Come to my live ‘Grilling’ on Monday!

Hello Everyone and a warm welcome to you! Things are going great and I can’t complain. Thank you for visiting my live reading in the Facebook group, The Lesbian Fiction Campfire last Saturday. I really appreciate your support. It was a lot of fun!

Tomorrow (Monday) (Sept. 14, 20) at 4:30 p.m. CST (2:30 p.m. PST) I will be the guest on ‘Grrl on Fire‘ on Zoom.

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Meeting ID: 296 997 1922
Passcode: 0Jy7Aa

It will later be posted on YouTube. I will be talking about my book, Enticed by Love. We will be discussing topics such as my writing process. Also the host is throwing in a little off-topic surprise for me.

“Sophia gave Henrietta a seductive smile and said, ‘Why don’t you tell me about love?’ Henrietta shuddered. A memory from her past came forward…”

This unique story is about a woman, Henrietta, who is haunted by a past love while another one waits on the horizon. Her long-lost lover often occupies her mind. At the same time, she possesses a gift that not many understand but those who do, flock to her. A gorgeous and intelligent woman, wiser beyond her years, enters Henrietta’s heart. Certain shocking truths surface, changing the course of Henrietta’s life. A life-long mystery is solved. I invite you to come along for Henrietta’s amazing journey. It is LGBTQ and has romance, paranormal, ESP and mystery.

I am totally excited about Enticed by Love. I love that my protagonist is an older lesbian. This sub-genre is getting more popularity as more authors are jumping on it. I want to show the world that love happens at any age and it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

At the start of the story, Henrietta is settled but unsatisfied with her life. She believes this is the way things are. However, she has always been young at heart. As the story progresses, the reader sees how Henrietta transforms. Along the way comes a love interest who turns Henrietta’s world upside down with her intelligence, wisdom, and kindness.

We are living in a world with a lot of changes including our beliefs. People are embracing life more and are speaking out about themselves. People are living longer and this age bracket is growing fast.

In today’s world, people are allowing themselves to feel the kid within them. This is why shows like Grace and Frankie are so popular. It is portraying two octogenarians living their lives to the fullest. It showcases their creativity and independence. They are showing the world how they are embracing themselves and their lives.

I am looking forward to seeing more mature protagonist books hit the shelves. For other good reads, you can check out Josette Murray’s ‘Silver Love’. Or Lyn Gardner’s ‘Choices.’ Both books I have reviewed here on this blog. If you know of any other books, please let me know.

It has been great seeing you all today. I’m looking forward to your support on Monday.

Until Next Time,


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