, with that in mind, here’s a little about myself. I was born and raised in Texas, and my Mom always said I was something of a fanciful child and a dreamer. I’m older than dirt, which to me, means that I’ve seen and experienced a lot over the decades. My grandparents owned a ranch/farm about an hour away from San Antonio, and I spent quite a bit of my youth there, learning about the land, among other things. I also got to visit Europe one summer between my junior and senior years in high school, which gave me a view of different cultures. I grew up during the hippie era, experienced the assassination of a president, watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon, saw the horrors of the Vietnam War, and the tragedy of 9-11, all of which shaped my life. During the early eighties, I did a stint in the Navy, but because I felt my duty as a mother outweighed doing something I loved, I got out when my enlistment ended and became a boring accountant. Raising my daughter as a single parent wasn’t always easy, but it has been worth the sacrifice and taught me to persevere.

Five years ago, two traumatic things happened to me. One was when my Mom passed away, and the other was when I was forced into early retirement. The thing that saved me was reading, and a funny thing happened, stories of my own started filling my head. I had zero expertise but felt compelled to try my hand at it. Needless to say, while my first story was decent, my ability to tell it was abysmal. I spent the next two years studying writing online and reread my favorite books over and over again, to see how other authors did it. My hope was to craft one of my own that readers could feel, taste, and smell as they journeyed through it.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do, and at times I was so frustrated I wanted to give it up. Fortunately, I received a lot of help and encouragement along the way, from supportive author friends and awesome beta readers. Staying the course paid off recently as I was recognized as a Finalist by the Lesfic Bard Awards in the New Author category, and the awesome cover designed by May Dawney brought home the trophy. It took a year from start to finish, and my book Lost & Found: Mystic Meteor Tale, was the result.

Author Award

You can find it at this Amazon link:

So, a little about my book now. It’s a slow burn romance with a mystic theme that drives the whole story. It revolves around two lost souls that are on a collision course. One was searching for a life partner while the other mourns the loss of hers.

Selina was at a crossroads. No job, no home to call her own, and no partner. She has to turn her life around, but in which direction? Returning to her Native American roots, she seeks mystical aid from the spirit world, to find the life she hungers for.

Rea had been able to find a measure of solace after her wife’s death but longs for the crack in her heart to heal. Sighting a falling star, she sends her wish out into the universe, where it’s heard by the most unlikely allies.

Selina and Rea’s paths had crossed before, but they’d never connected. Now they are being inescapably drawn together by fate, desire, and a touch of the mystical.

There is a charming cast of supporting characters, which includes some meddling spirits, one very determined matchmaking pseudo mom, a faithful dog, and some horses. I also included a lot of my personal beliefs in the story; the importance of safe, healthy foods, protecting our environment—which includes the bees—animal adoption, reincarnation, negative body issues, and how love of all kinds lifts us up and binds us together.

One of the most important things I learned during the last few years writing my book is that it’s never too late to try something new. If a person has things they want or need to share with others, crafting a fictional story around them is a liberating way to do it. I’m currently working on Book Two of the series, Evermore, which right now slow going. Like everyone else out there, I’ve been a bit distracted by the current Covid-19 disaster. Thankfully I have been able to escape into books, as usual, and hope that my fellow readers find a measure of comfort in them as well.

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I want to thank Elle for visiting us today. Also congrats on your honorary award for Lost & Found: A Mystic Meteor Tale. Well done!  As I mentioned above, this book is liked by many.

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