The Lesbian Book Readers Club Guest

Hello Friends. I hope all is going great with you. I can’t complain. I wanted to inform you that I will be the guest on the Lesbian Book Reader’s Club’s ‘The Grill.’ It is a question and answer platform and I welcome all your questions. It will be held at 1:30p.m. – 3:30p.m. CST this Saturday, April 25th. I will be sharing things about myself as well as about my two books, Enticed by Love and Awakened by Fate.

Here is the link to the group. Again I want to thank you for being the best supporters! I hope to see you there!

The Lesbian Book Reader’s Club link

Here is the blurb for Enticed by Love:Enticed by Love ecvr


Henrietta Bailey is a mysterious woman who has spent her entire life living in the town of Crescent, a sleepy beach community in Central Coastal California. She loves the beach, the ocean air, and the town itself. Her simple life fulfills her. However, she spends much of her time reminiscing about her long-lost love, a woman who left her devastated.

Now, another woman awaits on the horizon; a wise, intelligent, and sexy lady who is sophisticated beyond her years. This woman yearns for her soul mate and lover. Will she be able to win Henrietta’s heart, or will Henrietta be fated to live the rest of her days alone?

All her life, Henrietta has held a gift, one that most of the townspeople fear and do not understand. Still, this doesn’t deter her from pursuing these extraordinary talents, and she does what she can to help others improve their lives. Those close to her encourage her, and new people enter the picture who offer enlightenment.

Personal secrets emerge that change the course of Henrietta’s life. Can she do the right thing and move forward?

A long-lost mystery comes to the surface, causing upset among some of the town’s residents.

Come meet this incredible woman who strives to attain the things in the world she values the most – family, love, and respect.


I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. As an added bonus, I am giving away an ARC for Enticed by Love to five people who comment on this blog.

Until Next Time,


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Click here to buy Awakened by Fate

Click here to buy Enticed by Love

One thought on “The Lesbian Book Readers Club Guest

  1. It was nice getting to know you, even though I was late to the party… Sorry!!! I loved your answers and the questions you asked. I cannot wait to read Enticed by Love!!! THanks for spending your afternoon with us!

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