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Hello Everyone and welcome. I hope you are doing well and thank you for visiting last week. The Giveaway was a success and I am proud to announce that RNPride is the winner of my E-Book, Enticed by Love. Congratulations!

Today we have author Ellen Hoil, whose book, Traumatic Love, is due to be released by mid next month. Her other book, ‘Safe Haven,’ is doing well on Amazon. Let’s go meet the author.

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Introducing New Author Ellen Hoil

As the title of the blog says, I’m Ellen Hoil. I am new to the published author scene, but if you are old enough to have been around when the internet was a bit younger, you may know me as capt_esq.

About fourteen years ago, I decided to try my hand at writing a short story for a Halloween contest run on one of the few Lesbian Story Boards. I missed the deadline by a day, but I did it and was more than a bit proud of that. It was my first attempt at this skill we call fiction writing. Of course, because it was my first attempt, looking at it now, I realize the limitless number of errors I made. So, please fight any inclination to go back and find it. However, it was my creation and grew out of my mind, leading me to believe I might be able to do it again.

That led to another story. This time a novel-length one. It was a tale that I felt needed to tell at the time as the stigma against an illness that struck women more often than men.

Book Signing

After another decade or so of trying to gain the confidence to submit it, I finally did. You may be asking why so long? Most authors that I know are their own worst critics. The nerve it takes to give your work to someone you don’t know and ask for feedback is hard. Lucky for me, the answer was yes. So, after much editing, and hard work on the part of many people, my debut novel Safe Haven published in October by Desert Palm Press.

The story takes place on the North Fork of Long Island, NY, which happens to be where I reside. The east end of the Island is the last part still filled with farms. Though many have now moved to be vineyards, there is still plenty of produce being grown. There are farm stands galore. In the winter, the tourist and summer dwellers leave, creating a wonderful small-town feel.

So, back to the book Safe Haven. It tells the story of two women. Brigid is a local, the other is a stranger in town. Strange in more ways than one. We slowly get to know Samantha. As Sam and Brigid grow closer and begin to fall in love, a secret neither of them knew comes to stand in their way.

It is now out in audiobook format direct from the publisher, and at a discount, so go look for it. It will be available everywhere within the next month, not only Amazon.

I enjoy that my stories, yes, I am working on several more, are not neat happy ever after tales. They carry a message. From the stigma of unseen illnesses to the ramifications of domestic violence.

Traumatic Love Cover

Traumatic Love which should be released by the end of June, or sometime in July, looks at how two people who grew up around domestic violence can grow up and have two very different outlooks on life and the trust issues that arise.

That’s me and my stories. I hope you enjoy them. Come by my site, rummage around to see my works, or maybe drop me a line and we can chat. There are links to purchase on there, in case something piques your interest.

Purchase ‘Safe Haven’

Thank you, Ellen, for being my guest today and for your share. Be sure to stop by next week when I’ll have something new.

Until Next Time,


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