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Good afternoon Friends and welcome. Today as an appreciation to all of you, I am giving away an E-Book (not hardcopy) of my #newrelease, Enticed by Love. To enter all you need to do is put a comment in the comments section of this blog.

I’m checking in with you today to see if you have any questions for me. If you do, please either put them in the comments or else you can send them to me at I am sharing some of the questions from the interview I had on Facebook’s The Lesbian Book Reader’s Club, The Grill, on 25-Apr-20. The Grill is a monthly interview show where ladies can come and ask the author questions about themselves and their work. I had a blast that day and I thank everyone who participated.

Where did your interest in writing about the supernatural come from?

I have always had an interest in the paranormal. When I was in school, I read books by John Saul who writes a lot about the subject. I enjoy intrigue in my stories and have been a fan of Mary Higgins Clark for years. I like the idea of the mind-expanding and how it can reach far places, some of which can be mind-blowing. Today things such as ESP and mediumship are accepted by the masses. The idea that there are more than 5 senses is also widely accepted and understood. It will be interesting as more and more people open up to this possibility.


What do you like best about writing?

I love being imaginative and exploring places. I get excited when I imagine and then plan the story. I do notes, then an outline, and then Freeform.

Freeform is when I get to go on a tangent and write about whatever comes to mind. I do this when I’m creating the story from the outline. I normally write more than I need so I can choose which fits the story better and then cut out what doesn’t work. Freeform gives me freedom in that I have the entire universe to write about. Sometimes I go deep in the moment and then realize it is 7 hours later and I’ve written 4,000 words.

I have a fantasy story in the works that is very bizarre. It takes place in our current world and takes the reader to a remote and beautiful destination. This is a two-part book in which there are two protagonists who each have their own journey. This location has been an amazing place to write about. I created people who are extraordinary beyond this world. There is a mystery in the story that has been fun writing.

How long does it take to go from notes and an outline to a finished work?

It takes me a long time to go from notes to finished work. Enticed by Love started as notes back in 2011 and was now just published this year. I like to write outlines and then go throughout the story to work out everything.

Now I’m faster with this process. Last year I started a story that is now with my second beta-reader. I need to review her notes and start back on it. I like to have several people look at the story and give suggestions. I will keep you posted on the release day of this one.

Currently, I’m working on a new story from an outline that I started back in December of 2019. I am 25,000 words in and am bursting at the seams with ideas for it. More to come later.

What part of romance is important to you?

Her scent, her smile, her gestures. The dates she takes her date on. I create a storyline that includes the first time they meet, the first date, and the flirting. I really like writing about first dates because I get to take my characters to interesting places where I have visited. The sensual scenes are important, but I don’t get too descriptive with them. The sex is there and it is hot.

photo of woman leaning on wooden fence

If you could hang out with any-one of your characters, who would it be and why?

It would be my protagonist from another future story that really touches my heart. It is a small series. It starts out with a woman living her life as usual until an unusual event happens one night. Her life then takes a 180. Suddenly, she is in a foreign place, not knowing anyone, including herself. She feels trapped. However, she is feisty and speaks her mind. I like that she has a good work ethic as her profession is very important to her.

She is a strong woman who is courageous. I love what she does in the story, ruffling some feathers along the way. At the same time, she is lonely, and yearning for something that she can’t have. During this time she meets up with a woman who turns out to not be a stranger.

As the story moves along, she changes and evolves. As she adjusts to her surroundings, she learns things that now have an impact on her. She finds out what is really important to her and goes for it. She is a likable person so naturally others are drawn to her.

I feel that we would have a lot to talk about. She enjoys cooking and going to art galleries. I would love to learn more about her growing up years, as we do get a snapshot of it in the book. She would have some good stories to tell me, both fictional and nonfictional.

All in all my writing experience has been a very positive one. I am very happy with what I do. Each week I publish this blog because I enjoy meeting other artists and working with them.  Writing is my life and I plan to continue with it for a long time. I am leaving you with my excerpt from Enticed by Love:

Enticed by Love ecvr

At 7:10 p.m., the doorbell rang. Henrietta’s heart sped up. She took a deep breath to ground herself. Putting her hands on the door, she slowly opened it.

A tall dark-haired twenty-something woman with an olive complexion stood in front of her. She wore hi-rise flared jeans, a halter top, and sandals. She had on dark makeup and red lipstick. In a deep voice and with a slight accent, she said, “Good evening, my friend.”

Henrietta stopped for a second and thought.

I’ve seen this woman.

Then she smiled and invited her in. She stopped in the foyer and said, “Wow, I love your house. It’s so enchanting.” The accent in her voice was more noticeable.

“I’ve lived here all my life and love it here,” Henrietta said. “But I don’t own it.”

“Well, you never can tell. Maybe one day you will.”

Henrietta felt a twinge in her chest. “You never told me your name on the phone.”


“Welcome, I’m Henrietta.”

Henrietta and Sophia sat down at the table in the parlor. Henrietta shuffled her deck of cards and spread them out. “What would you like to work on tonight?”

Sophia widened her big brown eyes and was silent for a moment. Gazing at Henrietta, she replied, “Am I going to be a spinster for the rest of my life?”

This request caught Henrietta by surprise. Before she asked Sophia to pick cards, she replied warmly, “Oh, I don’t have to be a psychic to know that this is not going to happen. You’re young and have your entire life ahead of you. I’m sorry you feel this way. I have a good ear if you’d like to talk.”

Sophia gave Henrietta a seductive smile and said, “Why don’t you tell me about love?”


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