My Review for Addison M. Conley’s ‘Beyond the Checkpoint.’

Hello, Everyone and welcome. It has been some time since I last presented a book review, as I’ve been very busy with my German class this semester. Earlier this summer I read some books and today I am sharing with you my review for Addison M. Conley‘s ‘Beyond the Checkpoint.’

This story takes place in the military when the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ law was in effect. The reader gets a look into what military life was like then. The two major protagonists are Ali and Lynn.

Ali Clairmont, aka Ace, has been assigned to serve duty in Afghanistan. She is 36 years old and has never been deployed to this region before. Her hobbies include chess and playing volleyball. She has been trained in remote viewing, which is an interest of mine. She is independent and holds her head high. She is not afraid to speak her truth, sometimes with consequences.  The author also shows us sensitivity.

Major Lynn Stewart is assigned to the same unit as Ali, hence is Ali’s supervisor. She is sharply dressed and walks confidently. She is 35 years old and has been to many places with her work. She is no nonsense and has certain expectations. She is family oriented and is close with her brother. Underneath her toughness is a soft demeanor.

What I like is that both women are very strong willed and hold their own ground.

There is a lot of subtle flirting between the two women and they have to watch everything they say.  They were formal on the job but when behind closed doors, they were on fire. Despite the heat in the story, I would consider this story a slow burn romance because of the time elapsed. The romantic scenes are very hot and tender.

I got to see what it was like for the personnel working in Afghanistan. At times I felt like I was walking on eggshells as I didn’t know who could be lurking. I can understand the stress both women were under as a result of their relationship.

The author brings in other factors from war that affected the women. I actually felt scared in a few scenes and felt sad in others. The author addressed bullying in the workplace and how it affects people involved.

A twist happens partway through the story that changes everything, including the protagonists’ relationship.

This book is moderately paced and is definitely a page turner. I felt an array of emotions while reading this book. I feel compassion for military people who also experienced this during the course of their careers. I really enjoyed this story and am recommending it to everyone.

I have included a short excerpt from ‘Beyond the Checkpoint.’


The waiting room door burst open, and a female Air Force officer entered and stopped to scan the room. The officer was tall, compared to Ali’s short stature, with an athletic physique. Short, sandy-blonde hair framed a tanned face. Androgynous, yet feminine. Oh, some women are so sexy in uniform. And she certainly has an air of authority.

The officer’s gaze stopped on Ali, then she headed straight for her. Ali leaned over and fiddled with her music. God, I hope she didn’t notice me checking her out. Although civilians couldn’t be fired for being gay, the military was under the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. Even false accusations could ruin someone’s career.

The footsteps grew louder.


Ali’s eyes moved upwards from the duffel bag now at her feet, and into the lightest blue eyes she had ever seen.

“Ma’am.” She pulled her earbuds out and stood.

“Hi. You must be Ms. Alaina Clairmont. I’m Major Lynn Stewart. NSA suggested one of us travel with you. I drew the lucky straw.”

Ali’s breath caught in her throat, and a slight tremor rose up her spine. Out of all the freaking women, and you had to ogle your new supervisor! “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Major Stewart. My nickname is Ali.” The major’s grip was firm but not crushing.

“The pleasure is mutual. You made some of the highest training scores on record, and your ability to adapt on the fly was impressive. I know it’s your first deployment, but I think you’ll do well as part of the team.”

“Thanks.” As Ali’s mind raced for more words, an announcement on their flight status blared over the speakers.


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