My Review for Pascal Scott’s ‘Hard Luck’

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. I hope your holiday season is filled with joy. Today I am presenting my review for Pascal Scott‘s ‘Hard Luck‘.

This story is a sequel to Hard Fall. However, it can be read as a stand alone book. Hard Luck takes place in California and Belize. It is told in the third person from a few points of view. The main protagonist, Elizabeth Taylor-Bundy is back with her own adventure with her intelligent, but twisted mind.

At the start of the story, Elizabeth in a life-changing transition. She is very intelligent and carefully plans her moves. Her toughness gets her out of sticky situations and she doesn’t back down easily. Elizabeth is full of secrets and uses knowledge to manipulate others. She is self sufficient and gets what she wants. You don’t want to get into a row with her at any time because she will win.

Mickey Forrest is Elizabeth’s former foster sister who has her own stories to tell. She is smooth and does what it takes to get the job done even if she doesn’t understand the full picture. Underneath her biker appearance, is a scared, but kindhearted woman. Mickey is very loyal to certain people. The question is how far is she willing to go to remain being true to them.

Denise Holland is Mickey’s girlfriend. Denise follows her own rules. She uses people to gain material things and puts up a sweet front. Although manipulative, she lacks Elizabeth’s discipline and consistency in her ploys. She shows a dishonest side and you can decide for yourself whether she should be trusted.

At the beginning of the story friction erupts between Mickey and another player. Is it a difference of opinion or something more?

This book grabbed my attention right way. There are many turns in the plot, each deepening the story. At times I was on the edge of my seat anticipating what was going to happen next. The reading is fast with page turning aspects. The story offers an insight into a wild and dangerous world. I’m recommending this read for all who love a chilling thrilling story with a mastermind protagonist.

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Here are two excerpts:

Excerpt 1:


Mickie didn’t know that Denise and Elizabeth had become lovers. Denise said that unless Elizabeth wanted a threesome, it was better to keep Mickie in the dark. Elizabeth was willing to do just about anything to get what she wanted, but a threesome was out of the question. She had done enough of that sort of thing when she was a sex slave for Gina Hunter and her husband, Buddy. And besides, Mickie was her foster sister. There was something really creepy about having sex with your sister, even if you weren’t blood relatives. Bad enough that she was sleeping on the sly with her foster sister’s lover.

Elizabeth realized she was letting Denise take the lead in a plan that had become dangerously triangulated. She wondered absently how that had happened. Denise had a slippery way of usurping authority. Elizabeth would need to be careful.


Excerpt 2


Denise handed a passport to Elizabeth. It was brown with a golden eagle on its cover. Elizabeth looked at the picture inside. The girl had the same diamond-shaped face as Elizabeth. Her eyebrows were darker and her nose a little smaller, but other than that, it was a good likeness. Who was it who said all blondes look alike? There was still a problem, though. Elizabeth patted her bald head.

“I thought of that.” Denise bent down to open the bottom drawer and removed what looked like an apple-headed Chihuahua.

“Here,” she said, tossing the pile of blond hair to Elizabeth. Elizabeth slipped it on.

“You don’t have a mirror, either, do you? You live like a monk.”

Denise was smiling. “You look good. It looks good on you. Shake your head.”

Elizabeth shook her head. Denise stood in front of her, using her fingertips to adjust the strands so that they fell more naturally. Her taut nipples were bobbing in Elizabeth’s face. Denise stood back to look.

“You’ll pass. Kelly Anne Campbell. Get used to it.”


Five Stars

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