Hello Everyone and welcome. This year has been a busy year despite the pandemic. I am proud to announce that my beloved Dodgers finally won the World Series this year. I was very tired of hearing about 1988. LOL.

I want to thank all of you for your support with my book, Enticed by Love. As a treat to you, I am giving away five e-books. To enter, all you need to do is put a comment in the comments section of this blog or email me at:

I have been receiving many ratings for Enticed by Love. It is wonderful how this book manifested. I am so blessed and I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. This story has been with me for so long and now it is in print.

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I would like to talk about my story. I have always been intrigued by old Victorian houses. They represent an era that was simpler, but very rich. People spent their evenings in the parlor with the family playing the piano or listening to 78 rpm records. I love the old houses because they are full of history and have an eeriness about them. Henrietta’s Victorian is big and old and holds secrets in it. To her, the house is a treasure.

Henrietta lives a simple life and for the most part enjoys it. I have always been interested in paranormal, particularly ESP and wanted to explore it. Henrietta has a few abilities that are mentioned in the book. I find this genre to be eerie and mystical. The concept of the unknown is something I embrace.

Henrietta is lost in her heart and does not know how to welcome someone into her life. She is awkward socially except for those close to her. She is a likeable woman who follows her own beat. She is very kind, especially to children.

I love Central California and and the beach towns that line the ocean. The name Crescent felt right for a beach town name. It is a small touristy town that has a locals population. People know each other and unfortunately gossip spreads like a wildfire. But the town has a cozy appeal.

Henrietta loves to go to the beach on her bike and watch the ocean. This is something I like to do to. Maybe a day trip to Point Dume is in my future.

Here is an excerpt from Enticed by Love. Enjoy:

On the way home, Henrietta thought about what Sophia had hinted at during their session. She thought about a woman she’d known years ago. Sad feelings arose, and Henrietta breathed deeply to keep herself stable.

Once home, Henrietta went to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass, and took it to her room. She pulled down an old hatbox from her closet and set it on the bed. For several minutes she stared at the inscription on the box cover. Borsalino. Henrietta knew that this was a posh hat maker at the turn of the century. With shaky hands, she took off the lid and looked inside. Tears fell down her cheeks as she extracted a yellowed, folded piece of paper. Her heart beat fast when she opened it.

April 3, 1935

Dear Henrietta:  

Thanks for meeting with me the other night despite the short notice. You’re so fun. I can’t believe we like the same music. Most of the people I know are into big band music, which is nice, but there’s nothing like the classics. Billy Murray sure knows how to sing great music. I’m glad that you like your haircut. I thought that a beautiful, sassy bob would look great on you, and it does. Being able to speak with you freely was nice. I can’t wait until next Saturday.

See you soon!  


Mary. How she missed her old friend. Her mind wandered back to the time they met.

I want to thank you for visiting today. Be sure to stop by next week for author Adrian J. Smith’s release party. I will also be posting a book review soon.

Until Next Time,


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6 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. I would love to read this book. As a woman in my sixties, its nice to come across a book in this age group. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.


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